Sexy Seamed Stockings For Men

Before we got all newfangled with technology, stockings used to have seams running up the backs of them where the manufacturer joined them together in order that they might not simply fall off the leg. Though it was at first merely a practical consideration, it soon grew to be associated with all things sexy and feminine, and seamed stockings retain their allure today even now that manufacturing techniques have moved on and we can now put a man in stockings on the moon.

For those of you looking to recreate the class and charm of days gone by with your hosiery, why not browse a few of these lovely seamed stockings. Several of these are available at, but are also no doubt available in a plethora of other places as well.

On with the seamed stockings!

Patterned Seamed Stockings

These patterned seam stockings are as beautiful as they are unique. A delicate grey patterning traces around the length of the leg, whilst a black seam running up the back gives the stockings an anchor point of visual reference, delighting the eye. Though intended primarily as part of a bridal outfit, I see no reason why men shouldn't avail themselves of these tastefully virginal treats.

Metallic Gold Seam Stockings

A little more risque, these gold seam stockings add a colorful twist to the traditional seams. The metal shimmers and shines as you move, making these stockings definite eye catchers, not to be warn by a wallflower - unless of course, he wants the attention of every eye in the room.

Cuban Heel Seamed Stockings

These stockings have a Cuban heel, which is a reinforced heel that not only adds to the longevity of the stocking, but which has also become a fashion statement in its own right, much like a straitjacket, or a bullet proof vest. These seamed stockings are perfect for wearing in high stress situations, when you need your stockings to give you maximum performance.

Color Seamed Stocking

These stockings are mauve with a black seam, but almost any stocking color is possible. Red and yellow and blue and green, purple and orange and blue.? I hate that stupid rainbow song. It mocks and taunts me.

Of course, then there are the traditional black nylon seamed stockings, which capture with their simplicity the eroticism of a time gone by. A man who loves stockings should have at least one pair of seamed stockings in his wardrobe, with a sexy garter belt to match, of course.

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