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Surprised And Pleasently Pleased In The ER

I work at a hospital so I get to meet and interact with all types of folks from many walks of life.

The other day was no exception when I had a patient come in who had been in a very frightful situation involving an automobile and a cross country tumble.

Thank goodness no harm came to this lovely child, with the exception of some seat belt burns and a bad case of the shakes, so when all the excitement was over I had a chance to comment on the white and pink Shamballa bracelet she was wearing.

Not only did the conversation take her mind off of some of the reasons she was in the ER, she was genuinly excited about telling me about her bracelet.

She did not wear it for any spiritual reasons or in attempt to channel the earths energies, she wore it because it looked very, very nice and NOBODY at her school had one.

I told her that I built websites and that I actually had a site that promoted Shamballa Jewels and bracelets and that I was hoping to change that particular trend at school, the one where she was the only girl with a Shamballa bracelet... she didn't seem too upset.

The Gates Of Shambhala
The Gates Of Shambhala | Source

The Legend Of The City Of Shambhala

In his novel, Lost Horizons, James Hilton wrote about a place where people live for hundreds of years without growing old.

This wondrous place was located in a lost valley, hidden behind snowy mountains somewhere in Northern Tibet, it was a monastery called Shangri-La.

Ancient lore in Tibet, set down in writing, makes mention of a place much like Mr. Hiltons Shangri-La, but in Tibetan history (or possibly legend) this land of nobility and lamas is referred to as Shamballa.

It was believed that in Shamballa, the people lived their lives in perfect harmony and never knew famine, sickness or hunger; only ever enjoying peace and tranquility their entire lives.

They were clothed in stately white garb and were imbued with noble features and spoke a sacred language.

There was no poverty in Shamballa, no prisons or punishment and all the riches one could ever need even though there was no need for money.

In Tibet, the name Shamballa actually means "the source of happiness" in ancient Sanskrit.

Shambhala Bracelet
Shambhala Bracelet | Source

Shamballa Jewels: Mystical – Spiritual – Therapeutic

Every Shambhala bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry with the different tastes and needs of the wearer incorporated into it's design.

Shamballa jewels are the design and product of two men, the Kornerup brothers, which embrace the Tibetan and Buddhist spiritual philosophy of the earth containing and transmitting energies through stone, gems and semi-precious and precious metals.

When creating a new Shamballa piece, the end desire is an intertwining of the host of therapeutic attributes contained in the stones, wood and metals of the earth to our personal energy or our mind and body's natural ability to open and heal itself. This unique situation gives rise to the possibility of discovering the enchanting and vital connection between the spirit and the creative force represented by the mystic details of the universe.

Shamballa jewels are the product and design of two men, the Kornerup brothers, and embrace the Tibetan and Buddhist spiritual philosophy of the earth containing and transmitting energies through stone, gems and semi-precious and precious metals.

The foundation of every Shamballa bracelet is the braided macrame cord which holds together the assortment of beads made from precious metals, gems and semi-precious stones in such a way to present a very simple but powerful display of the earths most healing properties.

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Shamballa or Shambhala jewelry is worn by spiritual folk as well as some of today's more popular popular celebrities such as Jay-Z, Aston Kutcher, Jennifer Flavin, Michael Jordan, Heidi Klum, Boris Becker, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary Kate Olsen, Lebron James and many others.

In addition to the beauty of Shambhala Jewels, you will be able to enjoy the mystique and special properties of the metals and gems used to create your unique piece..

When wearing these symbols of Shamballa, you invite the possibility of connecting directly to the energy of creation and in essence, remind the mind and body of it's natural ability to open and heal.

Shamballa Jewels

Shambala: Beautiful and Mystical

Shambala Jewels are earth grounded pieces of personal adornment that are as unique and exciting as the person that is wearing them.

In the hopes of drawing personal energy and strength from the earth, many Shambala bracelets are constructed of some of the earths most earth-powerful gemstones and precious metals.

Other individuals are drawn to the more basic earth powers contained in hardwoods, base stone and animal products like bone, ivory and stag antler.

These Shambhala pieces are important to many as channels for the different energies available in and of the earth that are considered important for the health of the body, mind and soul.

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