Shamballa Jewels Are All The Rage

Pink and White Shamballa Bracelet
Pink and White Shamballa Bracelet
Shambhala Jewels
Shambhala Jewels
Shamballa Bracelet
Shamballa Bracelet
Shambala Bracelet
Shambala Bracelet
Shambhala Bracelet
Shambhala Bracelet

Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa Jewels

What is it about these Shamballa bracelets that has captured everyone's attention?

It's just a bunch of beads held together with a piece of twisted up string... right?

(Apparently I'm wrong, considering all the hoopla that has been generated over these things.)

I know that "string and beads" is a bit of an over simplification of what a Shamballa bracelet really is (and thank goodness I was not the one who came up with this idea because what you would have got is beads and string) but when the two brothers, Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, put those beads and string together in 2004... magic was made.

The popularity of these Shamballa jewels grew blazingly fast as they caught the eye (and spirituality) of some of the most popular people on the planet, Jay-Z being one of the first to open up about what his newest piece of jewelry meant to him.

Just like everything else on the planet, Shamballa bracelets can be as affordable or as expensive as an individual wants them to be (the higher end pieces incorporate precious metals and stones like gold and diamonds), it just depends on a persons taste and depth of their pocket book.

The Frugal Approach

A popular trend with many people is making their own Shamballa bracelets as they truly are a very basic kind of bracelet.

It does however take some time and not a little practice to learn how to macrame (and then macrame the size of knots needed to make the bracelets), but it seems to be a growing past time and the result is a piece of jewelry that is unique to the person who made it.

The idea of uniqueness may seem a little quaint to some folks, or possibly not enough of a reason to learn how to make these bracelets, but it turns out that uniqueness is the goal of Shamballa bracelets.

The Kornerup brothers original idea for their new bracelets was based on, or at least centers around, the Tibetan and Buddhist philosophy of earth base energy and the body's ability to harness and channel it.

Armed with this knowledge it would be easy to see how uniqueness fits in here as each piece has to contain the earth element or elements that most closely align with each individuals lifestyle, life force or chi.

If you are someone who looks inward for ways to expand or better oneself, then Shamballa bracelets might be right up your alley.

If you are someone who enjoys a fresh and unique new way to express yourself, the same alley might still work for you.

There are many different types of Shamballa jewels to choose from and if you decide to try your hand at making your own, the options are practically endless.

I have included only a few pictures of thousands of styles available and those can be viewed with a few key strokes and a Google search or a quick visit to Trash City Jewelry.

Thanks for reading my hub and happy hunting!

In 2004 Mads joined forces with his brother Mikkel Kornerup
Shamballa Jewels has existed since 2004 and is owned by the brothers Kornerup.

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Top Toys profile image

Top Toys 5 years ago from At home with my laptop

I had never heard of these things until I hopped onto your hub - they look lovely. Great hub.

killerdillard profile image

killerdillard 5 years ago from Salina Author

Thank you. I didn't realize how slick they were until I saw one on a patient of mine in the ER. That story is on the other Shambhala hub I have. I'm glad you liked them... now I know there are definitely 2 people out there that do.

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