Shoe Stretchers

Shoe stretchers are able to help a lot of foot problems associated with footwear that's unbearably tight to wear. A stretcher assists in loosening a pair of new shoes or boots to make wearing that much more comfortable. Shoe stretching devices are inserted into a shoe with its steel-threaded rod expanded, this results in the leather being stretched to a more desirable fit. It's often possible to widen a shoe in the areas causing pain, as well as lengthening a shoe, to some degree. 

A wooden shoe stretcher is often able to alleviate a multitude of problems associated with our feet - a pair of shoes can shrink over time, feet often swell for a variety of reasons, or to relief pain of hammertoes, bunions, or other such conditions. A quick and simple solution for do-it-yourself shoe or boot stretching - all resulting in a fit that's much more pleasurable.

Operating these flats, shoes, boots or high heel shoe stretcher tools is a simple process of placing the stretcher within said shoe and turning the knob or handle to build-up pressure, stretching both the length or width - all at once.

The best shoe stretchers are those that stretch width and length. A two-way shoe stretcher is the name of this tool. Often sold in various different sizes, with widths for men or women, although often sold as a single stretcher - so to speed up the stretching process it might be a benefit to purchase two at once.

Stretchers are often seen to be constructed in hard wood, with a metal threaded rod for stretching the width. For those equipped with corn pieces, its a possibility to widen those shoes in the precise areas of discomfort, alleviating a variety of foot imperfections (bunions, corns, etc.) that can affect our feet. Those extra bumps added to the inside of a shoe offer room for a bunion.

A shoe stretcher spray can also be used on its own or in combination with a shoe stretcher to speed up the process. - once sprayed on the shoes it relaxes the leather fibers, meaning the softened leather is more susceptible to being molded into shape. Shoe care accessories also include the shoetrees - and these are placed inside a pair of shoes when not being worn, this helps in maintaining the overall shape.

All in all, it’s often a simple process to relieave all pain as a consequence of uncomfortable shoes with a simple stretcher and turning of a knob. In addition to that these tools won't damage the footwear - all shoes and boots will continue to look great.


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