Sterling Silver Charms And Beads

Sterling silver pendants and charms are perhaps the one type of jewelry that is made in more themes and designs that anyone can ever know.

It's relatively easy to make sterling silver charms to wear either on a necklace or on a charm bracelet. They are also quite inexpensive to boot and usually will range from a low of five dollars to a high of $20 or $30.

Many seasoned travelers who go around the world love to pick up sterling silver charms representative of places that they visited.

Although these are basically souvenir charms, what's nice about them is that you won't see them back home and so you can individualize your necklace or bracelet by attaching such a charm. It becomes a sort of a checkmark that you visited the place and can prove it.

Sports Themed Silver Charms

Apart from vacation spots there are many other themes that you will find represented in sterling silver charms. Sports teams are a popular subject that you would find on sterling silver charms.

When you go to football games and baseball games, you will often find baseball cards for sale alongside sterling silver pendants with the logo of the particular team you're interested in designed onto the surface.

Most sports fans like to wear T-shirts and other memorabilia associated with the teams that they love to watch.There are often times you don't know what gift to give to someone who you know likes a certain team.

One of the best gifts you can get is a sterling silver charm with perhaps a team player, or just the overall team logo stamped onto it.

Pet Sterling Silver Charms

Another popular type of silver charm has to do with the North American obsession with pets. People in America love their dogs and cats as well as other animals.

They love to show the world that they care for their pets and like to seek out different kinds of silver dog charms and silver animal charms in general that they can wear around their neck.

They will usually get the breed of dog or cat or animal that they possess or own. They will also get other breeds if they like the look of the charm.

Cartoon characters in sterling silver make great gifts for animal lovers and are based on the stories of pets like Heathcliff and Garfield when it comes to cats and Marmaduke and Scooby Doo when it comes to dogs.

Branded Sterling Silver Charms

Walt Disney Company also produces a wide range of sterling silver charms with their signature cartoon characters for both adults and children. They even produce Mickey Mouse pendants as well as other characters' pendants in gold.

Cartoon characters have been around for a long time and the baby boom generation places particular emphasis on the value of these characters while they were growing up.

So it is no surprise that they would be very much interested in silver charm jewelry that took them back in time to when they were growing up.

The Silver Charm Bracelet

The silver charm bracelet has been quite popular recently with the rise of the silver bead category. Silver bead charms are a great format because it is all about flexibility and easily configuring sterling silver charm bracelets and necklaces into the look you want at the moment.

You can create any theme you desire by stringing the appropriate charms on the standard snake link silver bracelet used by the major Italian silver bead bracelet companies like Pandora and Troll Beads.

You can mix silver cross charms of various styles along with other Christian themed bead charms like prayer books and folded hands for a silver bead bracelet with a religious disposition.

Silver Bead Charms in All Variations

Other silver charms for bracelets in this format include silver jewelry charms with gemstones like blue topaz and garnet.

Two toned charms with a touch of 18k yellow gold are also quite popular since they add a bit of warmth to the otherwise stark white look of silver.They are quite a bit more expensive since gold pricing is very high these days.

Cheap silver charms costing $10 to $20 at retail are most popular when it comes to the beaded sterling silver charm bracelet format.

The charms with gemstones and murano glass or enamel run a bit higher and then the most expensive are the ones with karat gold accents.

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