L'occitane, Simply The Most Amazing Hand Cream

L'OCCITANE Hand and Foot Cream
L'OCCITANE Hand and Foot Cream


Truth is, my hands were getting pretty dried out and I was starting to think it was time again for some of my wife's hand lotion. Problem was, every time I use the damn stuff I squeeze too hard and it plops out in a mass of oily mess too much for my skin to absorb or my hands to rub out. I end up wiping the stuff on my pants and then I smell like hand lotion all day. Plus I never know what tube I am supposed to use as she generally has this and that sun block, hand lotion, and chap stick scattered pretty much where I can never find it. Plus I can't see. I need my reading glasses. But this time was different. This time Mrs handed me a solid tube, an industrial-looking thing, though pleasantly labeled and definitely French. I immediately thought myself a sissy, and quickly got over it as my hands needed help no matter what. She said, "It's the best, I promise you."

L'OOCITANE Hand Cream sitting right where she left it.
L'OOCITANE Hand Cream sitting right where she left it.

I took hold of the industrial tube, braced myself for the coming splat, and began to squeeze. Harder and harder I squeezed, much differently than I was used to as this stuff was serious. And it came out exactly in proportion to how hard I squeezed. I put a small glob on my palm, re-capped the tube, and began spreading and rubbing the soothing cream all over both hands, top and bottom, as well as my arms. Wow, it felt good. So I am rubbing and rubbing and lo and behold no greasy feeling. I am rubbing and rubbing and know already in my heart of hearts that there will be no leftover residue of which I coat my pants with. Already I am thinking this stuff just might be as amazing as Mrs says it is.

I use her L'OCCITANE hand cream again that evening before I go to bed, which for me is basically when the chickens do, early. Next day I am up and about, reading my mail, the newspaper, my latest literary gruel, and I remember to "cream-up" again for safety's sake. I am a little bit anal as well as having an addictive personality so I always feel if one is good, two must be better, and as my dad would say, "why not just poor the mustard to it". I was amazed at how well my dry hands responded to this triple treatment consisting of less than two whole days. I haven't needed an application since and that has been at least a week now.

For over thirty years the L'OCCITANE products have been developed and produced in the small Proven├žal town of Manosque where Olivier Baussan, the founder of L'OCCITANE, was born.

L'OCCITANE creates natural beauty products devoted to well-being and the pleasure of taking care of oneself.

Phonetically you pronounce L'OOCITANE "lox- ee- tahn".

L'OCCITANE means "the woman from Occitania". Occitania is the name of the ancient geographic area in southern France, spanning from northeastern Spain to northwestern Italy.


L'OCCITANE is a socially responsible company. In 1989 L'OCCITANE initiated a sustainable development program in Burkina Faso around the production of shea butter. In 1997, it introduced Braille labeling on its packaging for the first time. And in 2006, it created the first large-scale organic immortelle plantation in Corsica, to protect the integrity of the Corsican maquis.

In addition the L'OCCITANE Foundation supports literacy and its support for women in developing countries; the fight against blindness and assistance for the visually impaired; and the preservation of threatened traditional cultivations.

L'OCCITANE has chosen not to test their products on animals. They have never used products of animal origin, with the exception of beehive products (honey, royal jelly, propolis) and we were among the first to indicate this commitment in writing on their products.

L'OCCITANE encourages the development of alternative testing methods not only for themselves but also their suppliers. Most of the raw materials used in their products are not tested on animals, including their main active ingredients (essential oils, shea butter, honey, etc.) or have not been tested on animals in the past 20 years.

L'OCCITANE has signed an international agreement with One Voice. This agreement represents a commitment against the use of animal testing for finished products and a commitment to using "old", known ingredients, or new ingredients that have been tested using alternative methods.

Since L'OCCITANE uses no animal products or by-products, except for beehive products such as honey or royal jelly, their product is classified as "vegan".

L'OCCITANE Inauguration In Burkina Faso

Shea Butter Transforms Lives In Burkina Faso


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