Stamping Nail Art is AWESOME!

When I was living in Florida a couple of years ago I would frequent a new mall just down the street from my job.  It was pretty quiet as there weren’t many stores or kiosks in it yet and they had a few of my favorite clothing stores in there.  It was here that I was first introduced to stamping nail art.

Down one of the little corridors where there were no shops yet open there was one small kiosk set up with nail polish galore.  I was with a girl friend of mine and us being girls that we are, we couldn’t resist checking it out.  The little kiosk owner was selling a nail art system.  Naturally we asked a few questions and she did a demonstration of her product.  We were amazed!  She dabbed some nail polish on a plate, squeegeed it, picked it up with a rubber stamp and then rolled the stamp on our nails and there was the perfect image of a butterfly.  She then pulled out a gem stuck it on the middle and polished over the entire thing in a matter of seconds.

This thing was AWESOME!  I wanted it, BAD.  One problem, the small kit was over $50 and since I wasn’t actually allowed to wear nail polish at work…I couldn’t justify the expense.  However, I have thought about that little demo more than I would like to admit in the last few years.  Now that I no longer work at a place where I can’t wear nail polish I decided to look it up again.  Just for looks because I am not in the position to spend $50 on nail art.  Much to my surprise the Konad Stamping Nail Art system has gone down drastically in price!  Yay!!  You can now get the basic kit for $15 on Amazon.  Plus they are selling the additional plates individually for about $7 now.  I just ordered $50 worth of stuff…

The awesome thing about the stamping system, you can do all sorts of designs, even a perfect French manicure.  Anything from flowers and butterflies to animal prints to more simple designs and it takes literally a few seconds to do. 

The down side, there is a little bit of a learning curve.  Don’t expect to get it perfect the first time right out of the box.  But once you do figure it out, the possibilities are endless.  It’s cheap enough to give it a try so I recommend at least the basic set and the French manicure plate to anyone and everyone who has ever painted their nails.

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