Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold or pink gold as it is commonly called has experienced a resurgence of sorts in popularity.

This gold alloy whether 14kt or 18kt includes copper in its formula giving it its rose pink color.

Pink gold has always been popular since the 1990s but more in the form of tricolor jewelry like Black Hills Gold and to a smaller extent in designer watches like Rolex, Cartier and others.

Rose gold engagement rings are particularly attractive and regularly combined with white gold or platinum to highlight the center diamond.

In the last few years diamond treatment specialists have seen some success in being able to regularly induce a nice pink color into near colorless to champagne colored diamonds through a series of heat treatment and irradiation processes.

These treated pink diamonds frequently find a home in an engagement ring where the central setting in the head of the ring is pink gold in order that the pink hue in the center diamond be emphasized.

Check out the rose gold engagement ring set top right and note how the pink gold reinforces the pink hue in the center oval pink diamond .

Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Rose gold and white diamonds is a great combination and achieves quite a different look from the traditional yellow gold and diamonds look of past.

White diamonds appear whiter when set in rose gold.

This simply means that any champagne or brown tones in the body color of diamonds typically graded as I,J or K are muted against pink gold where as they tend to be emphasized when set in yellow gold and to some extent white gold.

If you are used to seeing diamonds in the traditional white and yellow gold rings then seeing them set in pink gold might take some getting used to .

This is because rose gold diamond engagement rings take on a bit of a playful character so it seems as if you are looking at costume jewelry even though they may be antique rose gold engagement rings like the one to the right.

Rose And White Gold Engagement Rings

The most popular format for rose gold engagement rings is in some combination with white gold. usually that means a white gold or platinum shank paired with an elaborate or simply styled rose gold head.

Check out the vintage rose gold engagement ring to the right and note how bright the white diamonds look against the pink gold backdrop with the white gold background of the diamond studded shank.

Rose gold look best with when it has a backdrop of white metal and generally looks terrible when paired with yellow gold without white gold being present.

This is why you will hardly ever see it in that combination although you will see an entirely different alloy called peach gold which is yellow gold and pink gold alloyed together.

This color gold is used by the designer Phillipe Charriol in it’s Celtique collection pairing its peach gold called petra gold with bronze cable.

Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings

If you like engagement rings with rose gold and yellow gold but want something that does look like a dated tricolor style of ring from the 1980s but something more elegant and up to date then you should be looking at a Mokume Gane engagement ring with rose gold.

Check out this gorgeous solitaire  tricolor Mokume Gane engagement ring with rose gold head setting to the right. Mokume Gane rings are rightly referred to as wearable art.

Mokume Gane is the art of incompletely forging or melting metals together so that their individual colorations are still apparent creating swirls of rainbow like pairings of color in the shank of the ring.

This artistic forging of metal is a painstaking and expensive process but with gorgeous results as can be seen.

Because this metal work results in a ring that will cost much more than a standard gold ring most of the examples you will find will be rather wide shanks so that the Mokume details can be plainly seen.

This is after all what you are paying for in this sort of a rose gold engagement ring so no sense in getting a ring of this sort with a spindly 2mm shank.

With a Mokume solitaire engagement ring the head assembly or setting for the diamond is generally very simple and unfussy so that the stars of the show will be the diamond and the elaborately detailed marble cake like patterns on the surface of the shank.

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