Style Advice for an Apple Body Shape

Apples carry most of their weight around their middle, which can make dressing difficult – but it’s easy when you know how! The secret is to go for elongating shapes that flatter your figure such as long coats and cardigans worn open. When it comes to tops and dresses, look out for flowing empire lines that fall from the bust and skim over your stomach. Draw attention up around the bust and face with striking necklaces, earrings and detailed necklines. Don’t be tempted to force your figure in with tightly cinched waist belts as this won’t have the desired effect. You’ll be much better off investing in good underwear such as a bodyshaper that gives you bust a great shape and gently smooths your stomach area for a clean line under your clothes.


When you’re shopping for tops look out for anything that will draw the eye toward your bust and away from your middle. This means that high necklines are out – you will look in a deep V-neck or scoop neck. Tops with neckline detail will be flattering for you – e.g. beading/ jewels/ embroidery or pattern around the neckline.

In terms of shape, flowing empire lines are the best. This is a shape of top that falls straight down from under the bust, skimming loosely over your stomach. Avoid anything stretchy over your mid section

The length of your tops is also very important. Opt for longer length tunic tops that finish at the hip or thigh rather than anything cropped and avoid tucking tops in to your skirt or trousers.

Anything that creates a long line will work wonders for your shape. For example a long boyfriend shirt or long cardigan worn open creates a long vertical line that will draw the eye down your body without lingering at the centre. Never wear a shirt or cardigan buttoned only part way down.


The best skirt for your shape is a bias cut skirt or something with interest around the hemline such as an asymmetric or hanky hem skirt.

Avoid anything that tapers inwards, such as a tulip skirt or anything in a clingy fabric, as these will emphasise the width of your middle. Calf length skirts in a stiffer material will work better – especially those with a body lengthening vertical slash.

Also stay away from anything too fussy such anything with lots of pleats or flounces as these will just add bulk to your silhouette in one of your slimmer areas.


Look out for empire lines and bias cut dresses that will flatter your figure by de-emphasising your middle. Keep the emphasis on your bust instead with a lower neckline.

V neck wrap dresses that fasten at the back are a great option for day time. A flowing maxi dress is also a gorgeous look on you. For evening, an off the shoulder dress is great as it will add breadth at the shoulder making the rest of your seem slimmer in comparison.

Choose stiffer rather than clingy materials for the skirt and stick to a gentle A-line or straight skirt – perhaps with a sexy vertical pleat or slash for an elongating line. Show off your fabulous legs with a knee-length number but don’t go too short as it can make your figure look a little boxy.

Jeans and Trousers

When it comes to trousers aim for wide legs rather than a tapering shape. Don’t go for styles that go right up to your waist as this will only add bulk where you don’t want it. Instead look for something that sits a little lower on you; this will elongate your torso. Seam fronted trousers will be great on you as they create that all-important vertical line.

When you’re choosing jeans, look for flares and bootleg styles rather than straight legs, especially those with a bit of extra detail at the ankle. Styles with a little bit of stretch in them will give you a nice fit.

Coats and Jackets

As an apple shape, you should avoid belted coats that fasten over the broadest part of your body. Instead go for something with long straight lines such as a light Mac or trench coat. Wear it open for that flattering streamlining effect.

Go for a V-neckline rather than a high neck and stick to single breasted styles as double breasted coats and jackets can make you look a little boxy.

If you prefer a jacket to a longer coat aim for one that finishes at the hip or thigh rather than the waist and look for single breasted styles that fasten below the bust rather than over it. Stay away from very bulky styles such as anything padded and go for a lightweight material instead.


A good bra is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. Make sure you’re wearing the right size to start with by going for a fitting or following an online measuring guide. You’ll find an underwired bra will give you the best shape and support – remember, the better supported your bust is, the less prominent your tummy will look. You’re simply spoilt for choice when it comes to padded and push-up bras, and there’s always gel inserts for a little extra va va voom! If you feel self-conscious about your tummy then an all-in-one body shaper or some high waisted control pants can make you look and feel fab.

Finishing Touches

When you’re wearing jeans or trousers go for a longer length and wear with high heels for a leg-lengthening look. Bold bright shoes will draw the eye flatteringly down your body so have some fun if you have a passion for footwear!

Jewellery is a great way of attracting attention where you want it. In your case a striking necklace just above the neckline of your top or some statement earrings will work perfectly.


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