Skin Laser Acne Treatment in Florida – Guide to Laser Skin Treatments

Skin Laser Acne Treatment in Florida – Guide to Laser Skin Treatments

Since the 1980’s, skin laser acne treatment has become one of the preferred treatments for removing the scarring caused by acne. At an age where people are very self-conscious, acne can leave a terrible legacy, from pockmarks to angry red scar tissue. Although the scarring will fade over time, this often takes many years, and most young adults cannot wait that long when they want to socialize and meet people.

For many years, laser acne treatment centers in Florida have been at the forefront of integrating and developing innovative new technologies and techniques. The state was one of the first to develop a market for skin laser resurfacing treatments, due to the high incidence of sun damage. Practitioners have been quick to explore new uses, and stretch mark removal, varicose vein treatments, and skin laser acne removal are just some of the areas in which Florida has been at the vanguard.

What is Skin Laser Acne Treatment?

Like most skin laser treatments, acne removal involves using a focused laser to remove the top layer of skin, exposing the smooth and unblemished skin below. This process takes up to an hour, and may require a local anesthetic to alleviate the slight burning sensation. The procedure is not major, and you will be able to return home straight after the treatment.

Recovery usually takes a few days, and you are advised to stay out of intense sunlight and meticulously apply the prescribed creams and lotions. Depending upon the initial severity of the scarring, skin laser acne treatments may need to be repeated two to six times, at intervals of about a month.

What Results can I expect, and are there any Side Effects?

Results can vary from patient to patient and, to avoid disappointment, sit down with the doctor first and ask questions. This will inform you exactly of the possible outcomes and also prevent you from developing unrealistic expectations. Whilst skin laser acne treatment is a relatively simple procedure, it is still minor surgery; talking through the procedure beforehand will inform you about some of the risks and set your mind at rest.

Skin laser acne treatment is an excellent method for removing the scarring, but a course of treatments may be necessary. There is some discomfort after the procedure, similar to mild sunburn, but the lotions prescribed by the center will alleviate the worst of the pain. There will also be some redness, but this will lessen after a few days and you will be able to judge the results for yourself.

Finding a Good Laser Acne Treatment Center in Florida

Using one of the many excellent skin laser acne treatment centers in Florida is a godsend for those suffering from distressing scars. In a few simple outpatient treatments, you can rid yourself of the self-esteem issues that plague many young adults.

Finding the best center for your needs is not difficult. Personal recommendations, as always, are an excellent reference and, if possible, it is a good idea to visit the center and talk to the staff beforehand. They will set your mind at rest and allow you to make the best-informed decision. The Skin laser acne treatment experts in Florida can significantly improve your quality of life, filling you with new confidence and passion.

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