Skin Care Review: Satsuma Body Polish

I am not a fan of The Body Shop because I think their expensive products are based on a gimmick like any other beauty company. Recently I had a chance to buy a product at 50% off and I of course could not resist. I went around the store, basically smelling everything. Unlike the Bath and Body Works, their scents are less sugary and more natural. I smelled their Satsuma line and it was a heavenly and bought the body polish over their body scrub. I thought that the tube was easier to work with than the tub and I just wanted a gentle exfoliation.

Satsuma, I think, is another word for clementine, you know those delicious little citrus fruits that are easy to peel, although I don't know what language. The Body Shop projects a global image and they always seems to find exotic little places with exotic ingredients to put in their products. Anyway, the scent becomes more intense when you are taking a shower with the polish, so it made for a pleasant and refreshing experience. The consistency of the body polish was just right, it wasn't too heavy or light. The grains are not too numerous and not so fine that it disappears quickly under a warm shower. Afterwards my skin felt soft so I know it got rid of the dead skin. There was also no oily residue which sometimes happens after you wash away the body scrub. I purposefully did not use lotion to see how long my skin stays hydrated. For me it took until the third day for my skin to look dry.

If price is of no object, I recommend that you use Satsuma Body Polish regularly. Otherwise I would call this a luxurious and indulgent buy at $18 and would only get when The Body Shop has a sale.

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