Right Hand Rings

Right hand rings are a different animal from other diamond ring types and was originally configured to be so by De Beers, the main promoter and conceptualizer of this product category in diamond rings. A right hand ring is not necessarily a symbol of love although a woman could argue that with a soft "I love me too" retort while proudly showing off a diamond right hand ring.

But back to the point, the right hand ring's big idea is for women to wear something that expresses them. Diamond right hand rings are emblems of style rather than symbolic of anything representing a marriage. However in the past, diamonds have not really been associated with fashion as such because they have always been highly symbolic, transcending fashion so to speak.

But in right hand diamond rings terms all non bridal diamond rings should look different to reflect a woman's style as opposed to a ring that looks like what every other woman has (like a three stone ring or a journey ring). This type of ring should be representing a woman's unique style and be expressive like their favorite pocket book.

Right hand Ring Design and Fashion

In the initial designs for the diamond industry's marketing campaigns the right hand diamond ring stressed a north south orientation with lots of open space so that they looked different from cluster rings. This also gave them a more feminine and lacy look that was fashion forward.

The ring to the right is one of the first models in 2003 that De Beers came out with to illustrate how designers should be approaching the concept of the right hand ring.

Although there were hardly any specifics for right hand rings for women to adhere to, it was recommended for them not to look like journey rings, three stone rings, or any type of ring that could be called bridal and it should have at least one diamond 20 points or greater in size but not three of them lest it become a three stone ring. Also, white gold right hand rings were not a must, the ring could be yellow gold or even two tone.

Check out the ring below. It has a couple of bigger diamonds in the above 10 point range and lots of open space. A classic right hand ring as would be envisioned by De Beers and it is not a three stone ring at all.

Right Hand Ring Style - Todays Concept

This was back in 2003 when De beers first came up with the right hand ring concept. Now in 2010 this definition has loosened up considerably and now retailers are simply saying you can call it a cocktail ring, a right hand ring, call it diamond fashion extraordinaire, whatever you wish.

You can wear it on your left hand ring finger, right hand middle finger or god forbid, even on your thumb. Diamond fashionistas don't want to just encourage women to buy diamonds for themselves but they want them to think differently about diamonds and how they can embody style and fashion in their design elements.

For instance the ring on the top right would have been a far cry from the standards that De Beers put forth at the start of their campaign in 2002. However today, colored diamonds are a big part of the diamond jewelry scene and you could not call this band a yellow diamond eternity band at all. The way it is styled speaks more about fashion and yes, it can be called a right hand ring.

Check out its sibling in black diamonds below. It is the same ring profile and everything but gives a totally different look in black diamonds.

Right Hand Ring Pricing.

Right hand ring prices are now all over the board since right hand rings by popular definition do not have to include diamonds and be made of gold. There are many jewelry designers who have collections made from silver and semi precious stones whose rings could be considered right hand rings.You could even have moissanite right hand rings.

Designers like Judith Ripka and John hardy whose designs transcend the materials from which they are made to bestow a fiercely individualistic style to the wearer. Judith Ripka has a couture collection but has always catered to the common woman with nice right hand ring styles starting from $500.

On the other hand you have diamond designers like Levian whose detailed diamond designs span the rainbow of diamond colors from chocolate to treated blues with prices starting at $1500 and up. Who said there can be no antique and vintage right hand rings ? Check out the Edwardian styled right hand ring in diamonds and sapphires below.

Right Hand Rings - How To Shop For Them

A woman usually will have a definite reason for choosing to purchase a Botega Venneta handback over a coach handbag. It might be to suit a particular mode of dress or for a particular occasion.

This is the same decision making process that the marketers of the right hand ring concept are hoping will take place in a woman's head when it comes to shopping for a right hand ring for herself. And in this sense they may be correct.

So if you think you're a smart shopper and go out and buy that made in India or China diamond cluster drek that has been pushed by every jewelry retailer since the late 1980s when the tennis bracelet was the big thing, then you have no concept of what a right hand ring ia all about.

Now you may think, who am I to tell you what constitutes a right hand ring and what doesn't being that the definition is now so open. Of course I am no one to tell you what to buy and what your taste ought to be, but think for a second. Isn't it better to invest your hard earned money into a style that while not perhaps being at the couture level is at least a piece that makes you look chic and is a step up in quality from that other diamond jewelry we just spoke of ? It's the same reason why you desperately want that Bottega Venneta for $3000 when a $600 Coach handbag might fit the bill.

Where To Buy Your Right Hand Ring

Right hand rings are available at popular mall jewelry stores like Kay's and Zales Jewelers, Department stores like Bloomingdales, Nieman's , Macy's and Kohls also have big jewelry departments with some branded and generic right hand ring styles.

Online the usual suspects are Amazon, Blue Nile, Overstock, Ice.com and a host of other 2nd tier and 3rd tier online jewelers like my solitaire and others on the yahoo shopping platform and other platforms as well. For auctions ebay is still a good bet as is up and comer bidz.com.

However, nothing beats the after sales service of a good local jeweler with his/her own jewelry repair facilities that are on premises. Not only will they keep your purchase in good repair (often for very reasonable if you buy from them) they have also have the facilites to make you up a nice custom right hand ring that no other woman will have. Don't forget to take a look through their estate cases as well. You may be able to find some good condition nicely restored antique right hand rings to choose from.

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