Some Like It Hot and Steamy

Some like it hot and steamy with a friend. The Romans believed it was best, done in public places. I prefer to go it alone. Which ever your preference, there is no better way to relax, unwind and de-stress than in a warm welcoming bathtub. A nice hot bath is a great cure for a bad day or a bad back. I have nothing agaist the typical soak, but if you truly want pamper yourself, and you should, you'll need to turn it up a few notches. Let me show you the difference between taking a bath to get clean, and having a luxurious bathing experience.

Photo by, CMKY ONE on Flickr
Photo by, CMKY ONE on Flickr

For a luxurious bath, you need to start with the best bath accessories. Certainly a salt, milk or bubble bath can take normal ordinary bath water to a luxurious level! My current favorite way to spice up my bath water is with essential oils. I dribble different oils in the bath depending on my goal. Lavender is always a good call for its relaxing properties, but I also like clary sage and frankincense. Bath bombs or fizzies that dissolve like huge Alka-Seltzer tablets are a fun way to soften you bath water and soften your skin. You might want experiment with tub teas too. They are over sized tea bags filled with herbs that you steep right in your tub. I wouldn’t suggest using any old tea bag though. You may end up tea staining yourself.

Photo by, by Bright_Star on Flickr
Photo by, by Bright_Star on Flickr

Next you have to set the stage. I like to put candles around the bathroom. A couple soy candles or a few essential oil candles. If you don’t have any naturally scented candles you can add a couple drops of essential oil right into the melting wax of a little tea light. Once my bathroom smells like heaven, I gather my bath toys and use my bath tub caddy to hold them. My caddy has a book holder, a place for my wine glass, and a couple of cubbies besides. I like to use a shower gel and a body puff to really make it lather up. I usually add a nail brush, razor and other grooming tools. A new magazine, soft music... I try to think of every thing, because once my head hits that bath pillow I don’t get out for anything. In fact, I usually fall asleep.

Photo by, by strelitzia --- on Flickr
Photo by, by strelitzia --- on Flickr

Lastly, I lay out my towel, an Egyptian cotton one, of course. I set out my favorite lotion, currently Tendre est la Nuit (Tender is the Night) by La Bouquetiere. I like to put it on when my skin is still damp, so it locks in some of the moisture. I hang up my coziest robe. Grab my glass of wine, (this also might have something to do with me falling asleep.) Hit the lights; we all look better in candle light. Then, slowly sink into my idea of bliss.

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darnell koster 8 years ago

sexy hub patti...i havn't read your stuff in awhile. Can't wait to read more.

Patricia Costanzo profile image

Patricia Costanzo 8 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain Author

Glad you liked it darnell.  I do love a good soak!

Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

nice and sexy hub

Patricia Costanzo profile image

Patricia Costanzo 8 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain Author

Glad you enjoyed it Lgali.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

the candles are dangerous, don't ask me how I know. But one day, I will have my gigantic bathtub and not let any kids in it. And I'm one of the ones, who enjoys it with a friend, hence the danger of the candle. I say no more.

MFB III profile image

MFB III 6 years ago from United States

The tub is one of my dearest friends, always wrapping me in a warm hug, usually bubbly and sweet smelling, bidding me to lie down in it's lap and forget my woes. I spend hours reading there, when the water gets cool, I simply run more hot water, my head plumped by a bath pillow with nothing to do but just be another happy dweller in the people soup we all enjoy...great hub...I'm thinking about a bath right now...which tells me it's superb III

Patricia Costanzo profile image

Patricia Costanzo 6 years ago from Behind the Redwood Curtain Author

People soup... I like that. I haven't decided if the tub is my comrade or my destination.

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