Swarovski Disney Ornaments Figurines 2012-2014

Snow White

Captured in a beautiful stunning crystal, Snow White really is an amazing Swarovski Figurine! This expressive and totally unique piece is an important part of the Disney collection. If you look closely you can see that her head and arms are unfaceted clear crystal. Below you also have 4 of Snow Whites beloved 7 dwarfs - Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy and Bashful! Dopey is the youngest of the 7 dwarfs and many fans favourtite character. He is adorable and has a wonderful smile which draws you in. Bashful comes complete with his life like beard and shy appearance, and really is a sweety pie. It's a rare occasion to find Sleepy awake, or at least standing up anyway as he is usually snoring somewhere! Sneezy is the proffessional sneezer and can literally make a building shake like it has been hit by an earthquake! But why not go for the complete set? All available on Amazon and usually reduced in price, making them the cheaper option! Don't forget about Happy, Grumpy and Doc,the leader of the 7 dwarfs!


Bambi is possibly the sweetest character of all the Disney films put together! Below we have Bambi himself with his faceted clear crystal body set on unfaceted legs, with a Rosaline crystal butterfly tail makes him totally adorable. Once you have Bambi you can start to collect his friends, including Thumper the Rabbit, Flower the squirrel, and Friend Owl. All Bambi's friends are made to absolute perfection just like Bambi. Below we have included thumper rabbit to give you an idea of just how special bambi's friends are. You can see thumper hopping along looking cheery as his nose sparkles and eyes gleam.

Mickey Mouse

Swarovski have a whole range of special little gifts focused on Mickey Mouse, including charms for bracelets and necklaces, figurines, ornaments, earrings, cell phone charms, keyring chains and more......This little adorable mouse is perhaps the most famous figure that has come from Walt Disney over all the years and therefore there is lots of Mickey Mouse Swarovski goodies available!.......


Last but not least we have the fabulous, beautfully created Eeyore the donkey. Eeyore is the ultimate Swarovski collectors item because he seems to be harder to find that an any other Disney figurine! Maybe it is because he is so beautfully faceted and boasts a magnificent gleam that is totally unique to this piece.

Christmas & Birthdays

Swarovski figurines are the perfect gift to give and receive. Who wouldn't be impressed with an andorabe little figurine that brightens up any room with its unique twinkle and shine that is only found with Swarovski crystal! Take a look below at the Christmas Figurines for 2010 - 2011 and get some wonderful ideas for gifts for your closest this year...

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