Shaving Your Sexy Legs: Finding Pleasure in the Pain

Many girls will tell you that shaving their legs is a monumental pain in the tushy and I admit that there are times when I myself find it something of a chore. And I must admit as well that I am lucky since my natural blond hair makes shaving less of a necessity than it is for some girls and probably less work when I do the deed.Still, there can be times when shaving my legs is the last thing I want to do.

But by and large I have found that there are ways to ease the agony and turn this rigorous ritual into a relaxing retreat from the stress of a busy day! However, if you wish to find the joy in the depilatory arts, the first thing you will need to keep in mind is do not let yourself end up in a situation where you need to quickly shave your legs. Try to set aside enough time so that you can enjoy yourself rather than just having to rush through what will surely be an aggravating chore if you cannot take your time.

Finding the Proper Atmosphere

In order for shaving to be a pleasurable pastime, you must first set the mood by creating a relaxing personal space where you will not be disturbed and will not feel pressure to rush through the task. For me, this means staking claim to the bathroom for a couple of hours without disturbance. I am lucky in that we have two full baths in our house, so there is really no reason why anyone would need to disturb me. But if you only have one bathroom, you might try scheduling your legs when no one else will be home. Once you have staked claim to your spot, it is time to redecorate and build your own personal spa.

Before I begin, I will usually put on some music that will be relaxing. For me, this usually means either tuning the radio to KKMJ out of Austin if it is between 7 pm and midnight when Delilah is playing love songs or putting on one of my compact disc ballad mixes with bands like America, Low Stars, Simon & Garfunkel, 10cc and also some things like Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tom Jones. Of course, if you find a certain style of music relaxing, you would have to make your own choices, but if Delilah is an option in your area, I highly recommend her.

You may also want to prepare something to soothing drink and maybe even a light snack. Maybe some wine and select cheeses or perhaps a fruit smoothie or some fresh fruit. Nothing too overbearing as you want the food and drink to fit the atmosphere you are creating -- light and breezy. You also want to avoid anything that requires excessive effort to prepare and certainly nothing that demands a lot of clean-up. Unless, of course you happen to have a man who will be cleaning up for you! (See tips below! LOL!)

Next I like to fill the room with scented candles and create a softly lit oasis of delightful aromas. Sometimes I like to go for scents like eucalyptus, ginger and mint, but other times I go for more flowery odors like lilac, gardenia and jasmine. There is no need to stick a certain fragrance unless you just happen to prefer that one particular bouquet. While the candles are getting started and the smells begin to waft through the room, I get undressed, fill the tub with warm water, and get my razor and shaving gels ready. By the time the tub is ready, the mood is set and I am ready to climb in!

BATH TIP: I do not recommend using bubble bath when shaving your legs -- it just makes things a little too busy for my tastes and actually detracts from the relaxation -- but when looking for a good bubble bath, try Calgon's Ocean Breeze Foaming Bubble Bath! I love the stuff. It is almost like floating miles out in the ocean far away from distractions without having to worry about any of those pesky, annoying sharks! LOL!

Taking the Time to Enjoy the Moment

Once everything is in readiness, you do not need to rush straight to the main event. Sink into the tub and let the warmth of the water soak away the stress of the day. Take some time to relax and enjoy the music you chose or simply enjoy the silence if you chose not to have music. Let your mind drift to happy places. This is not a time to work out the problems in your life, but instead time to take a break away from those troubles. It is almost like medication, I guess. You really just want to let your brain have a little time off.

Once you have gotten good and relaxed, then you should begin the task of shaving your legs. Be sure the water is still very warm as this makes shaving easier. Also, be sure you do not stay in the water so long that your skin begins to wrinkle. If needed, add more hot water to the tub. Be sure to use plenty of shaving gel and keep in mind that this is for your pleasure! Do not rush through the actual shaving of your legs as this is surely a path to nicks, cuts and --YOWTCH! -- razor rash. Plenty of warm water, lots of shaving gel and a relaxing, unhurried pace are essential parts of your new routine.

Be Sure To Show Off Your Handiwork

Of course, once you have finished you deserve a reward. A night on the town with your man or maybe with your girls is definitely in order. Either way, be sure to wear something to highlight your freshly shaven legs. Dancing is a must! Or, if you are the outdoorsy type, maybe a concert in the park or some other event where shorts might be appropriate outdoors. Feeling the warm sunshine and cool breeze on the smooth skin of your clean-shaven legs is one of the freshest feeling in the world! That "just shaved" feeling doesn't last long so you must be sure to enjoy it while you can.

Of course, every shave doesn't have to be this elaborate, but making it a pleasurable task will definitely make it less of a chore. So take a little time and turn what might usually be a pain in the neck into a pleasure of the flesh! ;-)

Reversing roles might seem funny at first, but do your really want a man with silky smooth legs?
Reversing roles might seem funny at first, but do your really want a man with silky smooth legs?

A Few Tips to Spice Up the Festivities

  • Have your man shave your legs. (Just be sure he knows what he is doing!)
  • If he will not shave your legs, have your man help with the preparation and/or clean-up.
  • Make it a girls night activity. (Only advisable for the more adventurous ladies.)
  • Add a movie or favorite television show instead of music. (But do not spend so long in the water that the wrinkles set in.)
  • If your man can cook, have him prepare a romantic meal while you shave.
  • Make a date with your man to cuddle on the couch and watch a special DVD.

A Shaving Poll

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