Short Funky Hairstyles for Women Pictures

short funky hairstyles for women
short funky hairstyles for women

Although shorter hair styles are not for everybody, some will find compact hairstyles actually more complimentary on them than longer hairstyles.

For those that already have lower cut short hairstyles, there are many different techniques to choose from like curly styles, layered hair cut, bobs, and bangs, among many options for short hair.

Short Funky hairstyles are very popular. Although they are the most common among teenagers, there are some adults who also wear funky hairstyles as well to be more fashionable these days.

The main things you should consider before taking on a short hair cut are your face shape, the body and condition of your hair, and other things that concern your hair style.Then ,select the one which suits you the most and makes you look classy and trendy.

Whilst it can be said that there are some great advantages to having a short hairstyle, it is nevertheless worth informing one's self fully before leaping into a short hair style.Short funky hairstyle in different fashion styles. If you want a new look and to be a trendy woman, you can try these cool new short hairstyles looking funky.

This gallery contains different hairstyles ranging from short pixie styles for any hair type to medium length short hairstyles.The ultra versatile pixie style is a cut that suits most hair types; it comes in different lengths and with different variations, such as a longer fringe or a short crop fringe. There is so much you can do with a pixie cut.

short punk hairstyle in adifferent variety
short punk hairstyle in adifferent variety
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keira knightley short messy hairstylesrihanna multi colored short hairshort crop haircut with funky lookshort trendy fashion hairstyles 2015short trendy hair picturesshort punk haircuts for stylish girlssexy punk and funky haircutshort funky hairstyles for layered hairfunky short haircuts for girlsshort funky hairstyle with choppy layers
keira knightley short messy hairstyles
keira knightley short messy hairstyles
rihanna multi colored short hair
rihanna multi colored short hair
short crop haircut with funky look
short crop haircut with funky look
short trendy fashion hairstyles 2015
short trendy fashion hairstyles 2015
short trendy hair pictures
short trendy hair pictures
short punk haircuts for stylish girls
short punk haircuts for stylish girls
sexy punk and funky haircut
sexy punk and funky haircut
short funky hairstyles for layered hair
short funky hairstyles for layered hair
funky short haircuts for girls
funky short haircuts for girls
short funky hairstyle with choppy layers
short funky hairstyle with choppy layers
short pixie hair styles for women
short pixie hair styles for women
short spike hairstyles for women
short spike hairstyles for women
short hairstyles for thick hair
short hairstyles for thick hair

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Comments 27 comments

andy 8 years ago

So many beautiful women here. I am a straight male, but I only fancy girls with short hair as a rule, and love looking at the hairstyles. It shows off so many shapes of the face,nose, and I like to see a girls ears too (very nice with some small studs). Ok, there are a few women with longer hair, but generally I'm not interested at all. Short wavy hair is a favourite. I'd like to find a girlfriend who's boyish/pixie like, and never grows her hair long. Spikey is nice too.

This site is a real gem, keep it up.


Carmella 8 years ago

thanks andy, it is good to know that some guys dig short hair.. because i am never letting mine grow long again!!!!!

adele 7 years ago


Saab 6 years ago

I once had my hair stupid long but I hated girly. Now I'm getting it short and I feel so good, like real me...a little tomboyh.

jacqueline 6 years ago

untill now, i didnt kno that some boys liked short hair. i used t keep my hair v. short, like in the pics and ppl made fun of me. specialy boys. good to kno that not all boys do that. my hair long ang i HATE it.

c[: jacqueline

dharnia 6 years ago

hey,i juz cut mu hair really a skinbyrd.spiky at the back and long fringe in the front.i used to have normal length hair with my underhead half shaven with tribal hair tatoos.most guys like girls with long hair but girls with short hair have more attitude,character.more brave and we dare to be different(:

fizzmaster 6 years ago

I too am a straight male and much prefer short styles. Long hair just does nothing for me, whereas short hair is so fun and sexy.

These are great styles!

CAYLABABY 6 years ago


Ana Camston 6 years ago

Usually, if you have a haircut like so, (as in above) the back would be layered, and would probably be one of the thickest parts of the hair. Short hair usually depends on a lot of things, like chin, eyes, cheeks, etc.

... 6 years ago

lol u need more updated photos.. u need more insane short cuts.

Rai 6 years ago

Short hairstyles are just more practical for the modern-day woman. Short bob hairstyles highlight facial features (esp. the eyes) are also particularly suitable for women with round faces.

Ceec 6 years ago

All the styles here are beautiful. Inspiring that women are losing the locks and looking great. @ Caylababy: Jealous? Hater?

Raylynn 5 years ago

Short hair is sexy and can be as glamorous as you want it to be. A lot of women think that long hair makes them look sexier or (gasp) younger... that is just not so. It is very jarring to look at somebody's long hair from the back and then looking at the person's face and realizing it is an older woman... no judging anybody for this is a free country, but the effect is sometimes shocking....just saying...

Women must be proud of who they are - whatever the length of their hair - and go with the haircut that best suits their personality and lifestyle, not having long hair just to attract men...puhhleazze! I have had all kinds of hair lengths and I am very partial to shorter hair - for me - it makes me feel liberated...but then again, that's is just me ;-P

Cris 5 years ago

I really want a funky short haircut...I've hadshort hair most of my life and 3 years ago I let it grow midback long...I wanted to cut it short and wild a month ago but didn't have the guts and only layered and shortened it a bit...I wish I had the guts to cut it short but I'm afraid the the stylist won't get it right and I will scratch my face. :)) It's frustrating! I'm really boyish and I'm an ice hockey player...short haircut is definitely my thing...but should I dare cutting my hair? What if it doesn't look right? What if I'll regret and wish to have long hair again? It'll take another 3 years to grow it. :)) Damn, hard decision! :))

Victoria 5 years ago

I just finished my freshman highschool year with cutting my hair into a pixie cut the last two weeks of school

its so amazing! :D ive had my hair long my entire life up untill now and im so happy i got it cut short :]

i dont think that just anyone can pull of this haircut but a lot of people say that i rock it so haha i guess im one that can

to all those women out there who are scared to cut their hair short but really want to id say go for it! :D having short hair just feels absolutely amazing ^__^

and its really easy to style c:

it dries fast and feeling the wind blow through it is a feeling like no other :)

short hair is kick ass, i definitely support this

Jay 5 years ago

Andy, thanks for proving that there are some guys out there that like girls with short, funky hair! I've always liked short and funky--it fits my personality, though I'm not short haha!--and I've gone off of the style of my favourite singer, Adam Lambert. I've never gotten so many complements or looks from people in my life! =D I'm never letting my hair get long again!

Brent 5 years ago

I agree with most comments here in support of a short fresh different youthful look. As a straight man, I find the exotic look of a cropped or bobbed haircut to be amazingly feminine, exposing long graceful nape, cute delicate ears -sure less girly BUT more womanly

Jennifer 5 years ago

My hair is so long and thick that it is SO hard to keep looking good, espicially in the hothotHOT summer months. My husband had never wanted me to cut my hair, said I looked better with it long. I disagreed but kept this hot mess to make him happy. Now that we are separated, I feel like finally getting rid of the heavy hastle on top of my head will be the most liberating feeling ever!

Fiona 5 years ago

I have not cut my hair since my mum stopped deciding if it should be short or long. That would have been when I was maybe 6? now I am 15 and I am getting my hair cut in 2 days! I am sooo exited. I'm going for really short.. kinda like the Keira knightley pic.. Anyways, my mum and sisters and all my friends are telling me not to but I hate lookin so girly!! And reading all the coments, I could really relate to other peoples stories!! But I feel more confidant and comfortable when I am acting myself, like a tomboy and not when I'm wearing pink an my hair is in a braid!!

jena 5 years ago

i wish i was as pretty as those girls :(

Kami 5 years ago

at age 8 i learned how easy n cool short hair is, i have since alternated between long hair and short hair. I let it grow for 2 years donated it. My goal was to do the same again, now its been 3 years- now at age 28- I can't stop keeping short n funky hair cuts. Short hair is super easy n lots of FUN!

Brennalynn 5 years ago

what do you do with Long hair ? You pull it up.. Pony tail it ... Pin it up .. Short hair is sassy... Classy.... For the person who said it's gay ... You don't know class!

Kmburl64 5 years ago

I absolutely love short, funky hair! I just chopped mine about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I love being on the cutting edge and experimenting with colors and cuts. I feel edgy, sassy, and modern (plus it's a thrill looking like a different woman). I'm a straight woman and wish that the gay stereotype of having short hair didn't exist. I have plenty of gay women friends who have long hair-so hair length shouldn't define a person's sexuality. I find especially where I live that stereotype seems to be the case. Regardless, I try as hard as I can to live my life to the fullest even when it comes to my hair. This is the only time we have, so go for it!!

Susan 4 years ago

Trying to persuade my teenage daughter to go for a pixie type cut her hair is mid length but is mega thick and really messy looking all the time think a short cut would be good cos she could style and colour easily instead of struggling to try and straighten x

Jay 4 years ago

Short hair on women Is very sexy I know a lot of guys my self included wont admit it because of embarrassment but a lot more of us like then then will admit! I had a night of drinking when honesty came out about the subject and was shocked that half my guy friends admitted they thought it was sexy too but they would never tell there wife or or gf and rather just act like they hate it when they talk about it cause they are afraid of liking it.. its weird really cause with us its more how we were brought up, guys have short and girls have long.. thats all it really is. A LOT of us like it but get too embarrassed to admit it and are afraid to approce women who do have it cause of the other stereotypes type that they must be lesbians or are so hot and such we think we have no chance. Like I said how we were brought up with these stereotypes greatly effects weather we will admit it or not its a guy thing.. but if you fancy some one go for him.. its actually very nice feeling to know I have some one unique and different too now that I let my wife cut her hair as she wanted to for years. Its exhilarating really. One last thing is also there is a hidden fear that girls who do get short hair wont dress up, but really short hair and a skirt and open toe hells is very sexy lol.

Greay 4 years ago

Yes short hair is so sexy on girls. Us straight men just hate to admit it cause of what are dad and moms told us. As more time goes on I just said screw it! I love it and been looking for a women who has short hair but dont dress like a guy and having a hard time finding one. I really should have asked the one I knew out she so had a crush on me I know it.

Nic 4 years ago

I'm from the UK but work a lot both in Europe and the US, and it's always amazed me the difference in attitude towards girls with short hair in the US and Europe.

In the US the belief that girl's with short hair are gay isn't as prevalent as you are made to believe on the internet, but it is still there and I've heard lots of derogatory comments.

In the UK and Europe young, trendy, pretty, confident tend to go for short hair, and by and large are seen as young, trendy and confident and NOT gay.

Short hair rocks with the right face, and as a general rule if you've got a great face show it off with short hair, if your face isn't great or you have feature you want to hide, grow your hair and let that deflect attention.

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