Scalp and Hair Care with Ichtyosis

Ichthyosis, Scalp, and Hair

On my last hub Living With Ichthyosis I got alot of comments asking about how to take care of alot of the problems ichtyosis can cause with your scalp and hair. So I decided to give it its own article. Please keep in mind that everyone is different and different hair types can make things easier or more difficult depending. I know some days I think life would be easier if I could shave my head but since that's a little extreme I have yet to try. So I hope these tips help.

Products that are great to stock up on (AKA cheap)

  • Olive oil or
  • Baby oil
  • Vaseline

Items to have in your bathroom

  • Shower caps

  • Small tooth comb

  • Bandanna or beanie

  • A lot of patience!

  • Music (optional but very helpful)


Scalp scales can be a problem for us with ichthyosis. The skin on the is just like the skin on the rest of the body but a lot more difficult to get to while keeping our hair. The way that works for most is to treat scalp scales is to coat your scalp with your favorite cream or oil to soften the scale, cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and go to sleep then proceed with the long process of shampooing in the morning and brush or comb scales out after shampooing.

  • As I said in my other article ask your doctor about Selenium Sulfide, you can only get it by prescription. It's for your scalp and/or skin, It looks and smells a lot like liquid foundation but it is amazing stuff. I use it for my scalp and have had amazing results.

  • For what to use to soften the scalp, its a personal decision that you really have to experiment with but other than the usual suggestions, coconut oil works very well for me(though a little to spendy for some people) and I've also heard peanut oil works great too. (Mayonnaise works great also, almost better, but I couldn't and still can't stand the smell lol)

  • I've found that 'Tresemme Moisture Restore Instant Self-Warming Hot Oil Treatment' works great for my hair after all the trouble taking care of my scalp causes and it also feels great too.

  • When in the shower or bath avoid getting conditioner on your scalp as it can cause more build up. A good rule of thumb is shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for your hair.

  • I know that with all the time and effort it takes to take care of our skin, all around I suggest a radio or some form of entertainment during bath and soaking times especially for children. When we spend at least a sixth of our day in the bathroom taking care of our skin, we should at least make the bathroom an enjoying place to be

  • Since Ichthyosis already makes it hard enough for our hair to grow well, its best to keep up on the everyday things that we should already be doing to keep our hair and scalp as healthy as possible. Take a multivitamin (prenatals work great), drink plenty of water, and exercise.. If your not healthy it only makes the battle that much harder.

What Works for You?

Do you have anything that you tried that worked well? Send me a comment and I will put it up. As we all learn from each other in the ichthyosis community I would really appreciate the feedback, and the more information I get the more I can put up. I only know the things I've personally tried and what others tell me. :)

Questions I Have for You

I have heard about some things that are far out of my price range to help with the bath time process so I want to ask those out there if they tried them and how effective it was. The bigger things I've heard of lately are the microsilk bath tubs, and the clairisonic skin brushes, so if you have tried any of these things yourself please let me know In the comments. I am especially interested in the microsilk bathtub after watching this youtube video I found (I posted it below for you to see). So if you've tried it let me know about your experience.

Thank you very much,

Misty May.


Money Spent on Products

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