Short Hair Styles 2012

Short hair is easy to care and there are many cuts and styles to choose from. The Pixie cut is one of my favorites because it adds height to my rounds face. With this cut the hair on the sides is short and can even be spiked and the hair on top is longer adding so length.

The next cut for short hair is what is called the crown of Texas. This cut is one where you have two or three rollers rolled forward with the rest of the top rolled back to the nape of the neck. The side are rolled down. This is an old style which many use to call the “little old lady hair.”

I resent years I have noticed that this is not the case. This basic cut and style has taken on a new look and many women in there 20’s have taken a liking to this style. With the new perms available it is much easier to take care of and even with curling irons with there many forms and varieties make short curly hair simple to care for. No need to sleep in rollers all night.

No matter what cut or style you choose the trick to short hair is to get a cut that works best for your face shape and lifestyle. If you get a cut that you have to curl everyday and you don’t have the time or want to curl your hair you will hate the cut. If you get a cut that makes your wife face look extra wide you will hate you hair even more.

To save your self from this common mistake talk to your stylist about what kind of style you are thinking about and find out what kind of care it takes to keep your hair looking great everyday.

Also find out what cuts will flatter your face the best and bring out your natural beauty. I can tell you from personal experience that just because that gorgeous cut in the magazine looks great on the model doesn’t mean that It will look that wonderful on me personally.

A round face needs height where a heart shape face needs a style that doesn’t make your face look wider and your chin look smaller. Also keep in mind any cowlicks or widow’s peaks you may have. These are best to work with, instead of against, these in the long run.

If you have a widow’s peak and want to hide it avoid hair styles with no bangs and parts in the middle that show case the feature. This will only bisect your face even more. On the other hand if you love having a widow’s peak than the opposite is true.

Now for cowlicks, or patterns in your hair growth that grows in a weird or odd pattern, depending on where it is and if you like it will depend on what style of cut you will want to avoid or get. With these tips in mind, you should be able to find a great new look with your short hair.


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