Style Advice for a Pear Body Shape

The pear shape is also referred to as a triangle shape. This is one of the most common female body shapes, with most of the weight carried on the bottom half of your body, at the hips, thighs or both. The key rule of dressing for pear shapes is to bring balance top and bottom by drawing the eye to your top half and minimising the bottom half. You can do this in a number of ways. Play up your top half with strong colour and structure and draw attention to the bust with a good bra and detailed necklines. Stick to darker or more muted colours on the bottom half to avoid making it look bigger.


Your choice of what you wear on your top half is the key to looking your best. Add volume at the shoulder with puff sleeves or the currently oh-so fashionable shoulder pads. This will bring your figure into more of an hourglass outline.

As you have a fairly small bust you don’t want to go too low with your necklines but a V neck is ideal to balance out the inverted V of your lower half. Embellished necklines will also draw eyes up keeping the focus off your bottom half.

Look for tops that add volume at the bust with bows, frills or ruffles and don’t be afraid to go bold with colour. Go as bright as you dare or try a pattern or graphic print. A gilet is another great way to add volume.


Your aim is to keep things simple on your lower half so go for a neat A-line or something just a little fuller. These will be flattering on you at pretty much any length. You really can’t go wrong with these shapes so embrace the skirt!

Avoid figure-hugging pencil skirts and fishtail skirts which will draw attention to fuller hips or thighs. If you like the look of a pencil skirt, try a structured lantern skirt instead (not the type that add extra draping at the hips). You may think that this will only add volume on your lower half but the beauty is that their structure will actually disguise your heavier areas.

Avoid ruffles and flounces and stick to muted colours such as black or grey. Keep the show-stopping parts to your top half and you’ll be onto a winner.


Stick to similar principles when it comes to dresses. Keep the focus on your top half with details such as beading or ruffles and choose an A-line shaped skirt.

V-neck dresses are ideal for emphasising that décolleté and off-the shoulder numbers will add breadth at the shoulder to balance with your bottom half. Strapless dresses can look great – try adding a shrug for more structure at the shoulder.

Avoid thin spaghetti straps as this will make your top half look narrower. Bias cuts will only make your hips look more expansive.

Jeans and trousers

If you’ve a bigger bottom you may struggle with low rise jeans so look for those that come up a little higher at the waist.

Capri pants are a no-no as they taper and finish all too quickly and will only emphasise hips and thighs. Also stay away from tapering trousers and stretchy trousers. Leggings can look good when worn with a long length tunic top.

You’ll look best in an elegant wide leg that falls from the hips and skims over the thighs, or a bootcut or flared leg. These will show shapely legs above the knee but the volume at the ankle will balance those hips or thighs.

Coats and Jackets

Look for coats and jackets with structure at the shoulder. A military coat or jacket is ideal for you; epaulettes to broaden the shoulders and double breasted buttons to emphasise the chest.

When shopping for longer coats look for belted styles that flare from the waist, such as a fuller skirted Mac or trench. Detailed collars and broad lapels will both flatter. A V-necked coat will draw eyes to the bust – a bright scarf is a great way of doing this too. Or look for coats with a large hood that sites at the shoulders – one with a faux fur trim would be perfect.

Whatever you do avoid wearing your coat only fastened at the top: wear it buttoned right down, or open.


A good bra is essential to every woman’s wardrobe – and especially so when you’re look to draw a little more attention to the top half of your body. Make sure you’re wearing the right size to start with by going for a fitting or following an online measuring guide. Then try a lightly padded bra or a push-up bra for a little more va-va voom!

Finishing Touches

Jewellery is a great way of attracting attention where you want it. In your case a striking necklace just above the neckline of your top or some statement earrings will work perfectly.

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mylife=adventure profile image

mylife=adventure 5 years ago from Wisconsin

Pear shaped is the best shape in my opinion. Every woman has their own beautiful shape. There's just to much pressure on woman to look a certain way. Men really don't put this pressure on them either. It's mostly just the media. It's sad.

SkinSurvival profile image

SkinSurvival 5 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Thanks for your comment. I agree all shapes are beautiful. If you learn to love your shape, everyone else will too. Confidence is sexy!

PepDateDiop 3 years ago

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