Mens Small Skull Tattoos

Skulls are a pretty common tattoo among men. You can get a skull in all varieties of styles, designs, and sizes. A lot men like to get a large skull tattoo that covers a good portion of the area that is being tattooed. It is not uncommon to also have fire in and/or around the skull. Some people even like skeletons or tomb stones around the skull as well. Not everybody likes the large skull designs though. Some people prefer small skull tattoos. There is a huge gallery of skull designs for tattoos. Even on a smaller sized skull tattoo you can still and some neat things to your tattoo. Like flames, bones, barbed wire, and teeth to name a few options. If you can't find your perfect skull tattoo you can go into a tattoo parlor and tell them what you would like and they will draw it up for you. What's nice about that is it can be tweaked or changed to be the exact design you desire.

cool small skull tattoo

small skull tattoo

unique small skull tattoo

neat small skull tattoo

different small skull tattoo

small skull tattoos


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