Skinhead Fashion in the UK 1971

Skinhead Fashion 1971

Smoothie and Sort
Smoothie and Sort



It's March 1971, and the Skinheads have grown their hair. Like it or not, they are now known as Smoothies, and their girls 'Sorts'. Gone are the shaved heads and the Doc Martens, and in comes longer but well groomed hair, and either Royal Brouges or Squires footwear. Ian Moore is a typical ex-Skinhead. Ian in the picture, comes from North London and works in a Bank. He spends about £5 out of his weekly wage of £15 on clothes, and suprisingly, his girlfriend spends slightly less. Here, Ian can be seen wearing a made to measure Crombie purchased for £16 from Burtons, with the regulation red handkerchief in the breast pocket. The small Blue Beat type Trilby cost £6.30 from Herbert Johnstone. The shirt is the same as in 1969, ie. Ben Sherman, and the Levi jeans with a small turn up, worn 2 to 3 inches above the ankle still remain. His Girlfriend, Sarah, wears a Two Tone petrol and gold suit made from Trevira by Diego, and is on sale at Topaz in Oxford Street, and cost £11.50 (note the breast pocket handkerchief). She also keeps faith with the Ben Sherman shirt for which she paid £3.30. Her Ravel shoes cost £4.99, and her outfit is completed by a pair of grey Wolford tights with a flowerey pattern down the side.

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ade young 7 years ago

they were called suedeheads 1970-71

smoothies as you call them wore budgie jkts, channel seamed trousers penny collared shirts ect. the hair was feathered too

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 7 years ago from England Author

Thanks for commenting ade, I've just dug out the original photo and it was taken in March 1971. The Budgie jackets? Yes I had one of those also, if you remember they were named after the Adam Faith character in the TV series 'Budgie', I think this was first shown in 71 also.

Dave Fleming 4 years ago

Although they're clearly suedeheads,i've seen the original article,and it refers to them as smooths.

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 4 years ago from England Author

This is the original article.

kaz 2 years ago

wow I had the same suie has her in the picture...saved hard for 3 months to pay for it it was bout £12 back then lol..brings back some great memories

Skinhead 69 profile image

Skinhead 69 2 years ago from England Author

It certainly brings back great memories, 1969 to 1971 the two best years of my life.

dandycapp 2 years ago

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