Rolex Watch VS. Tag Heuer Watch: My Preference

Rolex Vs. Tag Heuer: Which One Is Better?

OK folks. I hate to disappoint you so early in the hub but whether or not a Rolex watch is better than a Tag Heuer watch is completely, 100% personal preference--in my opinion. I say that because there are a great number of people that will argue Rolex is better than Tag and will give you all sorts of reasons why that's the case, and another large group that will say just the opposite--that Tag Heuer watches are better than Rolex watches. Which one do I like better? Rolex of course! That's because I have one and LOVE it.  I also bought one for my husband (see my hub titled, "My Rolex Submariner Purchase Experience"). I'm biased and that's that. I don't care that it has a mechanical movement vs. a quartz movement or that some high end watch lovers say that Rolex is not the best. I like it because I just do.

Mechanical VS. Quartz Movement

Do you all know what mechanical movement is and what quartz movement is? Of course you do if you are a watch lover. If you are new to all this and are trying to decide if you should buy a Rolex watch or a Tag Heuer watch, but don't know what I'm talking about, then here it is.

A mechanical movement is when the watch is in motion (say on your wrist), it continues to "run." Quartz movement will have your watch running regardless if it's on your wrist or sitting on your bureau. This could be considered a pain to some people that like the look of a Rolex but don't want to lose the time because most are mechanical. If I look at my Rolex right now, it's ten minutes slow. Yep. It sat on my windowsill (not a good resting place for it I know) for a day or two and the time got messed up. However, I look at my Rolex as much more than a watch; I think of it as a piece of jewelry. For me, my Rolex keeping accurate time is secondary to the beautiful look of it.

Some Rolex people find this alluring about the watch--perhaps quirky and part of its charm. I'm one of those people. I don't mind it at all. I just reset it and off I go.

If you are the type of person who won't find this mechanical movement "cute," then I suggest looking at the Tag Heuer or one of the limited Quartz movement Rolex watches manufactured. A Quartz movement Rolex watch, in my opinion, is not how a Rolex is meant to be. Just my opinion of course!

P.S. If the mechanical movement of the Rolex annoys you, you can always buy a watch winder which is a device used to keep automatic watches running when they're not worn. I'm thinking of buying one myself.

Which Watch Holds Their Value Longer? Rolex Or Tag Heuer?

So if you are thinking less about personal preference when it comes to deciding whether you want to buy a Rolex or a Tag Heuer watch, and more about long term value of your pricey purchase, which designer watch is a better investment?

I'm going to say Rolex watches hold their value better than Tag watches.  The resale value of a Rolex is amazing.  They have a timeless appeal that only gets more valuable over the years. 

Tag Heuer makes beautiful watches, don't get me wrong.  However, they just don't have the resale value of a Rolex.  This may not be important to you.  For me, it is.  My Rolex will be passed down to my daughter at some point.  I can feel certain that it will be cherished by her for years and years.  This is the only brand that I feel confident about in its long term value.

Your Opinion Is Important

Which Designer Brand of Watch Do You Like Better?

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  • Tag Heuer
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funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal

For the exact same reasons you stated I go for the Tag

Quark 4 years ago

you confused mechanical movement with automatic.

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