Skechers Twinkle Toe Shoes

All that glitters is not Gold!  It might be a Skecher Twinkle Toe shoe! This is one of those times when you think Why didn't I think of that? Well if you are around my age we did. I remember growing up decorating my Converse shoes all sorts of crazy ways. But Skechers has taken it to a new level. They have produced a very attractive line of shoes especially for girls. There is no shortage of Pink, flowers, or glitter on these shoes! These shoes have a wide range of appeal.  No matter if  you have a  punk rocker, a princess or a Tomboy in the family, there is a Skecher for them.   The Skechers Twinkle Toe Shoes will surely be a must have for back to school shopping.

The Girls Skechers Twinkle Toes Shuffles goes a little punk with this high top shoe. The high top is 7 and 1/2 inches high and a lace up. It has some cool graphics on it and the typical twinkle toes jewels on the toes! These shoes are made of canvas and have a rubber sole.

 The Skechers Big Kid Little Kid Shuffles Glitterazi Sneaker  comes in several colors You can choose from pink, black, Multi pink and Purple silver.  The glittery shoe comes with a dangling rose charm. ( not included on toddler shoes).  It comes in wide variety of sizes.  Each color comes with a different tattoo inspired design on the fabric.   Each shoe does have a glitter stripe where the eyelets of the shoelaces are.  The twinkle on these toes are multi colored sequins.  This shoe received on average of four and half stars out of five on nine customer reviews.  Although one reviewer stated some of the studs started falling out another customer state that they are super cute.

 If you like pink  shoes then you will love the Skechers Little Kid Big Kid Shuffle, Pixie Dust Sneakers.  This shoe comes in several colors including pink, chocolate pink, black and hot pink, natural and neon pink and purples.  Each different color has a different design.  The shoe features a  frayed shoelaces and a sequins on the toes. Five customers gave this shoe four our of five stars. Parents state although it was tough getting the shoe on at first it wore nicely and is easy to slip off and on.  There have been no reported problems with the sequins.  Another parent reports how her " girlie tomboy" loves these shoes.

The Skechers Big Kid Little Kid shuffles Hurrah sneaker is a very pretty shoe.  It features the tattoo inspired graphics on the shoe with added pink stripes up and down he shoe.  This shoe twinkles even more with pink glitter on top and sparkly sequins on the toe.  Also included is a rose charm.  This shoe is unique because it has a Velcro fastener on the top of the shoe.  The Skechers Big Kid Little Kid shuffles Hurrah sneaker  only comes in pink but does have little kids and big kids sizes.

The Skechers Big Kid Little Kid Shuffle Flutters Glitter Eyerow lace is pink with butterfly designs. it features no tie laces and a rose charm. This cute shoe is made with glitter fabric an only comes in pink. One customer review gave this shoe four out of five stars. She reports how well her niece loved the shoe for a birthday gift.

 If you are a fan of the sparkle then you will love the Skecher Little Big Kid Shuffles Wisecracker Sneaker shoes.  The canvas glitters in pink.  It has no tie shoelaces and pink and silver glitter sequins on the toes.  This shoe also comes with a rose charm.This Wisecracker shoe can also be found in silver glitter.  One reviewer gave this shoe four out of five stars.  The customer review stated it was an absolutely cute shoe that went with many outfits.  The reviewer warns these shoes run small.

The Skechers Big Kid Little Kid Shuffles, Queen Bee Shoe comes in turquoise. The colorful canvas is full of colorful prints. It has a hook and loop strap for a comfortable fit. The shoe is shoelaceless and has blue glitter all around the eyelets.A turquoise rose charm adorns the shoe. One customer gave this shoe five out of five stars. The reviewer stated they were comfortable and pretty.

 The Skechers Little Kid Big Kid Shuffle Icie is a fast seller.  This soft pastel shoe features tattoo inspired graphics and frayed edges.   These are slip on shoes that have sequins on the toe. Two parent reviews gave this shoe five out of five stars. One customer stated how popular this shoe was in back to school shopping.  It was so popular that this same customer is going to buy them again as Christmas gifts. Another reviewer raves how pretty these shoes are and that the pictures don't do them justice.

The Skecher Cali Twinkle Toes Shuffles Plaid and Stars features purple background with pink stars. Plaid is down the middle.  Some of the pink stars are studded with Sequins.  The toe of the shoe is also studded with sequins.  Pink sequins make a star design on the shoe.  This shoe comes in little kid sizes.

The Skechers Bizzy Bunch Lace up shoes come in many colors. All shoes are sequined and shiny. They come in big kid and little kid sizes. The boot cut fit is a cute way to wear the shoes these days! Parents state their daughters get compliments every time they wear them!

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