Best Ring Watches Deals and Collections for Women

Ring Watches - Practical Fashion Accessory

A ring watch for women is one of the most amazing inventions of all time. When watches were first invented, they were round in shape but as more and more manufacturers got into making watches, the shapes and dimensions of watches swiftly altered. Who would have this idea of wearing a tiny ring watch in finger? Cheers to the person who invented this wonderful and graceful fashion accessory. Ring watches for women are stylish, convenient as well as handy. A woman can easily track her whole day with simply wearing a ring in her finger. Here are listed some best deals available in the market regarding ring watches for women:

Ring watches for women

  • Yellow ring watch: This is a product offered by Fun ring watches for $15. This ring watch for women features stainless steel band and back with quartz movement. Watch is operated with a replaceable battery and has an elastic band which adjusts to fit ring sizes 5-8 approx. This classic ring watch has white face and black hour, minute, second hands.
  • Classic ring watch with Roman numerals: This is a classic stainless steel ring watch with roman numerals with replaceable battery. It features a stretch-band that get adjusts to most fingers. This cute ring watch for women is water resistant and available at $18.
  • Biker Unisex Square Skull Ring Watch: You can have this wonderful ring watch for women at just $14.99. It comes with the manufacturer's warranty and features a skull n' crossbones on the face cover.

  • Versales Women's Pink Rhinestones Ring Watch: This is a lovely and one of the most attractive ring watches for women which features pink rhinestones on face cover. This product is offered by Versales and comes with the manufacturer warranty. It can be yours for $18.99 only.

  • Blue flower ring watch: If blue is your favorite color then you should not wait to buy this beautiful ring watch for women. Watch face is about 0.8" in diameter and available for just $18.00 only. It has stainless steel band and back. This cute ring is water resistant and has quartz movement. It has a kind of elastic band that adjusts to get fit on different sizes fingers.

  • Ring Watch for women: This is offered by carolyn forsman conversation piece Jewelry which is sold in an organza pouch. Its battery life is one year which is replaceable. The best part of this ring watch for women is that you are free to choose the color of the watch from seven different colors. It is available at $24 only and its dial is approx 7/8" across. It features "speidel" type band, which fits ring sizes 6 - 7.5 approx. and have quartz movement.
  • Black rhinestone ring watch

    This black stainless steel ring watch with clear rhinestones is available at $18 in the market. The size of this ring watch for women face is 0.8" diameter. It is battery operated and has the elastic band to fit the finger properly.

Why We Choose Fashionable Finger Ring Watches

Your grandfather had the pocket-watch. Your mom had Swiss-Army watches and Rolex. Your sister had the Casio calculator watch. You, what do you have? They say size matters, and in some cases, smaller is better. This is one of those cases. You, lucky you, have the Finger Ring Watch.

The Fashionable youngsters of today do not have a watch on their wrists, but it is not because they left it. The new hero of metro cities is Finger Ring Timer Watches which they use instead of rings and watches. At the place of dilate of the watch instead there will a single stone. If the stone is opened then it will be the watch. Anyone could buy a ring-timer made of steel and copper from amazon .It is ranging from 25$ to 25000$

But in case of women they prefer more to bangle-watch, which could be used as both watch as well as ornaments. It is available in different type and shape with a range of 50$ to 50000$.There are another set of watch in which different colors of stones are attached on dilate as well as on straps which looks great.

According to a shop keeper , He suggests that youth demands more on watches with big dilate as that of sports men. The watches made of antic, copper, steel, black metal will be of big dilate. In jeans-model watches it is also attached with different color of stones. They also include white steel watches with golden color works in it. Jute strap, blue, green, pink, violet color strapped watches are also now available in the market. Since there are fancy fashion watches youth now prefer a watch that match according to their dresses.

Watches come in many different styles; in countless number of different designs. However, the ring watches for women especially the few stated here are the most adorable by females.

Features of Fashion Finger Ring Watches

Get a little watch that can be put on the finger of your love .find features of finger Ring watches .Ring watch The item can be used not only as watch But also as ring When you want to see the watch, Please open the cover of The ring, then you will know The time.

  1. Case: alloy or brass
  2. Band: alloy or brass
  3. Japanese movement or Chinese movement
  4. Different styles available
  5. Alloy strap
  6. Warranty :6 Months
  7. Packing ans shipping charge (Extra)
  8. Precision - gain or lose several seconds within one year
  9. Water resistant - waterproof body prevents water from going in
  10. Outstanding design shows the ring clock magnanimous
  11. Adjustable time knob & Wind - pull out the Blue Crystal Stone Finger Ring Clock knob to adjust time
  12. Artwork - high crafted finishing and polished, heavy duty workpiece
  13. Jewelry design - fashion jewelry finger ring clock is very charming for all occasions

*Most of the watches are made in China or Singapore

* All the finger watches does have the above features ,but most of thme have .Verify before you buying .

They Are also Avialable in

  1. Ring Watch With stone cover
  2. Flower shape
  3. Heart shape
  4. Dolphin shape
  5. Hand shape
  6. Circle shape
  7. Panda shape
  8. Rectangle shape

Fashion is always calling for accessories like purses, necklaces, and shoes, but who wants to wear a silly key on a chain or Kanye’s new hideous Louis Vuitton shoe? These ring watches are rings and on top of that, they’re watches. That’s two birds, one ring. It’s the most practical thing you can put on your finger, outside of maybe a bottle opener ring, but that won’t tell you what time happy hour even starts.

It is rare Shape Finger Watch . Very hard to find.With Gift Box!Expandable, One size fit all! Match your clothing perfectly!! And the most important is!! It is classy, fashionable and stylish

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bskinny 6 years ago from US

Would be a great christmas gift as a stocking stuffer. My wife will get a kick out of it . Thanks

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@bskinny - Ya Unique gift for women !!! Your wife will be happy

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These are such good little watches. I remember that I had one when I was a kid and my friends and I loved them.

Thanks for the great hub!

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