A Guide To Sheer Pantyhose For Men

Pantyhose has traditionally served many roles. According to Wikipedia (the repository of all human knowledge, comparable to the library at Alexandria before it was destroyed by invading barbarians,) pantyhose are designed to do the following:

  •     be fashionable
  •     ease chafing between the foot and footwear
  •     keep the legs and feet warm
  •     hide physical imperfections such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair, or varicose veins


Sheer pantyhose are quite fashionable, for although they shroud the leg with great success, they do not prevent the eye from making out the fact that there is real flesh beneath the pantyhose. Many find sheer pantyhose rather alluring for this reason, because it presents the leg and yet, it still hides it away. It is smooth and soft to the touch, and yet what it gives is only outweighed by what it withholds. If denial isn't fashionable and feminine, then I do not know what is.

Easing Chafing

As any lady or lad will tell you, the first time you wear shoes that are supposed to be worn with pantyhose in bare feet will be the first time those shoes slice your feet up like Russian butchers. Yes, even those cute little soft leather slip ons will slash your heels to kingdom come if there isn't some nylon to stop them. It is important to remember that chafing is the constant enemy the wearer of women's shoes, and vigilance and a pair of pantyhose should always be present if one is not to suffer the indignity of limping about with band aids on one's heels.

Warming of Legs and Feet

How, you might scoff, can sheer pantyhose, which is made up more of holes than it is of hose, keep one warm? I do not know, but I can assure you that it does. There is doubtless some magic at work, perhaps tiny imps build small fires in the fibers of the pantyhose. Science may one day uncover the secret warming properties of sheer pantyhose, but until that time it is safe merely to say that they work.

Hiding Imperfections

Yes, even a sheer pair of pantyhose can successfully hide the fact that you didn't shave your legs this morning. At a pinch, if worn at the other end of the body they may even successfully hide your face, which is handy for those times when being recognized is more trouble than it is worth. Sheer pantyhose will not, however, cover large unsightly tattoos that you got when you turned eighteen and thought it would be super to look tribal in spite of the fact that the only connection you've ever had with anything remotely like a tribe was when a gang of small children mugged you for your Mars bar.

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Sherman 6 years ago

Pantyhose helps jeans and trousers feel more comfortable and move easily as you sit and walk--besides warmth in cool environments.

patsypop 6 years ago

Hi Hope just a note about your comment saying that sheer pantyhose keep you warm. Sorry but i have to disagree with you i have been wearing Tights/Pantyhose for 25 years now and in the winter i still have to put on a pair of socks over them as my feet get very very cold and without them i would not function.Otherwise i find them perfect in every way.Thanks patsypop

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Maybe they're not enough for you patsy, but there are plenty of young ladies wandering about the place in winter in short skirts and stockings that are a testament to my original assertion :)

tactilicious 6 years ago

I've found they vary greatly on the warmth issue. I wear them regularly for warmth in an unheated garage. Some very light ones can be surprisingly warm.

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