Sensual Silk Bras For Men

Silk. The soft, sensual feeling of silk against skin is a sensation every lingerie lover should experience at least once in their lifetimes, and if at all possible, once a week or more. Silk panties are quite often on a man who loves lingerie's shopping list, but what about a silk bra or two? A silk bra completes the set and gives one a feeling of lingerie satisfaction and satiation, (until you take it off, that is.)

A few of the silk bras I will profile in this article match the silk low rise panties I profiled in this article about skimpy low rise panties for men. A few of them do not. All of them are quite simply stunning pieces of lingerie and I trust that you will enjoy them and be inspired in your own lingerie collections.

Gold Coast Padded Bra

This maroon red silk bra is matched with an equally stunning pair of panties. Not a bra to wear out under a t-shirt due to the stitching which graces the front of the cups, this beautiful bra is none the less a piece that would be enjoyed any time it was worn. The gentle, soft shape of the cups creates a feminine bust without being too overstated, and there is even a little boost built in to assist those looking for a little more cleavage.

Karen Millen

A silk brassiere that looks like it could have walked out of a Western gun fight movie. This brassiere is features delicate, yet sturdy underwire design, light padding, and enough lace ribbon to distract any ol' gun slinger who spots himself wearing it in the mirror.


This brassiere has so much going for it. Firstly, the name alone reminds me of Garfeild's doggie nemesis, so it earns points right away. Next on the list is it's 100% silk fabrication which makes it incredibly soft to the touch. Satin ribbons and bows add a light girly touch and the pansy print, well, the pansy print sets the tone for the entire outfit.

Olivia Silk T Shirt Bra

Even though O Lingerie has committed the usually deadly sin of giving a piece of lingerie a woman's name as if we'll fall for the old ploy of thinking it is somehow more attractive because it has a woman's name, or perhaps it reminds us of a friend we haven't seen in many years. (A ploy with limited appeal, statistically speaking.) This is still a lovely bra, and better still, it is a t shirt bra, which means you'll be able to get away with wearing it under shirts and things. Unfortunately this brassiere is only 60% silk, but don't let that get you down, it is certified 100% feminine and 100% beautiful by the council that certifies these things.

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