Snake Eyes Piercing For The Tongue

Example of a snake eyes piercing
Example of a snake eyes piercing

With facial piercings and body modifications on the rise, it is only natural that adherents of this fashion continue to search for new and exciting piercings. One particular piercing that seems to be increasing in popularity is the snake eyes piercing.

It seems that people are looking to the wilderness for inspiration as another popular animal inspired piercing is the spider bites piercing, which consists of two piercings side by side in the lip to represent a spider bite.

The snake eyes piercing is on one of the most popular parts of the face for piercing; the tongue. There are many suggestions as to why this is a popular area but personal pleasure seems to be high amongst them!

Simply put, a snake eyes piercing consists of a curved bar with ends attached to represent the snakes eyes. This is inserted horizontally through the very tip of the tongue. Perhaps one of the reasons for its popularity is also that it is not an overly painful procedure with just modest pressure being felt on the tongue during the piercing.

Whilst a snake eyes piercing is strictly speaking a tongue piercing; a similar style can be used on other parts of the face and body. It seems generally accepted that as long as they are close together, perhaps it is ok to classify them as such. Of course, a hip piercing, whilst using this same method does not look like a snake which is the whole point of the piercing being on the end of the tongue. There are other possibilities where the snake eyes piercings could be placed but only of course, on the male, and it’s fairly safe to suggest that perhaps that procedure may not be as comfortable!

So, are there any risks involved in having this type of piercing? Well, of course, it should go without saying that anyone considering having a piercing of any kind should ensure that they find a reputable and qualified piercer. This at the least reduces dramatically, the risk of infection as they are much more likely to ensure that their equipment is well maintained and sterilised. Of course, things can go wrong and there is a small risk with all piercing but providing precautions such as the above are followed then the risks should be minimal. There may also be damage to the teeth caused by the contact between the teeth and the piercing and this may depend on the location of the piercing and the strength of your teeth. Perhaps, however, out of all of the tongue piercings, the one most likely to cause damage is the snake eyes piercing due to its positioning at the front of the tongue.

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kayla 4 years ago

I was eating and it push the piercing in cludein the ball now it hurt when i try to push it back what to do

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 4 years ago from UK Author

Go to your doctors or at least back to your piercer.

Jennifer 4 years ago

I Just Got the snake Eye Piercing And People have told Me I will never talk right again is That True or is it only in the Beginning??? Should I take it Out when its done Healing??

Jojo 4 years ago

I have mine and it doesn't affect speech, I've had it for 2 years and I chipped my tooth after 2 months so I just switched to acrylic balls

Mo~Mo 4 years ago

Im gettin my snake eyes done this Friday....but wat do I need 2 keep it clean otha than mouth wash???

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 4 years ago from UK Author

A saline solution is usually recommended but your piercer should be able to advise you when you have it done.

Angelme566 profile image

Angelme566 4 years ago

Oh my this is so painful and so dangerous for it might cause an infection..

Alberto 4 years ago

The snake pircing in the tongue is for the men o for the women?

Sourpatchkid22 4 years ago

I got my snake eyes on the 9th/ four days ago. It didn't hurt much but when I wake up from a nap the pain is terrible and I also speak with a lisp now. How long will this last. Also my piercer advised me to have it done a little further back than the tip of my tongue b/c it would be more comfortable so its back a little.

desiree 4 years ago

I'm gettin mines done Friday I wonder does it hurt worse than the regular tongue ring

Loyalty 4 years ago

I've had my snake eye for 10 month's now, & once in a while it pain's like hell I don't know what to do . . when I take it out for 10 mins or more it starts close up & it hurts when I put it back in . why is that ?

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, Perhaps you should consider permanently removing the piercing if it causes that much discomfort. Alternatively, visit a REPUTABLE piercer for advice or even your GP

sexyme 4 years ago

what can i do if i have a lump right where the balls are on my snake eye piercing????

charliegrumples profile image

charliegrumples 4 years ago from UK Author

I'm no medical expert so I would suggest you first check with an experienced and qualified piercer or see your doctor.

Alexandria 2 years ago

Can someone give me tips for keeping my piercing screwed in? (My balls keep loosening/ coming off)

jessica 10 months ago

I got my snake eyes done 3 weeks ago and one of my balls keeps coming off and I dont know why...

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