Shower At Night Vs Shower In The Morning

To Shower Now, Or To Shower Later? - That Is The Question...

Is it better to shower at night or in the morning? Personally, I do both, but which is the best way to go? Let's have a look see...

Showering In The Morning

Alright, we wake up half asleep, grumpy, still tired... coffee doesn't seem to be working, so we jump in the shower and ta da! Problem solved. But when you think about it, you were gonna wake up eventually anyway and now you're all clean, ready for the day ahead, only to get smell an hour after your shower! Is showering in the morning really worth the effort? You may be surprised to hear this but shower doesn't actually wake you up, it will actually relax your body and prepare it for sleep. I use to shower in the mornings when I was still at school but that has all changed now. I do still shower in the mornings on occasion, especially if I am due to go to work soon after - don't wanna smell, do we?

Showering At Night

Well, I try to shower at night now-a-days. I do this because I know I'm not going to get all hot and sweaty (well, on my average night - lol) until the next day at work so there is no real risk there. This means I will remain clean until work the next day and I won't have to get up earlier in the morning to make sure I'm showered and ready to go. I prefer it that way, but I'm not what you would call a 'morning person' so go figure. And, as I said before, a shower doesn't wake you up, it will just relax your body and prepare you for sleep. This is a good thing for insomnia sufferers.

The Verdict

Anyway, I think that depending on what you are doing, what day of the week is it and what the weather is like will determine the best time to have a shower. Maybe you don't shower in the morning or at night (but I do hope you shower in the afternoon instead). No real point in worrying about when you shower so to speak. Everybody has their own preference, we are all individuals.

But in my opinion, showering at night is the best way to go. So next time you are deciding whether to have a shower at night or in the morning, think, "Do I really wanna waste my time in the morning having a shower when I'm only gonna get all smelly an hour later?"

Please don't hesitate to share your opinions! :-)

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C.S.Alexis profile image

C.S.Alexis 8 years ago from NW Indiana

I agree with you. The nigt time is the right time, at least for me!

Giselle 8 years ago

im sorry but no.. showering in the morning is better... you lose thousands of skin cells at night and you don't wear deoderant to bed so you sweat during the night especially in summer and in the morning you wake up all grose... if you shower in the morning you clean yourself of sweat and dead skin cells and are cleaner for longer throughout the day... i don't care if im not clean at night because im sleeping and then i don't have to change my sheets everyday and wash my pajamas everyday... i personally shower in the morning because i like to be clean and smell nice... i would feel grose if i had a shower at night and not in the morning.. i also like to be clean when im putting on clean clothes in the morning

Moon Daisy profile image

Moon Daisy 8 years ago from London

Interesting debate!  I'm kind of with Giselle on this one, (and I hadn't even considered the dead skin cells and night sweat!)

I feel a bit unclean and grimey if I get up and go through the day without having showered that morning.  And I do find that showering helps to wake me up (as well as my cup of tea - but not at the same time of course!)

It also warms me up. I'm often cold (which is part and parcel of living in the UK!), but when I am it's really difficult to get moving; so a shower thaws me out nicely and helps me to get on with my day.

Danya 8 years ago

I actually agree with you , showering in the night is SOOO much better: why?

Because , really , what`s the point of showering in the morning if you are going to get dirty and disgusting afterwards anyways ? AND you have to go to sleep taking with you all of that day`s sweat and dirt in your skin - that`s that causes pimples , not cleaning the dirt and sweat from your skin so that when you go to sleep , your skin can 'breath' and the dirt doesn`t like go into the pores on your skin .

Besides , if you are getting sweaty at night , then use LESS blankets or turn up the AC in your house ! And yes , you do loose thousands of (dead) skin cells at night , but you loose a lot in the morning too - everytime you touch your skin , when you scratch it , when your clothes rub against it .

If you can`t sleep with your hair wet , then shower right after you get home ! Or a few hours before you go to bed or even blow dry your hair . Blow drying your hair is actually good for your hair - especially in the summer: it holds in moisture , it makes your hair shine if you apply constant heat in the same direction - it smoothens hair cuticles .

And yes , I shower at night .

Sam 8 years ago

My wife and me, shower at night So we go to bed, vey clean and relaxed. For health reasons, I really don't know wich one is better, but for us Night is the best

kate 7 years ago

I have to take a shower at night if i want my hair to be voluminous. When I wash my hair in the morning, they look kind of dead. They're not voluminous AND the texture of it is so off. But the thing I hate about showering at night is that if you have curly hair, you'll end up having laskerdgleakgnelarkgn-kind-of-hairstyle in the morning that you HAVE TO do something with it.

kelly 7 years ago

both isbest

lolla 7 years ago

i like at night its best. I get tired after I take a shower n sleepy.

alice 7 years ago

i never know what to do with my dried out, curly, and shortish hair in the morning !!!!!!! ah hellppp!

Haha my name you shall not have. 7 years ago

I shower in the evening. What's the point of showering in the morning, other than to smell nice for others? Get some deodorant, people!When you shower in the morning and go out, you're immediately dirty again! Think about the amount of germs that are outside in comparison to your BED! You go to bed dirty when you shower in the morning, rolling around in germs! It's purely vanity.Showering in the evening cleanses you of all those horrible outdoor germs so you go to bed CLEAN, don't have to change your sheets as often or wash your night clothes as often. Yes you may sweat and shed "dead skin cells", but you do this throughout the day and they're in your CLOTHES all day anyway. Just not logical showering the morning, not logical at all.

David Bergeron 7 years ago

I like a hot shower in the morning...I find it wakes me up and I feel refreshed. I'm going to add a 30 exercise routine just before my shower so a morning shower is essential. If I have a long, hard day of work then I change out of my work cloths and have a quick shower.

Shan 7 years ago

i like night showers, i love going to bed after a hot shower and feeling all clean and fresh =)

night showers clean away all the dirt and sweat from the day, when you're actually doing the most activity, and i defnitely feel more dirty after being out for a day than after i wake up. morning showers sometimes, maybe in summer or if my hair is greasy

Lyviebel 7 years ago

I think that showering in the morning is better because people who shower at night get lung dieseases and you feel refreshed in the morning unlike people who shower at night. I can't stand that people who shower at night don't rinse themselves in the morning Disgusting!!:(

amber 7 years ago

This is ridiculous. Ok so you're going to get up, exercise, and go througout your day smelly? Assumming you exercise, which everybody should.

If you take a shower in the morning, it's refreshing you for the day ahead, so you're not walking around stinky.

Putting deoderant on your armpits after they've been sweating all night is NOT a good idea..eww.

You feel grimmy. When you wake up you feel nasty, regaurdless if you've taken a shower the night before or not.

Ok, so say for example, what if unexpectedly, your boyfriend say hey lets hang out after you get off work, so you guys go out till all hours of the night, but your boyfriend wants mess around...and what, you didn't take a shower that your going to mess around with your guy after not taking a shower? I don't think so.

The only thing you could do is rush home after work, take a shower REAPPLY your make up and do your hair all over again. haha that's just stupid.

Taking a shower ensures you'll be clean for that day, even when unexpected things come up!

Geez if you REALLY need to take a shower at night, take one in the morning and take a 5 min rinse shower at night.

CleanSleeper 7 years ago

@Amber: Do you sweat so much during the night that you actually feel nasty and dirty when you wake up? I guess in that case you should take a shower.

Marian 7 years ago

Shower at night, it's the best. Just make sure your bedclothes are changed every 2 - 3 weeks and you wear clean PJ's and you won't wake up smelly.... it's a extra 10 mins in bed!! :-)

Jen 7 years ago

I prefer showering at night. I'm a teen, so I'm naturally more awake a night, and less likely to wake up early enough to shower in the mornings. I like to let my long hair air dry against my pillow, and it takes a long time to blow dry it anyways. Plus, my hair is so frizzy that no matter when I take a shower, it has to be bone dry in time for me to flat iron or curl it. That means that I have to be up almost an hour early to do what I could easily do in my free time the night before. I don't think showering in the morning is wrong, it's just really inconvenient for me. :/

Jen 7 years ago

I prefer showering at night. I'm a teen, so I'm naturally more awake a night, and less likely to wake up early enough to shower in the mornings. I like to let my long hair air dry against my pillow, and it takes a long time to blow dry it anyways. Plus, my hair is so frizzy that no matter when I take a shower, it has to be bone dry in time for me to flat iron or curl it. That means that I have to be up almost an hour early to do what I could easily do in my free time the night before. I don't think showering in the morning is wrong, it's just really inconvenient for me. :/

Amber 7 years ago

@ cleansleeper, no, I EXERCISE IN THE MORNING. I refuse to get sweaty from working out and just putting my clothes on!! That's sick. You have to start your day off being clean.. you will get made fun of walking around with built up armpit juice and a smelly butt..sorry but it's the facts.

showerwhendirty 7 years ago

Amber: Its good that u exercise in the morning. in that case u shld definitely take a shower. bt wht abt those dudes who don't work out in the mornings? i work out only in the evening. so a night shower works best for me. simply put, take a shower whn u'r sweating the most. if it's in the morning, do it then. if not, at night! it's that simple!!!

sara 7 years ago

i don't possibly see how any would sweat during the night? o.o

maybe its me because i shower at night and my hair is wet but i'm never sweaty. I'll shower in the mornings on occasions but i prefer showring at night. I don't want to sleep in my filth. that's just disgusting.

sara 7 years ago

and i don't see how people say that waking up after showering at night is disgusting? no its not! the only thing i feel disgusting about in the morning is i HAVE to brush my teeth or else i feel gross, but showering and night is not gross! going to bed with germs is!

maybe its just based on how we were raised as a kid, even though i'm still 13. i've always taken a shower at night and that's why i'm so fond of it. if i shower in the morning i feel my shedule is off and unorganized.

HelloHawthornef 7 years ago

Morning. Because it gets rid of the dead skin cells, also if you're worried about showering in the morning and sleeping in the days worth of sweat/dirt producing blemishes then you should either buy some cleansers or shower twice a day...seriously it's not that hard to think of. Also it's better for the hair if you shower in the morning, it causes less frizz and the material on your pillow can't damage it.

Bridget 7 years ago

I prefer showering at night. I like taking long showers, and I don't want to get up early in the morning. I have REALLY thick hair too, so I just don't have time to blow dry it every morning.

The only problem I have with showering at night is, if I don't dry my hair well, it's all weird-feeling in the morning.

The Bible profile image

The Bible 7 years ago from Ogden, UT

A Night At Sahara West Vegas (Almost) Gets What It Paid For

Alex 7 years ago

I don't see the point of waking up early to take a shower. Sure, I won't smell fresh and flowery, but I don't stink if I take one at night. I just use deodorant as soon as I get out the shower the night before, then reapply the following morning. (a touch of body spray helps too ^_^)

I normally wake up about ten minutes before I leave for school.. (Yes, I'm a teenager ^-^") I don't wanna mess up my schedule for a shower.

And really. Sleeping in your own sweat and grime? Ew. That's repulsive >.>

But I must say, I do shower in the morning when it's hot. My house has very little insulation, and it's bleh.

... Why am looking so far into this!?

Kim 7 years ago

Eh, this discussion is pretty old, but still I shall add my two cents!

I really do not think it makes that big of a difference of whether you shower in the morning or night, it all depends on your schedule, really.

As most teenagers probably would chose, I shower mostly during the afternoon/night because getting up that little bit earlier in the morning sucks. :D I've just finished school, though, so I'm not sure how my showering schedule will be. I generally just shower whenever I feel I need to. Also, I generally take a long while in the shower, and come from a family of 8 so showering at night is a better option for me as if I end up using all our hot water, it doesn't do any damage because it is reheated over night ^_^

Also I do not exercise at all, really (Unless you count running around and cooking and cleaning for my family, seeing as both my parents work and I am the oldest). So the only time I get all hot and sweaty is the occasional bad night sleep or when I'm sick of which I do shower in the mornings.

Again, this just gets down to whatever you do with your life!

Taryn 7 years ago

This is a JOKE!!! For those of you saying showering at night is disgusting - take a look (and smell) at yourselves. You are sleeping in your own filth every night. How often do you change your sheets??? you may as well wear the same undies every day of the week (without washing them). For those of you who sweat profusely during the night, I can't imagine that you DON'T sweat during the day when you're actually doing something active. you'd sweat more a shite load more durin the day than at night and then you sleep in it??? Sweat and grime from work, public toilets, shopping malls, food, feacal matter and urine... and you sleep in it...

Now I have nothing against morning showers. I like the odd morning shower, especially if it has been a hot night and I feel a little sweaty. However, the feeling of waking up smelling and feeling like I've just stepped out of greasy onion poo bath just isn't for me. night showers are for clean people. morning showers are for the insecure.

simonlee886 7 years ago

shower both at night and in the morning....

problem solved :)

simonlee886 7 years ago

shower both at night and in the morning....

problem solved :)

Some dude 7 years ago

Then it's a waste of water. lol.

Ghussan 7 years ago

Can't prove this sorry, but I read somewhere that showering in the morning is a health hazard.

please shower 7 years ago

both is good... but the truth is... you don't have to visibly see sweat to say im sweating. As long as you drink water, you will sweat when you are asleep, your body reacts to any warmth it feels. Then more importantly, when you sleeps certain hormones associated with rest and growth are released, you need to remember your body does wrok when you are sleeping. So your pours secreet some odour, and naturally, i would have thought one would want to wash it of.So imagine the state of your armpits in the morning, let alone other areas we really don't want to talk about...As such, it is vital you shower in the morning. At night is good, but not vital. As a last note, ever wondered why in hospital, health professionals get their patients washed in the morning? Think about that and if you honest with yourself, you will shower in the morning, then at night too if it bothers you that much.

Clean Man 7 years ago

Showing at night is simply better. because your bedding stays cleaner and fresher. Plus, if you are in a relationship, how intimate would you want to get with someone who has been working all day, using public restrooms, and doing whatever else and then they hoop in the bed and says lets get it on. Yuk! Lets get in the shower!

The Ramon 7 years ago

Okay, you guys are sating: "What's the point of showering in the morning if you're going to get dirty after?" That is true, but when you shower at night, you still will be dirty afterward, and get more bacteria whilst sleeping even if you don't think that. So, in my opinion, showering in the morning would work well if you want more cleanliness.

XxSweetiePiexX 7 years ago

I have personally had a tough time deciding which shower (morning or night) is better. But I have to say that showering at night is way more convenient. You produce so many germs and sweat and bacteria during the day that it's REVOTLING!!! Agreeing with Taryn, you go to school, the mall, public restrooms, urinate and excrete, and eat. Then you are going to decide to take those germs to bed with you. How DISGUSTING!!! I believe you produce more germs in a day than just sleeping for about 8 hours. In the morning just brush your teeth, use deoderant, and maybe body spray. You're not going to smell like a COW if you don't take a shower in the morning. It used to bother me too so I took a shower in the night and a quich rinse in the morning. It's much more fresh and you will sleep more soundly. HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF, GOING TO BED WITH A MILLION GERMS, ESPECIALLY FROM PUBLIC PLACES. THAT'S JUST TOO DISGUSTING!

Michael 7 years ago

Night time is for what? sleep, have good rest you body and mind. if I am tired I go to bed right the way. The bed is for have good rest. if you still have energy and want to do something hahaha,, then take a shower, you know...... but the main purpose of bed is for sleeping.

morning shower is better 7 years ago

Hi, shower very wake you up, I want to sleep at night time after very hard day's work, I don't want to wake up again. so for those people who work all day and fell tired, morning shower make more sense.

7 years ago

Giselle you would feel gros living with the MINIMAL sweat you have from sleeping yet lie in your own filth from an entire day of sweating and whatever else got on you? You should change your sheets more often if you shower in the morning because you are going to sleep dirty every day. And I believe not rolling around in all of the sweat (and whatever else I encountered) from my remaining 16 hours of my day not spent sleeping is a lot less gross than 8 hours of clean sleeping.

Night 7 years ago

I usually shower at night of course! During the day you get in contact with a lot of other germs and filth such as on doorknobs, handles, people coughing or sneezing in the air, dust/air pollution (outside and in from air conditioning) and you're going to take all of that with you when you sleep in your bed for hours... Besides you sweat more in the day..can you say that you don't sweat with the sun out and you're walking around? Or if it's not sunny and it's cold, you're still walking around more. At night, the only thing you do is sweat a little when you turn on your side or something.

omqq 7 years ago

morninqqs. everytime i shwr at niqht i wake up all nasty so i rather jst take a shwr in the morninqq. i miqht nt qo lookinq beautifull to school but atleast i smell fresh && clean. && if i do wanna look qreat then ill jst qet uhp earlier. its nt tht badd!(:


whyy is everyone arquinqq over this? everyone's diff ppls.

Night  7 years ago

Common sense will tell you that showering ( or bathing ) at night is better. Why? Think about it. Most people will say that they feel more refreshed, and sleep better after they take a hot shower or bath. I know i do...Also, your sheets will stay cleaner longer....who wants to sleep in filthy sheets? Some of you may say that your body builds bacteria during the night...that may be true, but it doesn't compare to all of the sweat, germs and bacteria that we come in contact with during the day...People have been bathing at night for centuries, and they seemed to be quite fine that way..back in the day "morning showers" were unheard of.

Of course it all boils down to personal preference..if you are one of those people who need a cold ( or warm) shower to wake you up in the morning that's fine! But if you are going to make an argument about which is "better for you" night wins, hands down.

haha 7 years ago

in my opinion, it depends on where you live.

if you live in a hot and humid place, it's much better for

you to take a shower at night, in order to get rid of the sweat and smell through the day(you don't want to make your bed smell like shit). though you'd better make sure you're dry before going to bed.

on the other hand, if you're living in a dry and cold place, it's better for you to take a shower in the morning, since it's not necessary for you to take a shower before bed.

Sabrinna 7 years ago

I shower in the morning because I, personally, feel gross and grimey when I wake up. My skin gets oily easily and I sweat a little in my sleep, so it's mainly personal preference for me. I just like the feeling of being fresh and clean when I go to school. And I've avoided acne my entire life with this routine. It's pretty awesome.

Levi 7 years ago

I am starting to take showers at night for acne purposes and I feel more relaxed after a shower so I can fall asleep calmly, and in the morning so I feel refreshed before I go to school

Algebraic! 7 years ago

personally, i love taking showers at night.

i can take as long as i want and i'd be going to sleep feeling clean and refreshed.

one of the reasons i don't take showers in the morning is because my family takes them at that time and id be even more late to school if i took mine in the morning as well.

i like the smell of being clean after a shower though, so i think im going to start trying to take a shower in the morning but not wet my hair.

haha i like this debate-ish thing, i've been debating this in my head these past few days too.

Ryan 7 years ago

Hey I'm a teen and I currently shower at night, but I'm going to start showering in the morning. A WARM shower relaxes your body for sleep. When I meditate in cold water all my senses seem to increase tenfold and I feel awake and ready to go.

cindy 7 years ago

I shower at night, and when I know I will be doing something next day I will wake up 5 mins earlier and wash my body not my hair cuz its long and take forever to blow dry.

Michael 6 years ago

I think that showering at night is better. You should be able to feel clean while going to sleep. I asked people why they shower in the morning and they said stuff like " No one used the warm water yet" or "it's better cause you get cleaner". But me personally, don't sweat or stink while sleeping so I don't really have to shower in the morning. And for the people who shower at the morning and at night, I just think that's a waste of water...

Hmm... 6 years ago

Okay, so this debate thing is interesting. Well, personally. I love both times. But as of now, I have a hectic schedule, and I shower at night. Considering the fact that every school day starts at 8 for me, and my school is EXACTLY 10 minutes away by car from my house, I always have to be IN the car by 7:30 so I can get to school, go to my locker, talk to friends, go to the 3rd floor and into my first hour. I shower every night, because it really relaxes my body, and when I wake up in the morning, my hair is super soft, and managable. And since I straighten my hair, its already dry and takes no time at all to get ready in the morning. It gets me all warm and cozy for bed, and I just take my hair and lift it up so that my neck rests on the pillow and not on my soaking wet hair. Since, I'm extremely obsessed with being clean and smelling amazing, I somehow luckily am just clean in the morning and my body still smells like the body soap I used that night. My air conditioner is on every night and prevents me from sweating. Every morning is awesome, and I'm always getting compliments on how great I smell, and how soft my hair is. :)

Voltyre 6 years ago

Showering at night definitely.

I for one, have very minimal body odor and sweat secretion, but I still take a shower every NIGHT. Showering in the morning is a bit too hectic for me, especially with going to school and all. My dreary time is between 6:10 to 7:30 am, and with a nice warm shower, I'll probably be asleep by the time I get to 1st hour. And @Lyviebel, LUNG DISEASE? What the heck that's the stupidest thing I've heard all year. Lung diseases from showering at night. Hmm.

Before nighttime, you can get all sorts of grimy and nasty substances (and organisms of course) throughout the day, and you want to sleep with all that? Gosh, I never want to see any morning-showering people's beds. In addition, if you can get really nasty and sweaty at night, you must have some really weird problem.

Showering and teeth brushing at night, face wash, teeth brushing, and hand washing in the morning. However, people consider it weird to tell others that they smell great. o_o

6 years ago

I think a lot of people who are calling those who shower in the morning disgusting, are really just lazy. Look through the comments, the number one reason cited for wanting to take a shower at night is so you don't have to get up early in the morning.

(That's not a good enough reason -- seriously? Just to bed ten minutes earlier and you can still sleep for the same amount of time.)

The fact is, your house probably has just as many germs as shock!gasp! "public places." Even when you clean regularly. There are two times when I take a shower. In the morning AND after working out. Whenever that may be -- if it's at night or the afternoon, or whenever. If I happen to work out in the morning (rare) I shower only after working out.

While I will go to bed without showering beforehand, I will not go to work or out in public after a night's sleep without showering.

6 years ago

Also, it depends on what you do for a living. If work outside in the hot sun all day or build houses or clean out horse stalls or something -- obviously those people are probably going to want to shower immediately after work. But even if I didn't have a desk job, I'd still also shower in the morning as well as after work.

Keiran  6 years ago

I have to take one at both times as i work at diggerland were its muddy all the time

Lucy. 6 years ago

well, everyone in my family & me all like to have a shower in the evening because we've all come back from either work or school and to come home have our dinner and then have a loong warm shower and then sleeping feels a lot better, but i can't say i wont and i don't shower in the morning, because there are my lazy days when i cbb to shower in the evenings so i'll shower in the mornings.

to comment back on some people when they talked about doing exercise in the morning, that's different because if you do exercise then it is recommended to shower because you will stink, but it depends on the person. but personally i find showering in the evening a lot nicer than the mornings

Michelle 6 years ago

Well for me.. i do which ever one i feel like doing. Before i go to bed if i feel like taking a shower i do so. If not then i take one in the morning.

Problem Solved.

esmy 6 years ago

Funny! How I suddenly went online to check out this site! Cause I was just wondering if taking a shower at night is bad for my health? I guess not... I love taking a shower at night! It makes me feel nice & clean. I love when my bed doesn't smell like sweat or anything else! Just clean... I always,always shower at night so I can sleep more before I go to work... save time in the morning. I do this every night for the pass 4 1/2 years...

David 6 years ago

I prefer morning, my girlfriend prefers night. Personal preference.

brandon 6 years ago

think about it, showering at night before bed washes off all the days dirt and keeps your bed clean. if you shower in the morning, you work all day and get dirty then crawl in your bed and baste in filth till you wash the next morning. another benefit is not having to wait to shower in the morning if you live with other people. there's more time and hot water in the evenings.

Ayden 6 years ago

I am definitely not a morning person, and since I just meet the time limit to get ready in the morning for school, I take a shower at night. However, when I blowdry and fix up my hair at night it looks great, but in the morning it looks terrible! After I blowdry it has height and volume and is shiny, but in the morning it gets flat and frizzy. Any tips for this?

Just an opinion! 6 years ago

I am a teen and i personally prefer to shower in the morning! I am not a morning person but i find it actually helps when i can look forward to a warm shower to wake me up! If you're gunna argue the whole going to bed dirty thing.. i suppose that's true but if you take a shower at night you will be waking up dirty from all those dead skin cells and sweat and the oils from your face! I find when i take a shower at night i wake up in the morning with really flat hair, bangs are a mess (that no straightener can fix) and my hair almost looks greasy.. it all just makes me feel gross! Besides if imma take a shower at night the water is gunna be cold do to having a big family and the dishwasher running and such!

So here's my routine.. before i got to bed i brush my teeth, take off my make-up, put up my side bangs (to prevent acne from the oils in my hair) and tuck into bed. Then in the morning struggle out of bed, bush teeth again, shower, hop out, put on clothes and make-up, do the hair and ta-da im ready for the day feeling ready and awake! =)

I guess it all depends on you and your life though!

Person 6 years ago

After reading this I would think it is much smarter to shower at night. Considering you have been out all day and if you are out all day your accumulating germs and dirt to your body and then you go to bed with all that collected filth and THAT is nasty for those saying sweating at night is a reason to take a shower in the morning use deodorant a little at night and then more in the morning. Also on cold days when you shower in the morning your putting yourself more at risk by leaving the house because a lot of people go places with wet hair and to the girl who said something about being sweaty after work if you plan on messing around later on in the day you should take a shower regardless.

eric 6 years ago

why would you smell an hour later? i'm a guy and I smell good for at least 10 hours.

maaaah 6 years ago

i personally have no time at night because i have soooo much homework. showering in the morning is so much better for me because all i have to do is shower & leave.

Tangina 6 years ago

Sorry I'm late into the game, but I have to say I'm a shower-at-night person. I CANNOT sleep or relax when i'm dirty/sweaty from the day's work. Yes, you do feel icky when waking up, but nothing a good facewashing can't solve. Then clean your sweat-prone areas with some astringent or rubbing alcohol. Of course you're not 100% so fresh and so clean, but why go through the effort when you're about to get dirty anyway?

caroline 6 years ago

i take one long, very good shower a day and one quicker one. i take the better one at night as i am not a morning person and would not do a good job of it if i did it then. also i have to take three showers sometimes, at least two as i am going through menopause and sweat profusely all the time especially at night. i am soaked in the mornings.

Shadow 6 years ago

I personally take a shower after sex.

Mimi 6 years ago

You people who think taking showers in the morning is better because you are sweaty in the morning, GET A BRAIN! THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED PUTTING ON DEODORANT BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP!

maryloveswalrus 6 years ago

Well i take one everynight, but i don't wash my hair everynight because it causes damage. Blowdrying your hair is not good if you want your hair to grow

don't brush it either,

Lily 6 years ago not reading all these comments to see your points but...i believe it depends on ur hair and body type and style. If you have full+thick+curly hair you are probably gonna want to shower in the morning for curls and at night if ur gonna want to have it pin straight from an iron. But if you blow dry it for that full professional sorta straight then in the morning so u can blow dry it out. Like u said washing ur hair and blowdrying it is damaging though. I shower in the the morning usually so i can make my curls tame. But i shower at night when i want to straighten it. kthanksbye

Anatolie 6 years ago

Hi,everybody whos reading this shower in the morning it's absolutlei necessary. Why because when you shower in the morning you wash all the eggs that intestinal jerms left on you over night Night showers are all right but you don't need too, oo I forgot you can wash your mouth at night time because your mouth was active 12 hours or less? and when you go to sleep it's inactive so all microbes and other things act at night time. I think Icould write a book of how to keep your hygiene, and body healthy.

Barbie 6 years ago

I cant believe you morning showering people think its just fine to be filthy after working and using the toilet all day to just jump into bed. I wouldn't touch you, let alone have sex with you. Consider what some people do for a living. I wouldn't think of jumping into my 1200 thread count luxury sheets without showering. Yuck.

Whocares 6 years ago

I like to body shower at night, and then i'll wash my hair every other day in my sink in the morning, mostly because i cant stand going to bed with wet hair and waking up to a big puff ball. but anyways i think this topic has gotten blown out of proportion.. who gives a shit.. shower at night and put some deodorant on.. wash your face in the morning, if you PERSONALLY sweat that much that you stink all day then perhaps you should be seeing a doctor not worrying about what time of day to shower

bernie 6 years ago

I often wake up at night with my head and body rediculously sweaty so I shower in the mornings, definitely gunna start showering at night aswel now after reading this though because I'm even sweatier during the day no matter how much deodrant is used

JM 6 years ago

I shower at morning when i wake up..

I shower again before going to somewhere..

at noon when it becomes so hot..

and i also shower at night to feel relax and comfortable at sleep. its bcoz i live in a tropical country.. it's really hot in here.. xD

NavVet 6 years ago

I found this discussion while trying to find out if i have a disorder. I shower in the morning and at night, and sometimes the afternoon, depending on my activity. I feel as though you should clean your body of sweat and dirt, just the filth of being in public before you enter your bed. Also a hot shower to start the day feels amazing. If i could only take one shower a day it would definitely be night.

alex 6 years ago

here's the thing: for all you pro-mornings, the heat from the shower causes you to sweat right after anyway, plus the morning rush, and looks who's all sweaty now?

i'm a nighter, no i space out my sweating.

annoyingly, my dear father wants me to shower in the mornings as i used to before school, but its terribly inconvenient. nobody's exactly asking him to snort down my scent at the end of the day, not that there is any unpleasant odour hanging around me - there is a reason for that cologne stuff we have nowadays.

i'm not saying that it's better to shower at night, im just defending it, because, really, it's just a goddamn matter of preference.

tahlia  6 years ago

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Tania 6 years ago

I think showering in the morning is much nicer. It makes u feel fresh and clean and ready to start a new day. And I agree with whoever said they prefer to be completely clean when putting on clean clothes. Some people sweat at night, even when wearing deodorant... I live in a really hot area and find waking up and having a shower makes u feel much less sweaty. I also brush my teeth whilst showering so i feel much cleaner after doing everything in there in the morning. I don't think people get that dirty during the day anyway, we all wear clothes to mop up extra stink and sweat and skin cells whereas in bed you're not just sleeping, you're also sweating, drooling, farting.. etc. Some people don't even wear clothes to bed so they are sweating, farting and drooling directly on their supposed clean sheets. You certainly don't wake up clean. When you go to bed at night without showering, sure, you might be a bit sweaty from the day, but you're not going to bed "dirty" unless you wear your clothes from that day to bed. And for those who like clean sheets - after 1 night they are dirty anyway. As long as you change your clothes regularly, practice good hygiene (i.e. brush teeth, brush hair, wear deodorant, wipe your bum properly, etc.) and change your sheets regularly you shouldn't ever be that dirty in bed regardless of whether you go to sleep freshly showered or not.

Megen 6 years ago

Im a person that's very particular about my bed. I hate it when people go on it and I hate it when people eat over it. So it's obvious that I would like showering at night. For one, my hair is really frizzy when jut wet, so sleeping in it will flatten it out. Plus, who wants to sleep on a day's filth?

BUT, I've started a habbit of jogging in the morning, so I have no choice but to switch my shower time to a.m. But since it'll irritate me so much, I pin up my hair and wash my body and my face. I also try sleeping facing up, so not to mix all the griminess :(

Sam 6 years ago

I agree. I like showering at night, it makes me feel clean when I sleep and comfortable. :) I don't mind morning showers, but I like night ones more.

Jonny 6 years ago

I just prefer not showing at all :D

fsfsd 6 years ago

I prefer taking a shower in the morning because you go thoroughout the whole day feelign fresh and clean. I don't like the oily feeling I get by night, but im at home where not a lot of pepople stare at me. So, its no big deal. It does feeel dirty when you go to bed now that i think about it. But i rather have the fresh feeling when i see people for thr first 10 hours of my day then to feelign dirty for 3 hours at home, plus sleep but im not aware of anyting that happends.

HOWEVER, I like talking a shoewr at night because if i want to do my hair for the next day it is much easier cause my hair is already dry and smooth. And, it makes my hair look better for the rest of the day compare to how it would look like if i took a shower in the morning because i don't have time to manage it.

But im going to experiment and see which rountine i should go to. I really think its how you were brought up. If you took showers at night when you were young, you proabbably will continue. Same goes for if you took showers everymorning, more chances you will continue because "it feels better" to you.

solution by belles 6 years ago

I got a solution for all those people who are debating on either taking a shower in the mornings or at night. I personally didn't know which one to go with since if you take a shower in the morning you won't have the right hair conditions to do it for school/work. And if I took a shower at night, like a lot of you I felt horrible when I woke up and going through the rest of the days because I would feel grimey and oily compare to a morning shower because it keeps me fresh for the whole day.

so my SOLUTION, I take a shower at night and the mornings. Except when i take a shower in the morning I wear a hair cap. The reason for this is because at night when i wash my whole body and hair, my hair is ready for the next day. And when i take a shower in the morning with a hair cap on, it keeps it dry soo I don't have too take time blow drying it or going to school without doing anything with my hair.

erik 6 years ago

i shower in the morning because i have sex with my wife in bed every night and all those body fluids are left on me

and her i love them but its kinda sticky and i don't want to walk around with that on me all day

plies 6 years ago

Those who say that you lay in your own filth at night if you shower in the morning don't get it. I could care less what people think while I'm sleeping. Even if I am dirty it's not like I'm not rinsing it all off in the morning. IT's not like you go the whole day laying in bed anyway so even if it is dirty it's like well I'm gonna shower after sleeping so?

KAREN13 6 years ago


bluej09 6 years ago

cold to luke-warm shower, good deodorant, moisturizer and a good protein filled breakfast! All I need to stay awake and smell/look clean.

nightshower 6 years ago

Take a shower at night. When you take a shower in the morning you immediately get dirty when you go to work or someplace, etc. You collect germs and pollutants in your skin and then collect those germs/pollutants in your bed--especially if you work in a school, hospital, etc. If you have an adequate A/C system in your house, you won't sweat while you sleep. Wash your body of all the dirt at night so you don't get sick while sleeping. Showers at night get you relaxed and ready for sleep. IT'S BETTER FOR YOU--PERIOD.

6 years ago

I've been taking a shower at night practically my whole life

Gurinder 6 years ago

Morning is kind of annoying and uncomfortable,and before bed is too Wet also...The best time in my opinion,is right before dinner!Like,after you set up the table and there's still time left before the food is ready.You can take a quick shower and then eat,maybe have some time to play on video games,computer,go outside etc. then go to sleep.Oh,and people that sweat,don't use a blanket.Just use a bed sheet instead...Or use one half of the blanket o-o

Sharin Griffin 6 years ago

Well, this is an old thread but I just had to put in a few words. No matter when you shower, you are still exposed to germs and grime. Doctors recommend daily showering to keep risk of infection and body odor to a minimum. Does it really matter when this shower takes place. NO. Personally I shower at night for the relaxation qualities. The one thing that is for certain, showering too often in hot water dries out your skin. For oilier complexions this may sound wonderful, but trust me its not. Once daily showering, no matter what time of day, is all that is necessary to keep everything in check and make your hygiene practice up to par. Feel lucky we are not living in yesteryear when baths only happened once a week or less often and everyone shared bathwater. Now that is disgusting.

Dick Bleed 6 years ago

Guys,if you're so sweaty in the morning,use a friggen fan or open the window

Katy 6 years ago

I prefer showering in the morning mainly because my hair is very curly and gets really gross and messed up when i shower at night. Also because then i can feel refreshed when i go to school:) hey, just be glad we have water to shower in!:) lol

Before bed 6 years ago

Okay why would you even shower in the morning when you go through the whole day touching stuff working excersizing and sweating and then go to bed with all of those outside germs don't make sense to me at all when i could take a shower before i go to bed and then im still kind of clean throughout the day because im sleeping just laying down not sweating or doing anything

Christina 6 years ago

I hate to break it to the people who are stating that showering at night is a con because you "lose thousands of skin cells at night" - your body is shedding skin literally all day long, whether you are awake or asleep.

If it is summer and you sweat at night, put the fan on or the A/C and solve the problem that way.

You can save yourself tremendous amounts of time in the morning, by showering at night before bed.

Ashlee 6 years ago

i shower at nite becuz you accumulate all kinds of germs during the day at any place you go to and for those who say your you have just as much germs as any public place, i don't know about you but i keep my house clean, not like a public will be just rolling around in your filthall night. and if you really have with your wear a shower cap

Yep 6 years ago

I am a teen, and during this summer i began taking showers at night. I used to take them in the mornings before school, and during the school year i had large amounts of pimples and acne on my back and chest, along with other places. After i started taking a shower at night i noticed my acne beginning to clear up everywhere, therefore, i like showering at night now.

jenny 6 years ago

hahaha this is a reply to Lyviebel from above.

Ok you do NOT get "lung disease" from just taking showers at night.

You only get it if you sleep with your hair wet, soaking wet the whole night. I doubt anyone would do that since then the pillow will get soggy and their hair will be flat against their head in the morning. I prefer night because I hate waking up early in the morning but idk. morning sounds fine too

Urrreffindumn 6 years ago

Shut up! Both are great on different views

Lilly 6 years ago

Ok here's the low down. Both showering at night and in the morning have their strengths and weaknesses. However, an evening shower has the most strengths!

A shower in the morning works for people who are willing to get up earlier. These people will be clean for about the amount of time they took to shower and will go to bed dirty, not to mention what would happen if they didn't make it out of bed on time the next morning. Please don't argue that it's ok to go two days without a shower. That's disgusting.

The people who shower at night, unless they sweat like a horse, are still clean when they wake up. They haven't gone anywhere or done anything! Skin cells shed all day otherwise we wouldn't have dust on our tables, t.v. etc. So let's put that to a rest.

So you begin your day,still clean, assuming no exercise is done in the morning. (Two a days become necessary if so).

Showers before dates, after work, apply the same to both parties. Why? Even though you showered in the morning, you went to work,walked around outside, handled items other people touched and may have even sweated in your car on the way. Refresh!

And for everyone's sake (both parties), if you had a night of sweaty fun then I pray that you took a shower right after. Please go to bed without your legs sticking together!

BTW: I applaud people who take showers at night and get up and take them again in the morning. They're probably the cleanest people you'll ever meet!

Ha nguyen 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing your opinon. I really agree whith you, your idea ia wonderful,

Take shower both moring& after all day that is good, but evening is better and too necessary because you go anywhere, dirty, smell, swear, should take shower.

Imnottelling! 6 years ago

I personally hate to take showers at all. I'm a big person so as soon as I get out of the shower I start to sweat all over. Therefore all the hard work is wasted. I don't like being dirty but showers drain me of energy. So I shower as needed...

jimmy 6 years ago

Showering after your day, before bed, is a MUST! Think of all the dirt, sweat, chemicals, and pollutants you pick up during the day. Yeah, you sweat and drop skin cells whilst sleeping, but do you honestly think that after eight hours of sleep, you're dirtier than sixteen hours of life? Letting all this dirt sit on your body any longer than it has to, is VERY unhygienic. We've all woken late, if you're a morning shower person, you have no time, and must go to work still covered in filth from the day before. If you're a night shower person, you're still pretty clean, you'll just be a bit hungry. And what about being intimate? Morning shower people have to get clean before they get "dirty" just to have to get clean again, or go to sleep all sweaty. Maybe they just go for it all stinky. How gross is that, putting your hands and mouth on a dirty body? My recommendation; shower at night to rid yourself of daily filth, and in the morning, a quick cold one to freshen up before your day. Night shower people have got it right. Morning shower people need to figure it out.

Jay 6 years ago

I do both, it depends how im feeling. But i do prefer night showers, makes me feel relaxed and ready to sleep. Plus morning showers take up time in the morning, I would prefer an extra 20 minutes lieing in bed :)

tom 6 years ago

night time is the right time...don't like to stick to the sheets...go work..get dirty...come home.. get clean...repeat

toryoom 6 years ago

Honestly, people who shower ONLY in the mornings baffle me. You're basically marinating in both your own filth and the foreign grime and germs that got on you throughout the previous day while you sleep at night, and dirtying your sheets faster in the process because of it. ...Talk about feeling unclean and grimy (and at a time when you should be feeling relaxed, not gross and itchy!) The dead skin cells thing sounds like faulty logic. You're losing skin cells and sweating anyway, day or night. It's even worse when all that is mingling with foreign germs and particles from the outside world during the day, only to wallow in it at night rather than washing it off before you go to sleep!

Many people argue that you get all grimy for sweating while you sleep in your bed at night anyway, which is true; but consider: it's less intensively grimy to sweat solitary in your bed with fewer to no foreign agents mixing in with it then it is to sweat throughout the day and have all that other crap stick to you from the outside world to boot.

I think it's best to do both: shower intensively at night to get off the heavier grime from the day's activities and take a quick rinsing shower in the morning to wash away your night sweat and wake yourself up for the day. ...But people who currently ONLY shower in the mornings, for maximum cleanliness should really consider showering at night before going to be in addition to their routine morning shower. It's not like this kind of thing is really solely a matter of subjective preference. There are tangible principles regarding the level of foreign particles attaching to your skin between the two settings to consider.

kayla 6 years ago

I think that at night is the best because in the morning you have to get up and do your hair and lots of other things that take so long so why waste time taking a shower when you have other things to do and also at night you need to sleep and when you take a shower you sleep better and feel cleaner and if you take them in the morning your sheets get all dirty and you have to wash them so I prefer the night

Spencer 6 years ago

I wish I got into the habit of showering at night! I hate showering in the morning, less time to sleep but if I don't shower in the morning I feel all grodi and nasty for the rest of the my hair is always messed up after bed and I don't know how to fix it. I wish I could shower at night ):

NeverWrong 6 years ago

Night Shower

Think about it

after a sweaty day at school/work or whatever the hell it is that you do and u just let it rest on you while you sleep?

pfft come on that's just disgusting

plus its not like showering in the morning makes you a lot cleaner

observer 6 years ago

Shower at night, quick rinse in the morning is the best bet. After reading all the comments, I've come to the conclusion that taking showers at night is best. However, since i usually take showers in the morning, trying to do it at night and not in the morning makes me still feel icky. So I'm just going to do both kinda lol primarily at night, but also quickly in the morning so i can still feel fresh for the day :)

Piper  6 years ago

Dayna -

blowdrying is actually really bad for your hair.. Aswell as straightners , curlers , or any heat product. It damages your hair.. So either go to bed with wet hair , or suck it up princess and shower in the morning... :)

Tony 6 years ago

Your body releases toxins at night from your pores and sebaceous glands. So in the morning whether you sweat or not you still have a coat of grime and toxins on your body. Think about it- you Guys that shower at night, why do you change your bed sheets? Because they get dirty... And why do they get dirty? Because your body releases all this junk... So people that shower in the morning are theoretically cleaner than those who shower at night.

Tryingtoshoweratnight 6 years ago

Do NOT shower twice a day!!!! It is SOOOOO bad for your skin! I am in this awful habit of showering in the morning and at night- my skin isn't used to night time showers (which, by the way for you "I sweat when I sleep" arguers, it actually takes time for your skin to adjust to different routines, just like it takes time for your hair to adjust to not being washed everyday. You shouldn't wash it everyday, its bad for it; ask your stylist) and I was always a morning shower person. Either way, your skin should NOT be washed twice! Your skin may build up dead skin cells, but it also needs to build healthy oils that keep your skin vibrant, elastic, and well nourished. If you wash it twice a day, it becomes dry, dead and tight (unless your a very oily person). I can say this from experience.

Honestly, I am trying to take showers at night because I'm a college student and for money I work at a restaurant. I am disgusting when I get home, and there is no WAY I would crawl in my bed without a shower. Gross. Fish guts...ewwww....

I think you should do what works for you, but morning shower people (I was one, so I know) don't you feel totally gross getting into bed with all of the days soot and grime on your skin??? All the bacteria from the tables and doorknobs you touched? and not to mention anything that may have been flying in the air that landed on your hair? I feel gross if I don't shower before bed.

Andrew 6 years ago

I shower in the morning, I feel weird not showering in the morning, at night however i rinse my hair, wash my face and wash my arm pits etc

Alexa 6 years ago

Ok... I'm a teen who prefers night showering. Here's why:

1. At school/work, you come in contact with dirty people/things ie the public restrooms, nasty locker rooms,etc.

2. I play sports, so I sweat a lot at practice and I prefer not to sleep in my own dirt, sweat, oil, that's sick.

3. It's common sense...

For all you morning showerers:

1. Most of us go to school/work, so think about it: after a long day at school/work, most of you sweat,come in contact w/ germs,dirt,etc. Most of you (hopefully) think germs are disgusting so why would you sleep in it?

2. If you sweat that crazily in sleep: GO SEE A DOCTOR!Or turn on a fan lol.

3. It's the most hygienic: most people, while at home, hang out on their bed, watching TV, doing homework, listening to music, laying down, etc. So why would you want to put more germs on your bed?

4. And no, usually you don't smell all fresh for the day cus you sweat most during the day.

It's only common sense people. Night showering is most effective to keeeping yourself fresh and clean when it matters. It's a good refresher from a long hard day. And please don't tell me you sweat more in your sleep than a day at school, now that's stupid.0_o

dave 6 years ago

Sorry but to all of you who say you prefer showering at night, because you don't wanna sleep in a dirty bed....well frankly it just doesn't make sense, it is a known fact that we humans sweat at night, and while yes you may sweat during the day as well, surely it makes sense to be clean for the day ahead and not just clean for yourself to smell nice in bed!?!?

Personally I think it's disgusting not having a shower first thing in the morning, and people WILL laugh at you behind your back, at work, school or wherever you may be!!

Patrick 6 years ago

This is a Philosophical question. The answer is: it depends. It depends on many things, like in what country you are, what is your schedule, what type of job you do, etc.

If I have time, I prefer to take a shower in the evening and one in the morning. In the evening, because I like to be clean when I go to bed, and clean when I am going make love to my wife. I certainly will not go to bed without a shower if I have been cooking a lot prior to bedtime.

Joe 6 years ago

Well, I think one should just try both. Saying that you should clean yourself after the day could be countered with, "Well I'm only sleeping. In the morning I'll wash off all of the sweat etc., fresh for the day!". An evening showerer might also argue that it's pointless showering in the morning because you get dirty soon after, but then this could be again countered with showering the next morning: IT COMPLETELY DEPENDS ON HOW YOU LOOK AT IT.

So, in the absence of much reason for either side, try both and see which one you like best. Then think of all the reasons why when you shower is right, looking from the point of view that chimes with it as well, and you will be happy! (Perhaps then come back to tis site and make a a heated rant as to why your opinion is best).

I do not think it is safe to give out personal information 6 years ago

Personally, I like taking a shower at night. Throughout the day, your body collects and traps pollutants in the air. As some people commented, you do sweat during the night (some of us). However, that can be fixed by turning off your heater, turning up the AC, or simply by taking a blanket off. Sweat, and other moist areas, is an ideal place for bacteria to grow in; bacteria must be present for acne to occur. Some body washes used in the shower also help slough off dead skin cells that were produced during the day. If it makes you feel healthier, take a shower in the morning and at night. Just make sure you do not stay in the shower for too long or your skin may become damaged and dry.

Tori  6 years ago

If people were arguing about baths vs. showers instead of night vs. day.... I think I'd know what would win.

volsboy 6 years ago

How could you sleep with filt on you. I prefer the nigh better

:) 6 years ago

I personally like to shower at night. Clean my hair and body. I wake up with good looking, less frizzy hair. In the morning I usually hop in the shower for a couple seconds to rinse my body and face.

:) 6 years ago

I personally like to shower at night. Clean my hair and body. I wake up with good looking, less frizzy hair. In the morning I usually hop in the shower for a couple seconds to rinse my body and face.

Johnny HR 6 years ago

Who can go to bed and feel relaxed with a hundred layers of daytime grime all over their body? Sorry, but I cannot go to bed dirty. I like to keep my bed clean and me in it clean. A nighttime shower is relaxing and soothing after a long,(hot and sweaty) day. If I for some reason feel grimy in the morning I'll shower, but that's rare. None of my co-workers has complained yet.

Nitro 6 years ago

I didn't get a chance to read every single one of these, but one thing I remember learning about showers was that when you have a hot shower it opens up your pores. So during the winter it may not be the best idea to shower in the morning unless you keep your house very warm and make sure to thoroughly dry off before getting dressed etc because with open pores your inviting in those cold and flu season germs that are so abundant during the colder months. So because I have to get up at 5am and have a job where I literally sit at a desk all day, I typically shower when I get home from work. During the summer it varies, since it's warmer sometimes I'll shower in the morning especially if I have someplace else to go after work instead of home. Just my two cents :) good health everyone!

Baca 6 years ago

I love to take shower at night, it makes me feel so refresh. For some strange reason, I can't take the shower in the morning, I tried one time and felt like my body's ready to catch a cold... so Yah shower at night is feel so good =)

and by the way, I took shower at night for 3 to 4 years and I don't think shower at night will cause lung disease... as long as you take a warm water tap and not cold water tap.

Hello 6 years ago

I shower in the morning and at night, specially if I have an exam ahead, feeling lovely and clean aaaaah :D

Christian 5 years ago

Honestly, I think showering in the morning is good, followed by a shower in the evening once getting back from work before dinner is the best. That way your are clean and don't smell for work, and once you get back after a hard day after having your boss hastle you, a nice shower helps you wind down and relax and relieve built up stress. Then you can sit down and have a nice dinner feeling all refreshed.

A good shower in the morning and an evening shower before dinner is best, that's what I think

MmkHere 5 years ago

This is kind of old but hey, whatever. I personally think showering at night is better. Yes I'm a teen. Sleeping in germs is a no no and that's gross. Showering twice a day is a waste of water, you're killing the planet! Haha. Plus, you're stripping your body's natural oils which is needed. Who cares about feeling wake up, I am NOT gonna get up early, just to take a freakin shower in the morning. Showering in the night is better. IMO

Sara  5 years ago

Just as long as you shower.

Vinnie 5 years ago

I agree with both sides of the story. To me, it really depends on what the weather's like outside, as well as other things. If it's pouring down with rain, I don't really see the point of showering and getting all clean in the morning if I'm just gonna have to go in it and end up like a drowned rat anyway. I guess it really depends on the person... but yeah, as long as somebody showers, what's the problem? Either way, you're gonna be dirty. But isn't that what deodorant and stuff is for? Since we can't smell like rainbows and cupcakes every hour of the day?

Kat 5 years ago

Definitely Night! I know for a fact I still smell clean after the previous nights shower. Why? Well, I'm not a sweaty pig (are you people that sweat at night animals?!) I use deodrant before going to bed, aswell as when I get up. Plus, showers make you tired-not an opinion, a medical FACT. Also, you get that extra time in the morning, I like to have my cup of tea before I'm off to that dump we call school, thanks v. Much xD Anyway, the night showerers arguments completely outweigh the morning showerers, not like it should be a fight anyway! Haha, Kat :)

Em  5 years ago

I shower when I get home from school at around 2 so I can let my hair dry naturally and its dry before I get to bed and since all I'm doing is homework I don't get sweaty!

Dougal 5 years ago

I shower in the morning and use deodorant because just using deodorant doesn't get rid of the smell it only covers it up and, depending on your deodorant, doesn't usually last all day.

My solution to going to bed dirty is having a swim everyday when I get home from school.

Problem solved. Unless you don't have a pool.

Lalla 5 years ago

I don't c why you should shower in the morning... If u shower at night it means that u will sleep clean and wake up clean. Just wash ur face in the morning to remove the extra oil on ur face. Personally I think a shower at night is better bcuz there r a lot of germs outside than inside ur house and also bcuz u sweat a lot during the day. If u sweat during the night ,then don't use a lot of sheets and turn on ur a/c... Simple!

Wookwas 5 years ago

@Lalla OMG you are so environmentally unfriendly! Don't use your a/c people we are killing the earth! Showering in the morning is the best by far

Benson 5 years ago

I'm surprised no one has said this yet... I NEED to shower in the morning for one simple reason... BED HEAD... I'm a guy with thick hair and when I wake up in the morning my hair is going every which way but loose... Plus it just feels good to be clean and fresh when going to work, school, etc... I understand the argument about sleeping in the days filth and for that reason I usually shower 2-3 times a day, once in the morning and after any strenuous activity during the day such as work, exercise, sex, etc... BAM!

Cassandra 5 years ago

Night sweat is better than dirt

Butterfly 5 years ago

Well if you're gonna take morning showers, you wash your face in the night. That way you don't get pimples!

Scott Laidlaw 5 years ago

I only shower twice a week and in morning I stink no long after having shower any reason why that would be?

Niki 5 years ago

Www u only shower TWICE A WEEK!? I Personaly shower every night or morning but I don't know which is better

philip 5 years ago

i prefer taking a shower at nights, keeps me clean, just a question to all commentors here, is cold shower good at nights, since i'm a male and having long hair.

Kota 5 years ago

Night showers. I only shower every other night though because my hair gets too dried out if i wash it more often than that and too greasy if i just use conditioner on the off-shampoo days. Same with my skin. I just wash my face on the days i don't shower. It's actually better for you anyway. It's been proven that people in the U.S (who shower everyday) are taking part in an unhealthy habit. No other country in the WORLD bathes as much as we do in the US. I don't like morning showers because I like to let my hair dry in a messy bun on top of my head at nite so when i wake up, my hair is wavy. I also HATE waking up early. absolutely hate it. I'm 20 years old and still on a teenager sleep-schedule. haha

Hannah 5 years ago

I have to shower at night. Hate getting into bed feeling gross. I put deodorant on after my night shower too.

James 5 years ago

I have my shower at the night and in the morning because you want to wash off all your sweat and dirt built up in the dirt and when your asleep you also sweat and there allot of dead skin cells on your body that needs to be washed off so i have a shower in the morning to keep myself refreshed and clean throughout most of the day

James 5 years ago

I have my shower at the night and in the morning because you want to wash off all your sweat and dirt built up in the dirt and when your asleep you also sweat and there allot of dead skin cells on your body that needs to be washed off so i have a shower in the morning to keep myself refreshed and clean throughout most of the day

Hayley 5 years ago

I prefer taking a shower in the morning to ensure that I smell (and feel) better during the day. I dread waking up groggy-eyed and ratty-haired for a day being socialized with others.

All you need to do is take 10 minutes out of your morning to wash up a bit in the shower to be fresher and cleaner. Why do people get so worked up about sleeping while dirty? All you are doing is resting, which I see taking a shower at night is almost a waste (unless you have something to do at night that requires hygiene). I'm not trying to be rude, but that is my perspective of things.

eve 5 years ago

depends what you want to do! i personally think hot showers are the best at night, since this will make you relaxed and prepared for bed. where as morning showers should be cold to increase you blood circulation and wake you up a bit more! anyways, i like both

rex 5 years ago

I shower immediately after getting home from work. As a registered nurse, I don't want to be carrying MRSA, VRE, C-diff, and who knows what else to bed with me. Plus, not having to take a shower in the morning allows me to get extra sleep. I just hop out of bed, slap on the antiperspirant, gel my hair, brush my teeth, throw on my scrubs, and I'm out the door in 10 minutes after getting out of bed. Pointless to take a shower as I will be covered in germs again when I set foot in the hospital.

fabian 5 years ago

what i started to do is take i realy good shower at night and in the morning just hop in the fore less then five min

werky 5 years ago

Just shower morning and night. problem solved.

FIF 5 years ago


winona 5 years ago

i shower at nite but i wash in tha mornin i want to take a shower in tha mornin to but my mom sys its a waste of water so i thinx im gonna wake up at 5:00 am ns shower then but i also do softball at nite so its kinda gross for me to not shower at nite then shower in tha mornin wat shood i do help!!!!

Jordan 5 years ago

I think you should shower at night.

I am a teenager and after school i usually have something to do with sports and then i get sweaty. To sleep with that sweat and grim is, to me, repulsive. When i wake up in the morning i am not sweaty or feel yucky. My hair is usually good in the morning anyways after a night shower and it takes way to long for me to blow dry my hair.

I occasionaly shower in the morning. But that's if i have something special going on that day and i want my hair to be perfect. Also i have straight hair, so taking a shower at night and then braiding it while its still wet then leaving it to dry overnight makes it perfectly curly or wavy depending on the braids in the morning.

I also usually wear the same thing to bed every night, washing those clothes everynight. Also wearing fresh underwear to bed helps me feel cleaner.

Showers at night!!!

me 5 years ago

just take a long cleansing shower at night, and a quick cold one in the morning to wake you up. problem solved!

SLK 5 years ago

I used to shower at night but I found that when I woke up in the morning, my hair would be all crazy and bushy and generally not great at the bottom and apparently, I was just born with dry ends? Like, even after I cut it fairly short (to my shoulders), it still does that, so it doesn't seem to be a problem of length.

So I started showering in the mornings so my hair wouldn't look like that after a night's sleep. Sometimes I do take a quick shower at night still, just to make myself more tired because I have insomnia usually, but most of the main showers I take are in the morning. And to prevent the smelly, I usually use nice-scented body lotions after my shower :P

manny  5 years ago

just shower in the morning and at night that's what i do

mich 5 years ago

yes, just shower both night and morning is the best. Especially so when it is the summer or if you are living in a tropical country.

Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

useful and very important info which i so much enjoyed.

john 5 years ago

i think its cool to shower both it only takes me 5 to 7 minutes to take one so i take one after school or after working out or baseball so probally from 6 anywhere to 9 depending what time i finish all my days activities. then in the morning it only takes me 15 minutes to get ready in the morning so yeah

Meg 5 years ago

Mornin o n8 i jus looooooove havin a shower... I'v it both in ta mornin n n8.:)

Amspec 5 years ago

I have been comtemplating about this for a long time and especially nowadays because I'm going to start college soon and unfortunately, my schedule starts very early and my university is not that near from where I live and traffic is very prone in my area.

During my third year in highschool, I showered every night just because I felt like it. I actually liked showering at night because it helped me relax and fall asleep quickly which is great on my part because I find it very hard to sleep right away. I always think about things and it keeps me from having a good sleep. And I did not smell bad at all the next day.

During my fourth year in highschool, I started showering in the morning just to see if it would have any changes. And it didn't actually. It was just like my night shower. To be honest, I kind of disliked taking a shower in the morning because my hair is really frizzy when it dries naturally and I couldn't waste time blowdrying or ironing my hair. And I would go to school with wet hair and my hair wasn't all that great so you kind of get the picture.

Personally, I think I'll go back to showering at night time because I am really not a morning person. I find it hard to wake up early at around 5 in the morning just to take a shower, even if I slept very early the night before. I suggest you take a shower at night but not so late. Like two hours before your sleeping time so that your hair can dry. And if you sweat a lot, then use deodorant. There's nothing wrong with wearing deodorant at night time. Then the next day, just wash your face with soap and brush your teeth and do the usual things. And don't you guys have body sprays/perfumes/colognes? I mean, they were invented for us to use if we had a diff. smell or something.

There's that my very long 2 cents, lol.

Amspec 5 years ago

And I do not think the idea of showering twice a day is good because we should really conserve water. Once is enough. (unless you use very very little water when showering twice then okay lol)

Undecided 5 years ago

heyyyyyy peoplez could u help me out i rz very confused because i am in year 7 ( 12 years old ) a girl with short and VERY curly/wavy/straight/frizzy hair. could u guys help me out i cant decide cause i used to take showers at night but then i started taking showers in the morning and i am so used to i and i tried to take one at night but my hir as all yuck ( cause i HAVE to straighten it but i t tried to curl and it FAILED ) and i jst couldn't cause i have dry skin and whenever i wear moisteriser ( all thetime ) as soon as i put water on it it drys up so wheni tried to brush my teeth this morning and use acne wash my skin dried up straight away and it was sooooooooo annoying and i just feel really tired and yuck in the morning and i cant get te tiredness out of my eyes. Is there any way i can cure the morning tiredness or am i just a morning person. PLEASE HELP !! i really want to try and have night showers cause if i have morning showers it takes me 15 mins to wake up, 20 minutes to have a shower ( i know long shower but i have to do everything in there cause of dry skin situaton ) and then 10 mintues to get dressed, 15 minutes to get my hair blow dried / dreid and even semi straight, and then ANOTHER fregen 15-30 minutes getting my hair all nice and bag packed ( mainly my hair cause its a bitch and its short and the fregen hair dresser cut uneven an so i can even put itin a decent ponytail there fore have to wear it out all the time) so PLEASE HELP !! anything to get th e moring tiredness away or am i stuck with it forever ?? !! ;( ;( from sad person cause sick of getting up at 6:45 to make sure get ready and still be late when i used to be able to get up at 8:00-8:15 last year cause my skin and hair were all good dam it !! so PLAESE HLP DAM IT ANYSOLUTIONS ?? !! !! !! !! ! !! !! !! !!

herset 5 years ago

My opinion is a person should definitely take bath in the mornings too and at night a little ! Bathing will not take away your sleep but it will definitely refresh you up a little ,well certainly it mostly depends on the situations also. Like offcourse when we don't take 7 to 8 hrs sleep , full sleep, bathing will not be much affected to your mind. Bathing cleanses your body but also refreshes your mind but for other situations there are reasons too. Having good bathing in the mornings makes your day atleast. Bathing a little at night also gives a relief and sound sleep.It also depends as i said on situations like for eg: weather conditions, occasions , before performing any specific ritual in any tradition etc. Bathing at night is also good. A person should not waste water on knowing this that one seventh of the world is covered with water but should also see the demand for water all around . Use the water but don't try to waste it try also to save it.I prefer bathing in the mornings and little at night before some few minutes away from sleep and drying the hair too before you go to bed. Bathing is not optional but is a necessity of our lives too. A person should have bath daily as life comes with struggle, happiness and as a new day for everybody!

bouncy5 5 years ago from Usa

I am very enlighten on what all i have read here. After reading all of this,I have problems with body odors.I wanted to find out what was best and the general thing to do if someone took a bath at night,the following morning after brushing their teeth, should they wash their armpits, under their breast and vagina or just wash their face, brush their teeth and just put deodorant on and put on clothes and go on?-

CJ 5 years ago

Honestly, I shower at night and in the morning.

I can't go to sleep with the days grime all over my body, but I love to smell fresh throughout my day. So , I take 2 showers and stay fresh all day!

julie 5 years ago

Amen cj! Who wants to have astinky body any time of day? I will not kill you to wash up more than once a day.

meg 5 years ago

thumbs up for thos who tke bath twice.... the rest remain as stinkers!!

pierre 5 years ago

I really want to take a shower twice a day but I hate spending time on just washing my clothes.

Moreover,about 1/3 humans life time spends on sleeping.I want to be as clean as possible before sleep in order to have a perfect sleep.So, bcof of my laziness and my sleep,I choose showering at night.

capalynn profile image

capalynn 5 years ago from Roseville, CA

I think most people shower in the morning. I hear people say that they like morning showers because they feel dirty when they wake up in the morning. I typically always shower at night. It's so true that it really relaxes me, and is somewhat a way in which I end my day, relaxing from the stress and concern of the day. Anyhow, I don't usually feel dirty in the morning. In fact, I think it's pretty pointless to shower in the morning so you can go out and get all dirty.

meg 5 years ago

I shower in the mornin to feel fresh n awake.... by evenin il b al sweaty n dirty so ta first thing i do before sleepin is take a nice warm bath.... it feels so awesomn...

Lexie 5 years ago

I'm a teen and a female at that. For me showering at night is so much better than day, but I also think it's best to shower both night and day. I can't see myself getting up at 5 something in the morning (since I have school) to take a shower I picture myself falling asleep in the shower. I think showering at night is best b/c you get up, take a shower (which I agree on you do get dirty a few hrs later), you sweat during the day and yes there are germs everywhere! Then yet you come home and....not clean yourself? Then change into clean pjs while your all musty and gross and finally get in your bed which is even worst because you laying it so dirty constantly ruins your sheets and massage. If you sweat through the night take a shower in the morning and then take one at night. That's one of the way people get body acne, not being clean.

Lexie 5 years ago

Sorry I meant mattress

jvaughn 5 years ago

I used to be a morning showerer only but now i am taking showers both@ night and in the morning. My boyfriend is a germophobe and talked about me being so gross for getting in bed after being@ work, stores, public places. I never minded showering before bed if i was gettin in bed with him but when he wasn't around id go back to my own habit of getting in bed dirty- doesn't really bother me.

Plus i would still take a shower in the morning to wake me up and feel fresh. I sleep for about 6-7 hours... not sure i could b fresh throughout an entire day. Besides i do have a sweat problem@ times so if i even tried to skip a bath it would b bad.

So here recently ive started taking showers at night to wash away all the germs from the day and makeup from my face. Then in the morning i shower again and its more to wake me up and get rid of any funk ive aquired in night. Sumtimes i sweat and im not sure y. The upside to this is if im having a hard time getting up in the am i can tell myself i showered last night so i can skip and stay in bed a lil longer. Also helps if u wake up late.

I sumtimes take 3 showers a day depending on my activities and like i said i am naturally a sweaty, funky person so just goin to work ill sweat and my armpits will smell gross if u get too close.

So my new answer:shower in morning and before bed.

depends 5 years ago

I take a shower in the morning and usually a long bath followed by a quick shower/rinse off at night. My boyfriend works as a builder/carpenter so being outside, he rushes home from work each day and showers but also has to have a hot shower in the morning to wake up. We're both pretty quick about showering/bathing - you don't need more than 10 minutes even if you're shaving to get all scrubbed up and rinsed off.

I do NOT wash my hair every day however I do condition it once a day and wash it every 2-3 days MAX. I am a stylist and know that over washing natural oils (from most hair) is the cause of most damage and over washing your skin because of acne is one of the worst things you can do. It usually makes the problem that much worse. Anyway, I'm of no help on the debate!

nanz 5 years ago

Some of you r effing disgusting, take a shower at night AND in the morning u filthy creatures.

Jane 5 years ago

Well it depends. For school days I take a shower at night so im relaxed and ready for some sleep after I do homework and supper. But over the summer if I'm not busy I take a shower in the morning or afternoon. So over all I like showering at night. Just cause It feels better.

Alex 5 years ago

On school days, I take a shower at night because I have to get up really early and don't want to waste time showering in the morning. Also, my brother usually gets there before me or I'm just too lazy to take a shower. On weekends, I shower in the morning because you're all fresh and start a day of freedom. I don't do much so it's not like I'm going to stink again. I don't shower in the afternoon because that's the time when I do a lot of activities that make me dirty and stuff.

Gabby 5 years ago

I'm a teenage girl

What i do is i shower in the morning. However, at night, i rinse, like i won't wash my hair, but i'll use body wash. I take a full shower in the morning. Sometimes when i need to shave i'll take a full shower at night. I have straight, flat, black asian hair so if i shower at night my hair will be really shiny in the morning. Other people say they're jealous, but to me, it feels too oily :p

My hair will also flip out and my bangs will just look crazy hah

So my routine is kinda both morning and evening showers put together. You shouldn't wash your hair too much anyway because it'll break

Soo hope i helped someone.

Patti 5 years ago

Well if you have to be clean for a while, shower in the morning is the way to go, since you wont be really dirty again until the next morning. But if you just feel gross, take a night shower, since it'll keep you feeling clean enough until the next night.

alejandra 5 years ago

well, technically you're still using, or wasting as you put it, by taking a shower regardless of taking a shower at night or in the morning. You still take the time to take a shower whether at night or day, time makes no difference in the morning or at night. if you take a shower at night, depending on your lifestyle, you'll sleep later; as opposed to taking a shower in the morning and having to wake up earlier,so therefore you are not wasting your time if showering in the morning.

bouncy5 5 years ago

..I want to thank all of those for answering my question.I would like to ask another question?...I have a difficult time getting the showe head to rinse between my legs and under my behind,even though I bend over.Should i get a portable shower head to fit the nozzle on the bathtub to rinse off down there.I just rinse my facebook and rinse off the soap the best way I know how.Do anyone feel that they are not really all that clean sometimes when they shower or is it just me?

YumYumFood97 5 years ago

well i think that on winter u take a shower at night because you'll be clean when you are going to sleep and in the morning there is nothing but cold so u don't get sweaty just some dirt on you. on summer you take a shower every morning because you have been sleeping and the dead skin are building up in your body also the hot air makes you sweat... waking up all sweaty an smelly..take a shower afterwards..CLEAN! GLEAMING! go out to work/school with a nice smell and feel!

Clara 5 years ago

They make deodorant for night time so that you don't sweat and it helps your PH balance, so really there is no reason why you couldn't shower at night.

Fresh and Clean 5 years ago

Personally, I think NOT showering in the morning is simply disgusting! How can one start off their day and face the world with the insurmountable germs that have accumulated throughout the night. People who engage in this practice are promoting poor hygiene and lack of human etiquette.

I can understand the concept of night showering if it is done in conjunction with "normal" morning showering. But substituting a morning shower for a night shower is incomprehensible to me. Putting on deodorant in the morning , dressing in brand new and clean clothes, and possibly having after work plans or a worse yet a date without showering is truly offensive.

I hope these people can really take a second look at themselves and reexamine their hygiene.

Fresh and Clean 5 years ago

And by the way for all of you who are so concerned with your hair looking better after a night of sleep,have you ever heard of a SHOWER CAP?!!

saraah 5 years ago

i personally shower in the morning because my hair is naturally curly and if i shower at night it gets messy and un managable. also i like to start my day feeling fresh and clean.

John 5 years ago

Tell me about underarm sweating. i do shower twice a day, put on deodorants and i have even tried lemon to make sure i stay dry underneath my arms. But the consequence is always devastated by sweaty armpits that stink. How can i cope with this because it is really putting me low among people. i have also tried putting my diet under control but still i sweat like a pig. Give a clue someone.

Maissaa 5 years ago

I actually shower twice on most days. One about morning or mid morning and one at night.

tom 5 years ago

I think as long as you are showering daily there is no wrong time. Everyone has different schedules in life. Hygiene is important.

Serena 5 years ago

I'm a night shower type of person. The warm water really is supposed to relax you and help you fall asleep which is why I shower at night because I have trouble sleeping. Also, a lot of people have said that showering in the morning is to make you feel fresh and clean throughout the day but what it really comes down to is smelling flowery for other people around you and then going to bed in your own filth. Using body sprays, deodorants and perfumes are to make you smell good throughout the day. I can't imagine showering in the morning, feel fresh and smell good for others, getting dirty and going to bed because "no ones there to see or smell". I don't sweat at night at all so for those of you who do, use deodorant, turn up the AC or lower the heat.

Murtaza 5 years ago

I take a shower in the morning, everyday. I just tend to do that because when I don't take a shower in the morning I feel all dirty and my hair is greasy and it annoys me to death! I can't stand it! The only days I don't take a shower in the morning is if i have to go get a haircut.

sydthekid 5 years ago

At night because it relaxes you for a good nights sleep!

Cydney 5 years ago

When I take a shower at night I sleep a lot better. And if you're slow in the mornings like me all showers do are slow you down since it's nice and warm in there and you don't want to get out. Haha, it's funny how people are still debating over this two years later!

Chloe 5 years ago

I have an idea! Shower when you want to shower! I know...I'm a genius!

idk 5 years ago

they're both good.... and u SHOULD do both:)

Hasmik 5 years ago

I agree with you.. and thanks for an advice :D

tonystep 5 years ago

Dust allergy, so i shower at night with very low water flow and rub down to remove as much dead skin as possible, then turn hot off, cold up high to reduce after-shower sweating. After a hot night, often a quick, cool refresher shower. On a quiet, cool day i may even skip a shower, but i have to be careful about being presentable during the day. If i smell, i shower.

Lauren 5 years ago

I shower at night or in the morning. It just depends.

If I want more time to straighten or do something with my hair in the morning I'll shower at night. I don't wake up early enough to shower and do my hair in the morning. So when I shower in the morning, I don't have time to dry it and I honestly have no idea what it looks like because I leave and never get a chance to see it. It usually looks weird and half-wavy.

I don't think it's good or bad to do it either time. It's just preference.

I don't feel gross or dirty in the morning because my hair can stand one night and still look clean and feel clean.

And I don't smell in the morning if I don't shower so that's not a problem. I doubt anyone around me would tell the difference of when I showered.. So it doesn't matter to me either.

nicole 5 years ago

I say night. If u sleep in a so called clean bed at night why wouldn't you wash before u get in it. That is just nasty. You been outside at work or where ever and u smell like outside. You got to bed with sweaty balls and a hot cat. Yuck!

Brandon 5 years ago

I shower in the morning because my hair gets all funny from sleeping so I have to get it wet in the morning to blow dry and re style. You NEED a shower in the morning if you think your cologne shower in the morning is fooling anyone, think again. Some people think they don't smell when they don't shower in the morning but you need to realize you are used to your odor, the people around you are not. What you may not smell your co-workers do!

I can easily tell when people haven't showered in the morning, usually there hair is a mess or you can smell a hint of dirty hair maybe its just me but dirty/oily hair has a distinctive scent.

My biggest pet peeve is you girls out there who shower but don't wash there hair every time because "its not good for there hair" sometimes going 2 or 3 showers without shampooing there hair. well its not good when your head smells like old man hair.

I only shower at night if I got seriously dirty during the day (working on the motorcycles, sanding bondo/fiberglass) stuff like that but If i was in the office all day wearing clean attire, I shower in the morning because it is just cleaner.

meg 5 years ago

i shower in the morning, so i smell fresh and can feel clean all day. i hate showering at night because i don't really feel clean when i get up and my hair looks horrible. i don't get how people can stand showering at night.

erin 5 years ago

This totally depends on the person!! It's a little offensive to me when people say showing at night is gross because that's what I do and it works perfectly for me. It gets me relaxed so I can sleep (which is very difficult for me). My bf on the other hand must shower in the mornings because his skin gets oily over night and his body temperature is scorching! I get oily when we sleep together, that's how oily he is. but for me, I don't have oily skin and I don't sweat, so I don't get nasty after a good night's sleep. some other people like my bf do though, so they shower later. but don't hate on people who take nightly showers just because you have a body that gets grody while you sleep.

erin 5 years ago

-also I can't go to bed dirty, I'll get pimples and whatnot. I also just can't sleep if I feel dirty. and I'm not wasting water on two showers a day.

Sydney 5 years ago

I used to take showers in the morning, when I was in homeschool. Im a teen, so, I do a lot during the day. School, whatnot. I have to wake up really early, but I'm not high maintenance. But being a teen, I wont wake up too early anyways, so I take my showers at night, and blowdry my hair into the prep position for my style the night before. You wont need to change your bed sheets as often if you shower at night. I do my excersize at school, and I don't sweat a lot, if at all. I put on deoderant before I sleep, and when I wake up. Perfume, and everything. Then I get dressed in clean clothes, and go to school! I run around playing soccer and doing track anyways. Why waste valuable time in the morning to shower when you could be: a)Finishing last nights homeworks cuz you lagged. b) Touching up your makeup/hair/clothes and c) Practicing your signature for when you get famous! So..Yeah.

garry 5 years ago

do most people not go to the loo for a dump in the morning as well as during the daytime ??

if so ,there is a residue (no matter how well you wipe)of you dropped load left on your behind .if you shower in the morning that means you spent the day and night with the residue on your body or am i wrong

Adam Jasso 4 years ago

people are insane for not showering in the do you function without a shower all day?

dj 4 years ago

wow, you really feel good waking up and getting dressed and going out to work etc without a shower? horrible! how the hell can you say showering at night is better? you shower at night, then go to bed and sweat for 7-10 hours just laid there.

for me, yes a shower at night can be nice, but i would still have to have a shower after i wake up. i shower EVERY morning. i could not cope going out without a shower, id feel sweaty, irritated and uncomfortable, not to mention what my face looks like if i don't shower after i wake up. puffy eyes, dark circles, and just horrible.

amberbugggy 4 years ago

omg this is the best debate I've ever seen but to solve the problem take a long cleansing shower at night and wash up in the morning ...that's what I do

John 4 years ago

I don't shower at all lol

destiny 4 years ago

i think showering in the morning is better because i go to school so i feel cleaner and ready for a hard working day at school

Hamlet 4 years ago

Great writing indeed..

I read a similar post like this..also related with morning..U can check this..

whitney 4 years ago

I take a shower at night,and in the morning,but at night i shampoo it,and blow dry it with the cool setting on my blow dryer

Layla 4 years ago

I take a shower @ nite, its jus easier 4 me and its all dry in da mornin soooo ya

Johnnn 4 years ago

Well I like taking showers in the morning. If I do get smelly and sweaty throughout the day then I would take a shower at night also

lolwut 4 years ago

That Giselle chick must stink, What do you wipe your deoderant off before bed? Dumb women.

Courtney 4 years ago

I shower in the morning because of dry skin, I can only shower every second day and I prefer mornings because the shower really does wake me up and make me feel cleaner.

But, I have to say... to the people that say evening showers are better because it rinses you of the days germs, think about this. You come home from school/work and make supper/eat and do all your other things, and then you shower and possibly go back out to the rest of your house to relax. Then you jump into bed. So, doesn't that mean you have the days germs on your pjs now? Because you brought the germs into your home when you came home and prepared dinner or relaxed with your family. When you shower in the morning you put on fresh clothes and change to go to bed, most of the germs from the day are on the clothes that you changed out of. Makes sense to me, but if you're that worried about germs just wipe down with a washcloth or baby wipe or something before bed or in the morning

Ryan-DFW,TX 4 years ago

I agree 100%; In fact i was debating this topic while i was wasted. Thanks to the internet for my concerns!

Kevin 4 years ago

I used to be a night time shower-er but as i grew up and got more aware of my looks i noticed my hair was super greasy and un maintanable in the morning and it looked awfull during the day along with greasy skin, so now i shower in the morning. I hate the feeling of sleeping in filth but its worth it in the morning when i go through the day looking good and smelling good and its made me more confident. I defenitly am a morning-shower person

4 years ago

In the winter, it's best to shower at night because if you shower on a winter morning, then go outside in the cold, you're opening your pores, which could cause you to get sick. That's why they say you shouldn't walk in the cold with wet hair or wear wet clothes in the cold. Also, no matter the temperature outside, you should get dressed in the bathroom after getting out of the shower if your house is cozy. Stepping outside your bathroom (into your cozy home) while you're freshly wet out the shower is the same as well!! But if your don't have to go anywhere in the morning (when it's cold) then there's nothing wrong with showering in the morning

u must be kidding 4 years ago

My bed is my own personal cloud. I would never get into my cloud dirty. Even if I come in late and plastered, I still take a shower.

My wife wouldn't even climb into bed with me, much less touch me, if I went to bed nasty.

Its a known fact, going to bed after a shower allows you to sleep better. Studies have been done people! Good sleep leads to better health.

Dead skin cells? HAHAHA. Your skin is repairing itself 24/7. Keep your sheets clean, don't go to bed funky, apply some deoderant after your evening shower and get up fine. Usually no need for a morning shower. If I am sick and I sweat, or after a workout, then I will take a quick shower in the morning.

Nothing wrong with a quick shower in the morn if needed.

But going to bed all gross is just plain nasty!!

Lisa 4 years ago

I take long showers (Washing hair, body, shaving, etc.) at night for the sake of sleeping a little bit longer. However, I also rinse or just wash JUST my body in the morning (a quick 5 minute shower). I think that this combination is ideal.

Dustin 4 years ago

Cold Shower In The Morning, Boom Your Awake.

Jeanette 4 years ago

I personally take showers at night especially during winter because its bad for your health to take a shower then go out in the freezing cold. But during summer I take showers at night and in the morning because it gets super hot where I live. But overall I like taking showers at night instead its more faster and convinient for me that way.

Anuj Sharma 4 years ago

Shower at night... sleep real tight... in the morning avoid the "getting ready" fight... xD

Ambers BF 4 years ago

Don't shower. Just rub ur skin with ur index finger hard and the dead skin will come off. U can save the dead skins u've rubbed off since it'll have a nice rough spaghetti like texture and save it in the jar over a year period of time. than if u ever get hungry u can munch on it with mayo and mustard sauce.

Nikki Skies 4 years ago

In my opinion, I think that bathing in both the morning when you get up and before you go to bed at night is the best way to go. Even if you like to sleep longer you don't have to take a 30 min long shower, 5 or 10 minutes is good enough. In the morning your are clean from the dirt, skin, and sweating that occurs during the night. And as for taking a shower in the night you would be able to cleanse yourself of all the dirt, skin, and sweat that you collected throughout the day. So no matter what you will always be dirty, you will always sweat, there is no stopping that. And depending on your body personally, you may sweat or collect dirt at certain times throughout the day not matter if you have taken a shower in the night or in the morning .

Peta 4 years ago

I used to shower at night because it was easier then in the morning, but things changed and I began to get adult acne and then was forced to shower in the morning. My face was excessively oily and I would look and feel totally disgusting only after about 5 to 8 hours after having a shower! I was 22/23 at the time and now I am 34. It is only now that the acne and oil is subsiding. Still too oily though and so still showering in the mornings. I think it's a personal preference anyway and what your needs are. Even the time when I didn't have acne and oil and was showering at night by the end of the day my hair would be quite oily and yucky looking. So the morning shower suits me better these days and on some occasions I would have another shower later on, usually if there was something on to go to. As for sweating well it used to be a bit of a problem for me and it was always the right side that ran like a tap, but thankfully that seems to have sorted itself out, just need the acne thing to go completely, have had enough of it! And I can say this, not washing your face does not cause acne. Yes it can make you feel clean but only for a short time as I have experienced. Anyway I say shower when you feel it is right to do so.

Jayjay 4 years ago

Night time is better. During the day you sweat and you stink. Our poor vaginas and dicks cant take it. Your refreshed at night after a long day. But by all means take a shower mid day if you want.

Morning 4 years ago

Personally, I take a shower in the morning. I have depression, and one of the difficulties I have had in my worst moments is that I would not bathe at all, because it didn't seem worth it.

I now do yoga or a long walk in the early hours, and having a shower afterwards not only feels wonderful after the workout, but it does wonders for my mind - it is a reaffirmation that I am taking care of myself, and if done first thing in the morning, I know that I have prepared myself for a positive day. And at night, I'm not that dirty anyhow. I change into bed clothes anyway.

Sometimes I will have a bath in the evening with lavender oil in the water after a hard day, but I make sure not to fill the tub to the top so that I can save as much water as possible.

Showering in the morning helps me feel so much better, so I vote for morning showers.

BoOpYLOp 4 years ago

As a Woman i like to be clean and smell great all day & night. But i honestly rather shower at night , just to wash the filth from my day off before i lay in bed. By filth i mean, dust, dirt, enviornmental toxins , germs & so on. Think about it... Laying in your nice cozy bed and having your sheets soak up all that gross junk. Blahh!! But i like to clean and refreshed when at work the next day so i also shower in the morning... Just because my hair looks a hot tangled mess if i don't. If i didn't have this problem i'd sleep in later & just stick to my nightly shower which i think makes the most sense. Night showers are the way to go.

hay ho 4 years ago

what a popular thread this is. 3 years and still going strong. i shower in the evening, my hair sticks up after a shower so a nights sleep helps it flatten down

Natania Robala 4 years ago

Hahaha, I agree with you. I don't like morning shower, I still do though once in awhile when I'm not feeling well, but most of the time I like to take shower at night. You makes me smile when you said, if don't take shower in the morning or night, at least take in the afternoon instead, lol because I know someone wh only shower twice a week.

Miguel 4 years ago

I notice if I'm tired and skip my shower and go to bed, I fall asleep. If I shower at night, I'll end up staying up late. And I always shower at night. Morning showers actually do help me. I feel refreshed. It takes a lot longer for me to feel awake without a morning shower and plus, I don't think everyone spends an entire hour in the shower. 10 minutes in the shower seems to refresh me enough to turn into a morning person.

Kayla 4 years ago

hi i'm 13 and not to bash on any of you guys but how can u seriously bathe once a day? that's absurd if u ask me. especially if i'm going out on the weekends or even school i HAVE to bathe BOTH day and night. it wouldn't feel right.reason for showering at night get all the bacteria off from that day. and bathing in the morning is also good. i don't understand how ppl can say bathing in the morning is not right. u ppl do need to realize that u perspire in the night more than you do in a day (unless u do activities that make you sweat) i don't know one person that doesn't bathe morning and night. and for those girls who say it will mess up your hair, fine i agree but just get a damn shower cap or something use your brains. i don't know how children but i'm more surprised at the adults who are debating over this when u should bathe twice a day that's what everybody says and don't use that excuse of wasting water you don't have to bathe long and simple for the ones talking about showers making you go sleep for night bathe with warm to hot water in the morning warm to cold water me personally i love hot water and can bathe morning and night. and stop saying that your lazy or don't have time what's wrong with waking a extra 10-15 mins you just making excuses. sorry this is so long but i just gotta set some of you straight you guy

Clean 4 years ago

Personally, I shower at night. My thick, curly hair won't even dry with a blowdryer. It needs at least 4 hours in the air.It's a little gross if your bed is dirty, but I suppose if you're the only one in it it doesn't matter. I need to say, both sides have some pretty ridiculous and pretty logical points. As long as you wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning and night, the choice is up to you.

James 4 years ago

I think showering at night is best because I come from track practice every day and I get sweaty.

Shower Fresh Ions 4 years ago

PLEASE TRY SHOWERING IN THE MORNING. It will make your day 100% better. Here's why: showers release ions of good energy that infuse and cleanse your aura. Believe me, I went from being a night to a morning and the only reason I found this site is because I was searching for anyone else who found they can't go without a morning shower. It will actually make you feel so positive and energized yet calm. I am lazy and it's well worth the effort, please try it for at least a month. Once you get into the shower, you'll be okay, it's the getting in that you have to not procrastinate. And fifteen mins is all you need really. Also, you can smell those who don't shower and you feel like they're not living to their potential of exuding 'clean vibes' all day. Take another at night if you need but PLEASE, this could change the world. LOL, but strangely i'm actually serious about that.

bouncy5 4 years ago

Hello I appreciate all the comments on whether we should shower at night or in the morning.I am sastifed with all thee answers everybody gave.Let's get to another subject now.Thanks everyone for voicing their opinions on this.!

 me yay 4 years ago

ALL YOU GUYS ARE GERMAPHOBICS!!!!!!!! What the heck, why would you even care when other people take their showers? You guys are all stalkers, geesh. I personally like night showers cuz if I dry my hair(my hair is straighter than straight) it is very weird and poofy and frizzy and tangles super easily, and sleeping with that gets a little scalp oil in it, making my hair shiny and straight and not so tangley. In the morning I have to go to school with bed head if I took a shower cuz to air dry I would have to get up at 2:30 cuz my hair is very long and thick and won't dry quickly. Night is better for me, maybe not you, cuz we all have different schedules and opinions, but you can keep that to yourself better that you think one or the other time of showering is gross or filthy or Gerry. LIKE I SAID YOU ARE ALL GERMOPHOBICS!!

that_one_guy 4 years ago

Warm showers in the morning will make you sleepy, but cold showers? They will wake you up and are better for your health overall.

aw 4 years ago

I feel like this is a personal preference. I normally shower at night, and am a teenager. But on Saturdays I shower in the morning before I go somewhere during the day. But when I am getting ready for school, I do wash my armpits and body some before putting deodorant on. But I don't smell regardless when I get up, and still smell nice. The only time I sweat is after I exercise. I don't sweat at all by just sleeping. And I think if you play a sport, it'd be gross to not shower before going to bed and sleep.

JAMAL 4 years ago


Jason 4 years ago

These arguments are so invalid because everyone has a different schedule. If you shower regularly you should be clean regardless, unless of course your so self conscious that you must be clean at every waking moment to please others.

Pink 4 years ago

I shower at night. It's way better. When I shower in the morning, I have to get up earlier and it makes you tired because it relaxes your body. Don't you want your body to be relaxed at night so you can fall asleep better?

Also, at the end of the day is when your dirty. Not in the morning when you're just starting your day.

Please 4 years ago

I find showering at night and in the morning is the best way to go, at night i have the luxury of taking a bath or long shower while in the morning i take a quick shower. This is important to have a clean look, i can spot a person who hasn't showered in the morning a mile away , usually the slight BO smell gives them away along with the sleepy face. Then I take a shower at night to feel clean and be intimate with my girlfriend. The morning shower benefits not only myself but my co-workers while the night shower benefits me and my girlfriend as we both go to sleep clean and fresh. To those bashing morning or night shower i say you are both doing someone a disservice.

Olecountryrose 4 years ago

I hope that you people who shower at night wash your pubics in the morning; and what if you have a bowel movement in the morning. You gotta wash there too. I have been known to take a shower at night AND in the morning. Won't hurt you and if you use a mild soap

Anne9 4 years ago

My boyfriend won't let me on his bed if i did not have a night shower. Personally i'm used to taking a shower in the morning. I kinda understand coz he work as a carpenter. I work in the office with the air on the whole day jump in to my car with the air on as well. Yes i believe its personal preferences on what time you want to take a shower. I just think my bf is being fuzzy. Even of im sick and don't feel like showering he will not let me sleep on his bed. He said that's more reason for me to take a shower coz i have germs all over my body.

zacharyjacques 4 years ago

i think that taking a shower in night is better because it keeps you going in the night and even more if you like to stay up all night :)

Cas 4 years ago

For those of you who say that a morning shower is useless because all it does is make you smell nice for others, could you take a moment to consider the people around you? Ever gotten in an elevator with a person who reeks? Not fun. It's common fucking courtesy. If you would subject other people to your dirt and stink without a second thought, then you really are disgusting.

DARDAR. XD 4 years ago

Oh, fuck it, just do BOTH! If you shower in the morning you feel refreshed blahblah dead skincells whatnot, then after work or school you shower in the evening too! Then your bed will be clean of germs and dirt whatnot. OH MY GOD. Am I the only one sane? :)) Think people! :D

Lulu 4 years ago

I shower in the morning and take a bath at night. I wash twice a day. I had no idea some people showered at night and didn't in the morning!

Clean Christine 4 years ago

Showering in the morning makes far more sense to me. Arguments about sleeping in dirt and grime are a stupid. I wear clothes, they stop me picking up all this supposed filth, I also wash my hands so I'm always relatively clean.

Telling me I'm getting my bed sheets dirty faster... So what? I'm going to shower in the morning! Plus I change my bedding every week anyway. I find putting on clean clothes and underwear after I've slept all night to be disgusting, yes you do sweat at night! Showering in the morning leaves you cleaner for longer during the day.

As for getting intimate, most people would shower before that anyway, a morning person then showers again the next day.... Unless things get very messy ;) What do night time shower people do? Shower before and again after? Seems a bit clinical and doesn't really leave much scope romance!

Michelle 4 years ago

Night shower of course! who will change bed sheets every day? but you will change your clothes every day! think about it... you will make yourself smell fresh for some stranger at the elevator or your co-worker, so you don't have to care about your love one sleeping with you every night? for 8 hours? seriously? if the people thinks you are smelly, they can walk away. what about the one you love and love you so much? they have to sleep in another bed?

i don't understand why people will think it is gross if you take shower at night. if you sweat a lot, may be it is too hot when you sleep. get a quick wash off in the morning. if needed. at night, you won't catch as much dust or germ at the day time. when you sweat, those dust on the street will stick on your skin! ALL DAY AND NIGHT?

your body need to rest, so as your skin! try to look around those people you know, mostly those people who take morning shower, their skin will get wrinkle earlier.... coz, their skin didn't get a chance to have a rest.......

NIght Shower is much more better!!

Mark 4 years ago

I too shower in the morning, my job is nit dirty and I loathe being a bed head all day, not to mention the grimey feeling when you get up. A shower in the morning vitalizes me and keeps me fresh all day, if I get really dirty then I will take a quick shower in the evening. I have only gone to work maybe 3 times in my 34 years at my present job without showering first, hated it. In all honesty though about 95 percent of the people I work with don't, girls trying to primp their (dirty hair), men and women throwing cologne or perfume on a stale body - Yech!

Charles 4 years ago

I really think it really depends on the person. Everybody has different hair types,skin types, and schedules. Sometimes I take showers twice, sometimes i don't because i have a certain schedule or i want my hair to be a certain way. I favor taking a shower at night, then in the morning i can just quickly rinse off or wipe myself down with a wash cloth before getting dressed.

Courtnet 4 years ago

I shower in the afternoon... Is that weird?

Anthony 4 years ago

Why not just shower both in the morning and at night. And if you worried about a high water bill don't be. If you take a quick 5-10 minute shower then you will be all good. Especially if you live alone like me.

Arjay 4 years ago

I take a bath before going to work and before bedtime. It relaxes me so much.

Kenzie 4 years ago

I'm not sure if I should take morning or night showers. Morning showers definitly wake up. They get you started for the day. But night showers are also good because it gets all of the grease and sweat from the day off of you. But then you go to bed, wake up, and feel dirty again. It really depends on your own schedule though i guess :/

Noah 4 years ago

I don't know about you guys, but I take a shower each day, I don't care when I take it. As long as I'm clean...

Beth 4 years ago

I have one thing to say...... I sleep NEEEKKKKIDDD!!!!! Lol

Gill 4 years ago

You guys go to sleep dirty, OMG, DISGUSTING. You said you sweat a lot when you sleep. Of course, it's because you go to sleep greasy and dirty.

Normal people shower in the night before sleep, because they don't like to sleep in their own dirt, also after exercise, after heavy work, always when a sweat a lot...

... 4 years ago

I take a bath in the morning, but I like it better at night because all the dirt is washed away, and it's not about whether no one cares if you're dirty when you're sleeping or something like that, it's all about you being clean :D and I don't usually sweat at night because the AC is on every night... but if you don't have AC or it's just really hot or you're exercising every morning , then it's much better to take a bath in the morning... My mother always tell me to not take a bath at night because it will be the source of back pain or whatsoever, and she just get all mad when I shower at night so I shower in the morning... and that's why I'm always late at school... :D

xprofilejobs 4 years ago



Chris 3 years ago

I like taking my showers at night because it makes me sleep a lot better. It cleans out my pores and makes my skin breath. If I take one in the morning, then i'll go to bed with all that sweat and dirt clogging my pores, which keeps me from having a good sleep because my skin can't breath.

Acrommire 3 years ago

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Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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Tom 3 years ago

From a Medical perspective, a dermatologist perspective:

My wife and I are on two different sides; I am on the morning side and she is on the evening. Of course I am a morning person and she is a night owl.

Hunter 2 years ago

As old this form is, I'll still say my schedule. I take showers in the morning. All though, before bed I wash my face and my hair. I also give my feet a "wash" if they really stink (rare). In the morning, I take a shower because it wakes me up, and makes me feel fresh. I wash my hair at night (and face) to avoid acne, and your hair is where most of the stink and dirt is from (in my opinion).

regina 10 months ago

I'm disgusted by what I'm reading. Is there some law against showering in the morning and night? I can't imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and getting dressed without a shower first. AND I can't imagine crawling into bed at night without a shower!

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