Summer Eye Makeup: Keep it looking FRESH!

Tips & Warnings

  • Limit yourself to one coat of mascara.
  • Consider permanent makeup. It's now possible to have your brows and lash line permanently tinted.
  • Do not apply additional mascara to the lashes during the day. This may lead to a caked or clumpy look.

Summer is here! And it is time to shine- not melt in the sun! Heat can reek havoc on makeup, and leave your beautifully painted eyes dripping down your face... since most of us don't want to go without makeup, here are a few pointers to keep yourself looking fresh and great no matter how hot it gets! So put on those summer clothes and get out there!!!

A few steps to glow in the sun

  • First switch to products that can handle the heat. Needless to say this includes long wearing or waterproof mascara, the choice of eye pencils over liquid liners, and switch to shadows that harden to a cream once applied. If you can do away with the shadow, it would be even better, as shadows look a wee bit cheap especially in an office setting.
  • If you really have to go out for a party, I'd suggest that you use false lashes to hide out the portion of the shadow. After all you need a pair of good-looking eyes right!
  • Go easy on the eyes. Line the upper lash line, or settle for a sweep of a light shadow, if you really must! Shadow from lash line to brow is more likely to cake or crease in the heat, and darker colors are prone to bleeding more, making them a bit more apparent.
  • Skip the eyeliner and mascara on the lower lashes. In a sweaty under-eye area, liners and mascaras bleed and make you look like you're having a black eye. Avoid Kohl pencils, as most of these smudge, irrespective of what brand you buy.
  • Set eye makeup with a light dusting of loose powder. This not only helps in absorbing any moisture that may cause eye makeup to melt, but also gives a glimmer to your face. Besides you look a lot fresher all the time!
  • Use a non-powdered blotting paper to remove any under-eye perspiration when you do notice streaking. Wipe away any eye makeup with a clean cotton swab. Always keep a small bottle of cleansing milk along with you, you never know when you might require it.
  • Reapply faded makeup sparingly. Constant re-application can make your face look absolutely patched up and hardly the kind that looks neat.

A few tips to help you:

  • Try and limit yourself to one coat of mascara. You could use hair accessories or great looking scarves to move away the attention from the eyes. This could even be a great pair of shades that you wear during this season.
  • Consider permanent makeup. It's now possible to have your brows and lash line permanently tinted, if you're really into applying make-up frequently.
  • Don't apply additional mascara to the lashes during the day. This may lead to a caked or clumpy look. If you really want to feel good that your eyes have that starched lash look, go and splash your eyes with water, it not only helps you feel fresh but also gives you the mascara look!
  • Keep an eye shadow brush in your purse or backpack to blend shadow in the crease during the day. If you don't want to use your nice expensive brushes then the little, cheap, nylon-bristle brushes that come with compacts work brilliantly. Last, don't use the sponge-tip applicators for this. They just pick all the shadow and make it look uneven.

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