Shuron Eyeglass Frames

An American Icon

When you view the styles, music, and customs of specific eras in history you usually get a good sense of what people looked like in general and how they might have lived. Some things stand out in particular, because they're especially iconic. For example, bell-bottom jeans exemplify the 1960's and 1970's.

For the 1940's through the 1950's there are a set of iconic styles, and one of the mainstays of that time period revolves around eyewear: the browline glasses. You've seen them before, and they're instantly recognizable. You've seen them on Buddly Holly, on Kevin Costner in the movie JFK, and in a lot of print media and TV from that era.

One of the main makers of the browline style is called Shuron. The company started making spectacles after the U.S. Civil War, and they are still around - one of the few American companies that still manufactures goods at all.

Next time you see a movie from the fifties or an old picture in an ancient copy of Life magazine, look for someone wearing a pair of the classic American glasses.

Shuron Freeway Glasses

Shuron Freeway Frames
Shuron Freeway Frames

Shurons and other vintage-style glasses can be found everywhere from estate sales to antique shops to eBay - but Shuron is one of the few companies still manufacturing the style today, making them available new. You can read more about them at the official Shuron website.


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