Solitaire Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Many women like the simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring with just a single diamond as a center stone. There are many styles of solitaires that are quite appealing for women who want to be simple in their engagement ring choice.

A cushion cut engagement ring looks good in a plain shank, but because the stone is a bit shallower and wider than a round diamond of similar size you would not set it in something as high as a Tiffany mounting.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Mountings

Solitaire cushion cut diamonds should be set more flush to the Shank in a basket setting rather than in a peg setting. One of the reasons of safety. The center diamond in cushion cut engagement rings present a larger target for the stone to accidentally hit against all manner of objects.

This setting to the right shows the cushion cut diamond set right into the shank for a good stable flush mount. Note the thickness of the shank. With cushion cuts it might be best to avoid the thin spindly shankd, especially if your diamond is over 2 carats in size.

Round stones in this respect are a bit more durable because of increased strength at the girdle with steeper crown angles and pavilion angles than comparable cushion cuts. This is why they are noted for the mountings for cushion cuts. Another factor is that cushion cuts have a totally different shape appeal from a round diamond. Their shape looks better when it is lower to the mounting.

Wide Shank For Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings have some variability in their shape appeal in that that they can be very square or more rectangle in their outline. A 1 to 1 length to width ratio will give you a square cushion cut.

The favored length to width ratio in terms of cushion cut shape appeal is in the 1 to 1.2 range with a slightly rectangular look. This shape is normally mounted in a north to south fashion and may look a bit odd on solitaire mountings with very thin shanks. The cushion cut stone appears to overpower the ring.

To avoid this, it's always best to have a slightly wider shank with the cushion cut diamond or even a double shank where you have two connected shanks that balance out the cushion cut diamond.

You could also have a split shank that becomes double as it comes up the shoulder. Check out the ring below with the diamond mounted in a split shank setting. The split shank emphasizes the shape appeal of a cushion cut as it widens going up the shoulder

Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamonds have a very classic look and hand engraved mountings look very good with cushion cut diamonds. It gives it that vintage flavor and touch of class that you may not find from the antique cushion cut engagement rings you find in a jeweler's estate case.

The great thing can be simple etches in the metal going up and down either side of the Shank or it can be highly detailed relief work using motifs like flowers, leaves and other elements of nature. Antiquing can add to the character of the ring contrasting nicely with the brilliance of the cushion cut diamond.

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