Skin Care Products for Rosacea Sufferers

If you are a rosacea sufferer you will know that your skin is sensitive and easily irritated. You may perhaps find it better to use specially made rosacea skin care products that are very gentle on the skin and won't make the your problems worse. If you find a skin care product causes a burning sensation then you should stop using it.

Some sufferers of rosacea have discovered that some preparations that contain clove oil, menthol, peppermint oil or salicylic acid have caused soreness of their skin so be extra cautious if you use a preparation that contains some of these ingredients and use a very small amount as a test first.

Rosacea sufferers are very often much more vulnerable to the sun which may cause outbreaks. It is important to always apply a good, high factor sunscreen even on cloudy days for maximum protection. A sunscreen containing zinc or titanium dioxide is often preferable as these ingredients will not inflame the skin.

Treatments for Rosacea

It is important, if you have rosacea symptoms, that you consult a dermatologist or other medical practitioner who can give you a treatment to suit your skin. The most frequent treatment that is prescribed is a combined course of oral antibiotics which is followed by medication, in the form of lotions or creams, which can help to control the condition in the long term. All of these decrease inflammation that can reduce the redness that is seen with rosacea and can decrease the incidence of flare ups.

The medications applied to the skin enhance the antibiotics effect and help with control over the long term. Some drugs frequently used are metronidazole, azaleic acid and sodium sulfacetamide.

For sufferers for whom these treatments do not work or who have very severe rosacea perhaps with disfigurement, there are a number of other therapies. Laser therapy is available to treat the blood vessels that are visible on the surface of the skin, the skin's surface, dermabrasion may be used or even plastic surgery.

Dermabrasion removes the skin's top layer to leave it smoother and clearer. For those people who have skin thickening, particularly in the region of the nose, plastic surgery can be an effective option which will repair areas that are severely damaged.

Ingredients Used in Rosacea Skin Care Preparations

Once the condition is under control, OTC skin care products can be used successfully. Specially formulated products are available that are non-irritating and gentle, contain ingredients that are beneficial for sufferers of rosacea and have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.

Some ingredients that have been shown to be of use include Vitamin K and Willowherb. Willowherb has been used for a long time for treating inflammation and is excellent for reducing the redness caused by by rosacea. Vitamin K is vital for the health of the blood vessels and is useful in healing the capillaries in the face.

Bio Maple has also been reported to be helpful in lessening blemishes and redness and helps to inhibit the bacterial growth. It's extracted from maple trees and has a similar pH to the skin.


Women should also be careful when they buy make up. Thick cosmetics can clog up the skin pores and trap oil, which will increase the growth of bacteria. A light, oil free, non-comodogenic (does not clog pores) make up is preferred.

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Pevonia Rosacea Solution Kit

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In Conclusion

While rosacea is a painful and embarrassing condition there are treatments available. As well as using topical medication, taking care of the skin and being careful of the products you apply to your face, will bring about a marked improvement.

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maria m 7 years ago

I am in my 50's and have recently been diagnosed with Rosacea, which I believe was induced by the YEARS & YEARS of application of creams prescribed by my doctor for a mild condition of SebDerm! The doctor never told me that repeated use of steroid creams could INDUCE ROSACEA!!

On a number of occasions lately, as I searched the stores for a "cure" to whatever was going on with my face, I had seen reviews for the "Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum", but didn't believe it would work - because nothing else I had purchsed had worked so far....The redness and rash I was experiencing had gotten much worse over the last month. I needed relief, badly.

So I decided to buy the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum - it was cheap compared to other rosacea creams and I had nothing to use. WITHIN 2 MONTHS I WAS MUCH IMPROVED!! Honestly, my face even felt better!! The stinging has almost stopped except for the nose area, and the redness is almost 100% gone, as well as the overall "itchiness" from the latest flare.

Don't wait - go buy this BEFORE you see your doctor!! At least give it a try first; you have nothing but about $18 to lose! Hurry and get relief for yourself!!!

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