Style Advice for a Cone Body Shape

The cone shape is referred to sometimes as an inverted triangle or strawberry shape. The defining feature of your body shape is your broad shoulders, which taper down to slimmer hips giving you a more athletic looking build. The key rule of dressing for cone shapes is to bring balance top and bottom by drawing the eye to your bottom half and minimising the top half. You can do this in a number of ways. Avoid adding breadth at the shoulders by steering clear of shoulder pads, sharply structured jackets and epaulettes. Have fun with colour and pattern on your bottom half and look for structured skirts such as fashionable tulip and lantern skirts.


When shopping for tops, aim for styles in a soft shape and fabric. Avoid large puff sleeves, shoulder pads and slash necks as they will only add to or emphasise the width of your shoulders. Look for soft knits, dropped shoulders and light, feminine fabrics to soften your silhouette. A wrap top is a great option. Stick to mostly muted or neutral shades and avoid patterns that scream ‘look at me!’

Go for a scoop neckline or a neckline softened by lace or a small frill or ruffle. Avoid large lapels and sharp V-necks as these will emphasise the tapering shape of your figure. Slash necks will only highlight the broadest part of your body – your shoulders. Keep collars small and subtle or stick to collarless styles; think feminine blouse rather than sharp masculine shirt.

And lastly, don’t let that waist get lost in the soft fabrics. Tops with back-ties can help show off your shape.


With those slim hips you may find your figure naturally suits trousers better than skirts. However, your shape will look fabulous in skirts that add a bit of volume or structure, such as an A-line skirt or something pleated or tiered.

Fitted or straight skirts are a definite no, be it a pencil skirt or a long tube skirt. Instead go for something with shape that will create curves, such as a tulip or a lantern skirt – or even a trendy peplum skirt. Avoid skirts that start at the hip; go for those that start at the waist instead. High waisted tulip skirts are ideal, or full circle skirts that fall from the waist.

Whereas your tops will look best toned down, your bottom half should be played up, so really go for it with bold colour, pattern or both!


The best dresses for your shape are those with a simple or more fitted top half and a fuller skirt. Avoid shoulder pads, puff sleeves and off the shoulder numbers that highlight your widest area.

Having broad shoulders doesn’t mean they need to be hidden away though. A strapless dress with a full skirt can look fabulous and will be more flattering to your top half than dainty spaghetti strap dresses.

Your angular top half was made for fashionable asymmetric dresses and styles with one shoulder strap. Also fashionable right now are colour block dresses with a black bodice and brightly coloured skirt – these are ideal for you.

Jeans & Trousers

Your figure is well suited to nearly all styles of jeans and trousers. You can work skinny jeans and wide leg trousers alike, or find a half-way house with boot cuts. Avoid big flares, which will be a little much in contract to your hips.

Look for jeans with detail on the back pockets or go for cargo trousers as a great alternative on dressed-down days.

Avoid tapered trousers, which will only emphasise the ‘cone’ like nature of your silhouette. Skinny jeans will suit you better than leggings. If you love the look then choose a striking colour or pattern, or wear them under a skirt with shape.

Coats & Jackets

When choosing coats and jackets look for small collars and lapels, or go for a collarless coat such as a funnel neck. Single breasted styles will suit you better than boxy double breasted styles and avoid anything with shoulder-emphasising epaulettes.

Coats with a waist tie are great on you, particularly those that fall out again in a fuller skirt below the belt as this will balance out your shoulders and give you a fabulous outline.


You’re one of the few shapes that will never have need of magic knickers. Any fleshiness at the hips, lights or bum is a good thing as it will balance out your figure. A waspie or waist cincher can work well as it will emphasise that waist of yours and bring out the hips more by comparison.

A good bra is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. Make sure you’re wearing the right size to start with by going for a fitting or following an online measuring guide.

Finishing Touches

A chain or bead belt is a great addition to Cone shaped women’s accessory collections. Sling one on your hips when your wearing skinny jeans, leggings or longer skirts to add a little more width at the area and balance with your shoulders. Also coloured and patterned tights are really big right now. If you have a few plainer skirts in your wardrobe then adding funky tights is the perfect way to add interest to your lower half.

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sasha 4 years ago

this was very helpful article. Thankyou!

Bernice 3 years ago

Agreed. Was looking for what to wear for graduation. This was very helpful. x]

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