Sissy Panties

The History of Sissy Panties

Before the early 20th Century, sissified men were very much restricted by the amount of male panties available. This applied both to the choice of materials and styles available.

However, with the Victorian era came the availability of sewing machines, making the mass production of panties for all men possible. As would be expected, however, the Victorians did somewhat stifle the choice of undergarments available to men. Any deviation in a man's panties from the norm was seen as being sissified.

The Baroque period, between 1890 and 1913, produced more extravagant, lighter and sensual male panties. With this came the birth of sissy panties.

Male panties made from natural fibres such as cotton were still the norm for the sissified working classes. Wool blends for both boy panties and older male panties were also available, mainly for health reasons. The wealthier classes looking for panties for men had a greater choice when wishing to sissify their clothing. They were able to experiment in sissy dress, wearing male panties made from cambric, merino and silk.

These fabrics were available to the wealthier class of sissified men until World War 1, which inevitably upset the supply of these materials. The subsequent Great Depression brought about the emergence of suitable boy panties and man panties manufactured from the less expensive and reliable synthetic materials, such as rayon and nylon, for sissy panties.

Enter Nylon Sissy Panties

The invention of nylon in 1927 proved to be a popular and durable material. It was used as parachute material and for glider tow ropes in the Second World War. By the 1950’s, nylon was the most popular material for the manufacture of all men’s panties. This was because the material allowed the desired freedom required for male genitalia. These male panties also met hygiene standards, as they were so easy to wash and dry.

At this time, garments made specifically for women tended to restrict movement, making them less suitable for many male sissy dress styles. Cross dressers and pre-op transvestites of this time, however, still favoured women’s style sissy panties, as they kept their genitalia in place and disguised, so giving the desired look and silhouette.

With the escalation of the sexual revolution of the late 50’s and 60’s came the availability of more alluring and sexy panties for men. For those who chose to dress in short skirts, even shorter sissified panties became available. These often came in the new style nylon male or boy panties, which were inexpensive and provided a feeling of freedom to the overall sissy dress style.

Black nylon sissy panties became available, giving a more alluring look. Snug white sissy panties gave the look of innocence, but daring at the same time. Today these styles represent what is often considered to be vintage nylon sissy panties style and is much seen as part of the clothing revolution for male panties.

By the 70’s, most women and sissified men alike favoured the comfortable panty sets. 

The more sexy sissy nylon thongs became all the rage as sissy dress when first introduced in the 80’s.

Although not always the most comfortable of garments for sissified men, thongs nevertheless were seen as the ultimate alluring style for man panties, even to this day.

They are especially ideal for cross dressers as they do not have to suffer the dreaded visible panty line.

As you consider this look, remember that sissy thongs can be very alluring and sensual at the same time. They are available in various styles, perfect for any mood you might be in. Choose those that are satin if you want the soft feel of it. Or, you may want to select those sets that match up with maid outfits or corsets with garters. This is the ideal way to be a true diva and look fantastic. 

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Today, there are a number of styles of sissy panties available to the discerning sissified dresser.

These include the high cut French style sissy panties or French sissy briefs to accentuate and lengthen the legs, or the full cut nylon panties for the more discreet male panties.

Choose the style that fits your mood or the look you are trying to create. Chances are good you will love the way these fit, including the maid style sissy French panties or the adult dual access style. 

There are also the sissy hipster panties style, which ride on the hips rather than the waist, perfect for the fuller figured sissy. More suitable for the slimmer body are the sissy bikini briefs, which offer more modest protection and give a more sensual feel when accompanied with sissy dress.

This style is only acceptable for those who want more coverage but all of the feel of sissy panties. These are an ideal option for those who are wearing lower cut jeans, and who do not want panty exposure when wearing them. They still are comfortable and have all the same sissy feel to them, but they have more fabric to say the least. 

It can be concluded that undergarments suitable for sissy dress have developed a long way since first being introduced in the 18th century.

Whether the panties are made from traditional cotton, more adaptable and convenient nylon, or the especially alluring and comfortable silk, there is plenty of choice of style and material for male and boy panties for all sissified men, whatever their size, shape or sexual preference.

Be confident when wearing these. You will look and feel great wearing the styles available. The good news is that any style or color you are interested in is available. You can dress up at least under your clothing, and feel sensual and attractive as you go throughout your day. Of course, the only people that will know of this are those that you tell, or that see otherwise. 

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Tammy Lochmann profile image

Tammy Lochmann 7 years ago

I thought I knew a lot about I know more. Great story thanks. Tammy

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

You do write on some strange subjects Julie. It shows just how versatile a writer you are.

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 7 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK Author

I should have called ExquisiteWriting

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

Whatever hubbers are going to write next about? This information certainly surprised me. Thank you. As you say, you live and learn.

bingskee profile image

bingskee 7 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

frilly! i think it will feel like i have diaper with one sissy panty! :-D

lola likes... 7 years ago

Wow- very interesting... I thought they were cute when I first saw the picture... definitely not expecting them to be men's.

Mary 7 years ago

I sew sissy panties for men Crossdresser I've been doing it for 6 years now and I've met a lot of nice respectful sissy boys

sexy lingerie 7 years ago

Love the look, it is somewhat vintage to me, but everything old is new again, right?

ahumanishere 7 years ago from MA

Wow...great research...thanks

lululemon is pwn profile image

lululemon is pwn 6 years ago from Canada

im a boy, i wear women's clothes from my waist down i never wear mens underwear i wear women's underwear i wear satin bikini panties mostly

little princess dani 6 years ago

I love my sissy panties and appreciate that you wrote this.

Thank you!

VampireAlice profile image

VampireAlice 6 years ago

i love my sissy panties :) :)

alicewaverley 6 years ago

Well, I have never ever heard of sissy panties! Lord! Another very informative hub!

Andy 6 years ago

I made a rather nice bread and butter pudding with evapourated milk, malt loaf, raisons, two eggs, butter, a dash of mixed spice and some chopped peaches, with brown sugar. I must honstly say that it tasted rather nice.

I think Linda Snell used the same recepie, when cooking a dessert for a winter supper, for the vicar of Ambridge.

panties 6 years ago

I did not know about Sissy Panties, but I loved them after learning about it from above hub page. I have loved these panties so much that I instantly decided to order one for myself.

sam 6 years ago

Ruffled panties are fun to wear under regular pants. They bring out your feminine side.

dly645 6 years ago

I wear pretty panties fuul time, I d not own any mns underwear. I am looking for a lady to make nicepanties for me.

Nicole Ashley 5 years ago

I am so relieved that men, like my sissy self, can have the freedom to choose what delightful under garments they can wear. I am a panty wearing man of 67 years of age. The past fear of being caught was so stressful. I no longer have that fear and wear satin panties, with lace, every day. Love to all!

pink12 5 years ago

I have a hard time with the word sissy panties. I wear nylon panties 24/7! And am not a sissy in any way! My wife has no problem with it. it's all in the comfort and choice of underwear.

joshua jackson 5 years ago

they look cute

knickerlover 5 years ago

I wear black knickers every day, and black leotard in bed every night so so comfortable, soft @ stretchy. mens stuff urgh NEVER!!!!

Tommy 4 years ago

I wear panties when I am stressed my girlfriend was at first shocked now she loves them.. I am lucky... My x wife hated it. I am a 49 year old in great shape. I always loved satin . Ok and I own a construction company and ride motorcycles ....yes I am 100 percent strait

graham 4 years ago

yes i wear panties my girl friend buy them for me and bra she told me if i like to wear panties i should wear a bra with them and maybe a dress around the house now its been a year i do not have any male underwear i have ten pairs panties with matching bras two dress to to dress in around the house yes i like the way thing are

sam nicole sissy 3 years ago

I am so in to wearing lingerie. All my life I have been ashamed of what I love. No more, I am what I am. I am a sissy and am proud of it. Thank god for the internet; I am now free to be what I am!

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