Silly Bandz Rubber Bracelets

What are Silly Bandz?

Are your kids wild about Silly Bandz? Silly Bandz are the latest toy craze sweeping the country. They are colorful bracelets made of rubber in the shape of animals and toys. They are made of silicone and look like rubber bands, and stretch to be worn as a bracelet. And Silly Bandz return to their original shape when you take them off.

Kids love wearing an armful of Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz are sold in packs of 24 and cost $5.00, making them very affordable. Both girls and boys love them and they give them as gifts or trade shapes with each other.  Some Silly Bandz even glow in the dark, making them fun to wear at night.

Where Can I Buy Silly Bandz?

Silly Bandz bracelets are sold at many toy stores, Hallmark card shops, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies. If you prefer not to drive all over town, or if you don't have these stores nearby, just order Silly Bandz online at

You will find the largest selection online, anyway, and you are more likely to find styles that are new or hard to find. They are also sold directly from the maker at

Who Wears Silly Bandz?

It seems like all age groups from young children to adults are fans of Silly Bandz! The craze has hit everyone including teen agers, who like to wear them as a fashion a accessory.

Even celebrities are wearing Silly Bandz! Mary-Kate Olsen and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen wearing Silly Bandz. And Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa wore them on their talk show in May 2010.

Just keep them away from babies and toddlers, who could put them in their mouths and possibly choke.

How did the Silly Bandz Craze Get Started?

Silly Bandz are made by BCP, a private company owned by Robert J. Croak in Toledo, Ohio. The 47-year old Mr. Croak was selling custom t-shirts, mugs and other items when he visited a trade show in China and saw a similar stretchy animal-shaped rubber band which is popular in Japan.

Mr. Croak thought he could sell them in the U.S. if they were larger, thicker and came in a greater variety of shapes. He named his new product Silly Bandz, and created a website in 2008. Sales took off, and have grown rapidly ever since. He does no marketing, which makes his success even more remarkable. He also created a Facebook page that now has over 255,000 fans. The success of his company has created jobs in city that has been hit hard by unemployment.

What's Next for Silly Bandz?

Silly Bandz  just introduced a Silly Necklace, which comes in a pack of three different sizes. The necklaces can be used to hold your collection of Silly Bandz.  There is also a new UV-activated pack of beach bracelets that changes color when the temperature rises.

Mr. Croak says more new products will include celebrity packs, including a major basketball player, as well as backpacks and notebooks for the school year.

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thecelt profile image

thecelt 6 years ago

It is amazing that they come in so many shapes and colors.

UniqueBeauty profile image

UniqueBeauty 6 years ago from United States

Faith bands, a christian brand of silly bandz, are great for VBS, or church get-to-gethers for the kids. I have seen them advertised at Family Christian bookstores for $3.50 for a package of 12. pretty cool... great hub!

charmstotreasure profile image

charmstotreasure 6 years ago

These are cute for young girls. Affordable and not too gaudy. GOod hub :)

FunKidsPartyIdeas profile image

FunKidsPartyIdeas 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the compliments! Am glad you like my hub. My kids and all their friends are wearing armsful of these cute silly bandz.

jewellery channel 6 years ago

vivid rubber bands are a cool accessory for any causal occasion..

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