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Where to Put a Symbol Tattoo

There are a massive variety of tattoos to choose from. A lot of people like cute, fun tattoos while other people get tattoos with a personal deep meaning. A lot of people like tattoo symbols to express this feeling. There are so many symbol tattoos to choose from. The other nice thing about symbol tattoos is that they are small which a lot of people prefer. People like to get these tattoos in a variety of places. The neck is a popular place to put a symbol tattoo. Another common places for this type of tattoo is the calf, lower back, or on the lower stomach area. As personal as the tattoo you choose is, it is as equally personal where you have the tattoo put. You can also add other factors to your tattoo. Some people like to have flowers, vines, or butterflys around there symbol tattoo.

asian tattoo symbol

chinese tattoo symbols

leo zodiac tattoo symbol

dragon tattoo symbol

love, life, loyalty tattoo symbol

cool tattoo symbols

chaos tattoo symbol

power symbol tattoo

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stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 5 years ago from Australia

Ha ha that last one, the 'Power' symbol, how funny!

DeborahFantasia profile image

DeborahFantasia 5 years ago from Italy Author

I thought so to !

Thrifty 3 years ago

It reminds me of Xbox

2 years ago

The Chinese kanji is backwards

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