Silky Satin Pajamas Are Fun!

Pajamas made of silky satin make a perfect present for women of all ages. These types of sexy and comfortable pajamas are always in fashion and are usually very beautiful. One of the best things about silky satin pajamas is that they are easy to clean and very practical. They are extremely versatile as many women choose to wear them when just lazing around the house in the morning or after a long, hard day at work. Satin pajamas always feel slinky, smooth and cuddly soft against a woman's skin.

The best silky satin pajamas fit loosely and they are very cool in the warm summer months. They also act to be cozy on those frigid winter evenings next to the fire. Soft and silky satin feels magnificent against the body. Satin aficionados love silky satin pajamas because they shimmer and shine in the light.

An Endless Rainbow Of Colors

There are many attractive colors which satin pajamas are manufactured in. There is virtually no color in the rainbow which is not available in a satin fabric, starting from very deep, profound shades to light, pretty and romantic pastels. The pink and peach colors tend to reflect the delicacy of femininity while the brighter and deeper colors, such as red and blue satins, are extremely attractive, as they shimmer in virtually any light from sunlight to candlelight.

Black satin pajamas have become extremely popular as they are the preferred boudoir wear. There are very attractive matching sets which feature short robes that belt at the waist and are trimmed with a lacey contrast that the ladies prefer when picking out sleepwear for the bedroom.

Satin PJs In Every Imaginable Style

There are so many varying styles of satin silky pajamas that you may find it is almost impossible to choose. Some people opt for the more conventional set of pajamas with elastic-waist pants and long sleeves; however there are also many who opt for greater elegance in their sleepwear. Of course, there are countless designers of lingerie who have crafted virtually anything that you can imagine in your wildest fantasies. They use a variety of higher-end expensive materials including pure 100% silk.

You Can Have Custom Tailored Satin PJs

Many pajama sets available on the market today are truly amazing. They can be made for a custom fit to your exact size and body shape in the most opulent fabrics that are available anywhere. A great number of these lingerie suppliers, whether they are online etailers or regular department stores in your area, have extensive experience and years of creating wonderful silky sleepwear. Many of these retailers sell their products in countries all over the world. The great thing about online etailers is that the service is completely confidential. The delivery comes to your door in a plainly wrapped box so no one needs to see you coming out of the naughty lingerie store.

If you truly are in love with silky satins or would appreciate the feel of pure silk next to your skin, then satin silk pajamas are your number one choice. Slip into those wonderful pajamas made of soft satin and silk and you'll really enjoy your sleep time.


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Chris 6 years ago

thank god I can buy mens satin pjs! women shouldn't have all the luxuries of silk and satin pjs. So glad I have been able to get them for men.Satin pjs are beautiful to wear,I hate taking them off,no wonder Hugh hefner has daytime and night time silk pjs.

ChrisC2 profile image

ChrisC2 6 years ago

I'll second that comment Chris. From what I've seen there isn't really much difference in styling between men and womens satin pyjamas. I actually have both men and womens satin pyjamas as sometimes the quality of satin in womens pyjamas can be better and feels wonderful in satin bedding.

ChrisC2 profile image

ChrisC2 6 years ago

Silky satin pyjamas are fun, luxurious, sensual, sensational, seductive, slippery, smooth, sexy, dreamy, heavenly, and a perfect companion with satin bedding.

I am seduced by satin.

james 6 years ago

Im a 23 year old male and i wear womens satin pajamas..i just think that they look and feel beter than mens.

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 6 years ago from Toronto Author

I'm very happy for all you guys! :)

ChrisC2 profile image

ChrisC2 6 years ago

Some womens pyjamas are only very slightly different to mens in their styling. You should take a look at Lasana black satin pyjamas, they're great to wear :)

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 6 years ago from Toronto Author

I don't think they make them in XXXXXXXXXL. :)

ChrisC2 profile image

ChrisC2 6 years ago

When you put it like that Hal (lol). Size 16 is perfect for me, I'm trim :) and all cosy in my black pyjamas :)

Chris 6 years ago

sometimes you can get different sorts of satin in pjs,like a woven satin charmeuse or just a straight100% polyester satin. I always check what they feel like on the dull side as well to know whether they will feel really slinky and smooth against skin when you put them on.Some satins feel silkier than others on the dull side and those are the best to wear in my mind. I have bought most of mine from in NY and really love wearing them. They have loads of colours in the womens satin pjs as well.I bought a pair for my girlfriend in purple and theres no difference in the feel of satin to the mens,but every manufacturer uses different satins, so I d advise you to buy one pair first to check them out,before buying more if you doing it on the net.

Janet 6 years ago

My husband and I love to get into our sumptuos striped

satin unisex pyjamas. I can heartily recommend them to

all satin lovers.


Eunice 6 years ago

I bought my husband some sexy satin pyjamas for his last

birthday. When he first saw them he blushed profusely,

but that evening he put them on and was immediately

captivated by their senseuos texture.

Eric 6 years ago

I wear satin pajamas from Victorias Secret.

Rachael 6 years ago

Nothing beats wearing silky satin pyjamas for both wives & husbands especially

for a night of unbridled passion!

Daphne 6 years ago

I've just bought my husband two gorgeous striped satin

pyjama suits. Its not his birthday, but when he's in

those sexy pyjamas I will make think it is?

Timothy 4 years ago

When I first saw the shimmering crimson satin p yjamas my wife had

Timothy 4 years ago

Sorry about that.

When I first saw the shimmering crimson satin pyjamas my

wife had bought me I blushed like a beetroot, knowing I

was going to have to wear them.

But I couldn't help getting very excited, something that

didn't escape the notice of my sexy demanding wife!

Carole 4 years ago

I bought my husband some gorgeous striped satin pyjamas and ended up

wearing them myself. Hubby will have to wait!

ChrisC2 profile image

ChrisC2 3 years ago

Womens satin pyjamas are great to wear. I have many pairs from camille lingerie that I've bought in the last year, they feel very sensuous in satin bedding. I get such a good nights sleep and helps me destress just perfectly.

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