Sexiest Places to Get a Tattoo for a Woman

A lot of the planning that goes into a tattoo for me personally is exactly where I want to place the tattoo. I may know exactly what I'd like to get ad how large I want to get it, but where should I put it?

Of course if you know you want something large, it narrows down the selection process for you. It is your opinion that is final on all things tattoo and otherwise, but I'd like to offer my own options for what I think are the sexiest places for women to get tattoos.


1. Rib Cage

This tattoo placement is one of the hottest on a toned body for a woman to plan for a tattoo whether large or small. I've often seen text here more often than any other type of design, but floral designs like the cherry blossoms shown to the right are my personal favorite.

A good compliimentary to the cascading flowers is typical a swirl, wave, or a tribal-type design. Those are the two most common I've seen at the beach or amongst friends and this spot is very appealing because most times women have to lift their shirt up a bit to show it off which adds to the attractiveness.


2. Stomach

Along with the rib cage tattoo is a tattoo right around the corner which is very similar in engaginess. The same that applies in why it probably is the best-looking for the rib cage tattoo could easily be doubled over to the stomach tattoo, except for one difference. When one's eyes are focused on the rib cage tattoo, the side of the torso is the main feature a man is concerned with looking at, but with the stomach tattoo, the beltline is the focus that often comes into vision primarily.

The most common designs are floral patterns and butterflies in the stomach region.


3. Back

For a lot of people, they find this as one of the most attractive, but maybe I'm more of a fan of the front of a woman? Though, I must say that the small dimpless at a woman's lower back can definitely be feature after a tattoo has been placed right around this area. Whether the upper, lower, or all over the back -- I'm a fan. This design on the right is one of my favorite I have actually ever seen. It is another beltline attention-getter will definitely be noticed while you are out if that's your idea or can easily be covered up if you're looking for something more private and simply for you.

Now this area is basically a large open canvas where you can find every sort of design possible in this area. Large tattoos, small tattoos, and everything in between. The majority of the placement is on the shoulder blade or on the lower back. Both areas will be a little bit painful as they are both on bony areas, but are still some of the most popular spots nonetheless. Various girly designs are the typical here, but can also include text and other things you may not even expect. Use your imagination!


4. Wrist

The wrist is a small and subtle area, but is very cute for something small and sweet on a woman. It's semi-private because the majority of the time, only you will ever really noticed the inside of your wrist on a regular basis. But this place is often one of the best for an "everyday reminder" tattoo. Somewhere you can place a motivational quotation of something small and beautiful for you to gaze upon every now and again.

Text-based tattoos are the ones that are featured primarily in this placement, but I've often seen some small designs as well. The most common artwork I've seen is a key and heart locket on the wrist.


5. Arms / Legs

I enjoy a girl who does have leg or arm tattoos. There isn't anything wrong with them to me whether simply on the upper arm or thigh area or all over the place. I personally like it more if a woman has a sleeve tattoo on the arm or leg instead of simple and smaller designs that are rather scattered about randomly.

The example of the arm sleeve to right is very interesting to see and some people might think that it's somewhat childish or "funny looking" in perhaps a negative manner, but I think it's cutesy, artsy, and says a lot about a person. This woman seems to be very bright, vibrant, and have a very cartoon-like sense of humor. Tattoos are very personal and say a lot about you. These are two areas that people will notice like the chest tattoo and will be able to make their own preconceptions and judgements about how they think you may be.

I have approached and have been approached by many people because of tattoos in these areas. "Which artist did you go to?" "How much did that cost you?" Many conversations can be started up rather quickly by simply admiring someone else's artwork. These areas that allow for sleeve designs can cause the best grouping of tattoos together cohesively giving a sort of personal wallpaper feel.

This area allows for you to express yourself completely with oftentimes personal sleeves on the arms that relate to cartoon-like figures, old school designs, floral patterns, underwater-based animals, etc. The most common leg tattoos seem to be pin up models.


6. Chest

Amongst my guy friends, this is one of the most debatable tattoos spots for a woman to get a tattoo. I enjoy whenever a girl gets a medium to large piece done on her chest like the one to right. I am not a large fan of the smaller tattoo just above the breast or on the breast itself. But the chest can easily serve as the most eye-catching place to put something beautiful, meaningful, bright, and colorful. This could easily be the first thing that people may notice about you and you should keep that in mind if you are highly considering a chest tattoo.

Like most men, the chest is often occupied by tattoos relating to hearts, birds, or quotations.


7. Face

I must say that I am definitely not a fan of the face tattoo. The bulk of facial art that I've seen is too over the top and more Mike Tyson-like than feminine and soft as you may expect. Kat Von D's stars in the picture to the right is one of the few that I find cute though.

Common art on the face is stars, music notes, or small hearts.

Have a different order? Did I miss a body area that you prefer to see a tattoo on a woman? Have a better looking tattoo on one of the body parts here that you want to link?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

Interesting hub...I have always enjoyed a tattoo on a woman's ankle....but that is just photos....voted up

profile image

THAT Mary Ann 5 years ago

Does anyone have any photos of what those tattoos are going to look like when the person is 80? I agree the tattoos on the young women look great though...

Matt in Jax profile image

Matt in Jax 5 years ago from Jacksonville, FL Author

Hmm.. That might have to be a future Hub idea Mary Ann.

profile image

THAT Mary Ann 5 years ago

Go for it!

shoaibgmail profile image

shoaibgmail 5 years ago

Cool photos buddies didn't notice tattoos this much before..:)

Ronnie_Dey profile image

Ronnie_Dey 5 years ago from West Bengal, India

Wooo...The first and the third pic is really sensuous..Plus an insightful hub!!!

Smart is Good profile image

Smart is Good 5 years ago from Lima, PerĂº

Ribcage definetly the sexiest. Not only because of the picture you posted but because I've seen robcage tattos and they ALL look really sexy

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

This was the most sexiest tattoo for a woman. Thanks for share with us. Cheers....

danielleantosz profile image

danielleantosz 5 years ago from Florida

lol. It seems your point is just about anywhere a girl gets a tattoo is sexy! But I agree with the rib cage, but dang that spot HURTS!!

Jspot profile image

Jspot 5 years ago from Flames of water and love

I would say that I love the ink anywhere on a woman, but the top picture is absolutely gorgeous. Poetry on flesh. Voted up and awesome

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