Shooting Star Tattoos and Star Foot Tattoos

Simple Shabby Chic Tattoos

Star tattoos are a very common tattoo, generally by women. While the shape of the star is always the same, you can make it 3D, add whatever colors you like, make neat looking lines or dots around it, or just add some cool shading. Even though the star seem like a relatively simple tattoo design, they continue to grow in popularity.

Some people like to get a small star tattoo while others prefer large star tattoos that cover the whole leg, side, back, or arm. Whatever you decide, star tattoos look really neat. They're also nice because they're easy to conceal depending upon where the tattoo is. This is good because some employers are very strict on if a tattoo can be exposed or not.

Pretty Star Tattoo

Neat Star Tattoo

Cute Star Tattoo

Large Stars Tattoo

Cool Star Tattoo

Unique Shooting Star Tattoo

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