Tales About Tattoos - An Argument Against Them

Wilma Proops on Tattoos - "DON'T EVER GET ONE!"

I'm not one to keep my opinions to myself but I'll admit I'd be in a lot less trouble if I'd just keep my big gob shut! Here are some of my thoughts about tattoos - backed up as ever by my independent, subjective research.

My survey found that 90% of people who have tattoos regret doing so at some point in the future; 5% regret having a tattoo immediately. Over 60% of people find tattoos unattractive. At last the truth about tattoos. This should be read by anyone considering having their first tattoo.


Amphibian Man

I went swimming one day at a public baths. A most striking man sat on the side. “Striking” because his entire body, apart from his head, was covered in tattoos. So apart from his face, hair, rather understated trunks (a neutral beige I seem to remember) and perhaps the soles of his feet, all else was a multitude of colour. Red, blue, yellow but mainly green. “He looks rather like and amphibian” I thought to myself while realising I was gawping rather rudely. My realisation dawned too late, his eyes fixed on my stare and, somewhat aggressively, he asked:

“What are you looking at?”

I answered in all honesty “What do you think?”

He must have known I was looking at his tattoos. Mustn't he? I concluded that he'd had the tattoos so people would look at him but years later he'd become fed up with all this scrutiny - but how was I to know that? (Stupid man!)

Spider Man

Face tattoos are just as disturbing as the full body tattoo. I once chanced upon a man who had chosen to have a classic spider's web (albeit in red) tattooed upon his face with his nose acting as the web's central emanation point. The sight was somehow quite terrifying but I don't fully understand why. He wasn't acting in a frightening manner, he merely walked towards me as we made our separate ways to different platforms at a railway station. I think the sight communicated with some primeval sense and the resultant quick beat of my heart told me “watch him, he could be dangerous”. Since then the only people with facial tattoos I've noticed have most definitely been dangerous.


The examples above might be extreme but I believe all tattoos are abominations. Here are some frank truths about tattoos.

  • There is no such thing as a sophisticated tattoo. They all look nasty and cheap and with time, as they fade, even nastier and even cheaper. The cheapest and nastiest tattoos are those whose canvasses were originally firm taut skins but now are faded, drooped and wrinkled.
  • Sad tattoos include names. Some people have their owner's name etched into their flesh to denote their property status. Sadder tattoos try to rectify this - after the property is no longer required - by re-tattooing over the name.
  • The funniest tattoo I ever saw was on a young woman's lower back and depicted a leaping dolphin. For all the world, it looked like the dolphin had just leapt out of her knickers. Totally ridiculous.
  • Over 90% of people with tattoos regret having them sometime in the future. 5% regret having them immediately. More than 60% find tattoos unattractive.
  • Being tattooed is painful but having them removed is even more so. Tattoos can be expensive but having them removed is even more so.
  • I think the origin of the word “tattoo” is onomatopoeic from Tahiti. The rat-tat-tat-tat of hammer on pin on skin. But is this enough reason to add one to yourself and become part of the modern rash of tattoos? I think not.

If you are currently deciding whether to tattoo or not, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What will my tattoo look like in twenty years time?

  2. Will I be able to stop at just one or will I end up like Amphibian Man?

  3. Will, even the sophisticated tattoo I am planning, be someone's idea of a joke?

Your answers should be:

  1. Nasty and cheap.
  2. You never know, maybe.

  3. quite possibly

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melinda 7 years ago

i see no research, just your idiodic opinion. I don't even have any tattoos, and no plans to get one, and it is still obvious to me that you write pure opinion and claim substance. loser.

Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 7 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

Dear Melinda,

Take a breath and calm down. Better? Now, read my wonderful article again or in full, but (please, please, please) pay particular attention to its introductory paragraph. In fact, allow me to quote it here (save you a job):

I'm not one to keep my opinions to myself but I'll admit I'd be in a lot less trouble if I'd just keep my big gob shut! Here are some of my thoughts about tattoos - backed up as ever by my independent, subjective research.

You see? It is tongue in cheek.

Your manners were obviously AWOL when you when you called me, Wilma Proops a "loser". How rude you are! Fortunately, I'm not one hundred percent a real person, so no bones broken. (tee hee)

For more priceless FREE advice on all matters relationg to your life - see my Comedy Problem Page: www.WilmaProops.blogspot.com and remember:

Many a true word is spoken in jest!

Madison. 7 years ago

Hey your a FUCKWIT!

All i see here is an opininion and poorly thought up schemantics to try and back it up.

Now i have one tattoo. Its a very badly done tattoo BUT i still love it because to me it represents my love and passion for music.

And i do believe you have absolutely NO FUCKING RIGHT WHATSOEVER to tell other people what they should think or what the should do.

And my question to you is how the fuck would you know what a tattoo feels like seeing as youve never had one?

It feels different for everyone my bestfriend my best friend

who is a big guy almost cried when he got his. Whe i got mine i didnt even feel it, and im only a scrawny person.

And the amphibian man as you so blatantly labelled him; did you ever consider that maybe you staring at him so bluntly and rudely offended him?! i mean any person would've reacted the way he did, whether they were tattooed or not.

I personally think you're a rude old fucking PRUDE. Grow up!

Telling people how to live their lives is ridiculous. Get a fucking life.


Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 7 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

Madison, Madison, Madison! Oh what a loser you are!

The article is written in a light-hearted manner which doesn't merit your potty mouth, aggressive and pathetic response. Get a life - use your time to attack really bad people.


1) Wilma Proops is a character and not a real person.

2) The second word of your mindless attack is incorrect - ie you needed the abbreviation of "you are" which is you're - not your.

3) Please do not leave messages containing abusive language. If you feel you have to it is a sign that YOU'RE INADEQUATE like MADISON

Lester (MG) 7 years ago

I agree with your argument "Wilma", and I'm glad to find that others out there do in fact view tattoos as grotesque and offensive. I very much wish tattoos weren't as socially accepted as they are, but unfortunately secular pop culture has become the golden standard to which we hold society's expectation. I am quite young actually, and often misunderstood by my peers (most of which have tattoos). I think it speaks much of a person who has to use artwork on their body for simple expression, or to find a meaning or purpose in their lives. It's quite sad actually. I find more often then not that these people lack any real form of talent and suffer from immese insecurities, dangerously low self-esteem, and an abundance of social ineptitude. Trust me people, outside of your little world of friends and acquaintances, the REAL WORLD does not consider tattoos cool (or even acceptable). They are ugly, and symbolize trash, unintelligence, and a lower way of life. Unless of course that's the message you want to portray to the world, then by all means...mi vida loca! But if you do not, and tuely do want to be an independent free thinker, then don't subject yourself to what society considers cool (you're gonna hate it in the end anyway). On an inside little note: good luck getting accepted into med school love, not with that...not ever.

Rebeka 7 years ago

You people are idiots....really??? Are you knocking on people because they like to express themselves and how they feel on the inside!!!! I think you guys are rediculous, who cares what someone else does it is definately NONE of your business. Your not God so why you judging. . .it is not even your place to tell a person what they should or shouldn't do, just because you don't like tattoos doesn't mean they should be covered at all times or anything like that. Really you are so f'n stupid

BOB 7 years ago

i have had my tattoos for years, and ive yet to regret any of them. anybody who regrets their tattoo obviously got a shitty tattoo by a shitty artist. as far as im concerned, if you dont have any tattoos, you cant have an opinion on tattoos. and dont say your an avid tattoo lover just cause you have some gay ass tribal arm band or a tramp stamp. fake ass kids in their ed hardy shirts.

Megan 7 years ago

Although I have a tattoo myself and am planning on getting a few more I found it amazing at what some people responded to this. We as people with tattoos show our opinion by getting the tattoos and this person is simply showing their opinion. There is no need to be rude and all you're doing is giving a bad name to those of us with tattoos. And as for the writer, sure some people go overboard but there are some small, simple tattoos that really arent that bad. Main point, keep an open mind people.

Fred 7 years ago

Megan I agree with you in that everyone should keep an open mind. People are perfectly allowed to like or dislike tattoos and if you do not like them, do not get one. I happen to have a tattoo as well and I do not so much get angry at the people who are against tattoos, but more so the people who feel that it is within their rights to tell other people what they should be thinking. In that sense, to those people I have nothing to say but a simple and direct, "fuck off".

Emi 7 years ago

This is amusing to read. Have anyone of you ever thought that this reaction maybe be the purpose of this character's statements? I think the point is don't judge. People with tattoos aren't bad people. Maybe some of them do bad things, but the tattoo is not the cause. People without tattoos do bad things too. In our age, tattoos are accepted more and more because it is becoming apart of our culture, just like some cultures have long necks with golden rings, or bound feet, or gages all over their bodies. To us, it's weird. To them, it's culture. Same as what's happening now. To some people, it's weird. To some, it's a new culture developing. Don't be so quick to judge, that just shows ignorance. Everyone, whether they agree with tattoos or not, has the right to an opinion and the right to express it. That's the beauty of America. This country is filled with many kinds of people. To those that don't approve of tattoos, good for you. You are certainly allowed to think and feel that. Just remember that you are just one person in a country filled with millions of different kinds of people, including those who believe in body art. Those of you who do like tattoos, be proud that you're participating in a new cultural activity. It's nothing to be ashamed of. When people give you ugly looks or ugly things, just smile to them and say nothing. Tell yourself that they're just ignorant and narrow minded. There is no need to be aggressive.

Again, it's funny the way people responded to one person's opinion. She cannot hurt you, nor can anyone else. She's not even real, just a character.

Emi 7 years ago

And even if it's not in America, still, everyone has the right to an opinion.

Lucy 7 years ago

Very well written and a very good point. The majority of people who claim to get "original" tattoos, or to show there love of music, or there mum, or there kid or there dog get them in the exact same style as the next person, therefore losing all originality.

To me it seems to be stating insecurity, they need people to think "ohh wow look at the guy's tattoo isn’t he cool??!" But then they would never admit they were insecure (perhaps not realising it themselves).

I would never have a tattoo. Perhaps this is closed minded of me, because yes, some tattoos are very well done and pretty, but why should I dedicate my body to a band that doesn't, and will never know me, regardless of whether they are "legends" or not?

And another point, when you see a woman with stretch marks on her belly having had 3 kids and that once lovely rose on her hip is now stretched and pale and that once muscular man looks like his forearm is now covered with blue veins (it once said Tracy on it) you have question is it really worth it?

Why can't I have an opinion on it? I see something, I judge. This means that no body can have an opinion on any celebrity with cellulite or a singers new hair cut, because, apparently, if you don't have you can't judge.

Hmm, I'm not so sure on that.

Emi 7 years ago

When I say don't just, I mean you shouldn't judge on person who is into something just because you don't like how the previous person acts, who also happens to be into the same thing. On an individual basis, judging is natural. But I don't mean on an individual basis. Judging something in one view, like saying, "I don't like that tattoo for that reason, so therefore all people with tattoos are this and that and I think this and that about it." It's like saying, "This Mexican looks gangster. Therefore, I don't like the way any Mexican looks because this particular person looks gangster."

Before anyone replies saying tattoo people have a choice where as Mexican people don't, you'd be surprised on how white a Mexican can be one day, and then how dark they can get two days later, so yes, it's very similar.

Point is, individual judging is natural, there is nothing wrong with that. That's how we live and that's how we survive, believe it or not. Judging on a whole based off one is what I'm commenting on.

Also, I think I made it very clear that everyone has the right to an opinion in the first response.

angela 6 years ago

I wouldn't say all people with tattoos get them because they are insecure. I have one, but I got it for religious reasons. I am christian and have strong faith in God. I love him so much that I put a cross on my ankle. Here are my reason: Christ went through death to save us, so why can't I get a tattoo, 30 minutes of pain, to show what I think about it? It's on my ankle because Jesus washed his disciples' feet, for the feet were the dirtiest on the body. Why have Christ on the cleanest part when it is needed most in the dirtiest? My tattoo is symbolic of the washing of the feet and it shows my love and commitment for God.

How does that show insecurity? It doesn't, it shows commitment. The world is not black and white, so making black and white assumptions is incredibly ignorant and naive on your part.

bob 6 years ago

I think this article is opinionated and I see no evidence of so called research. You say you have done your research but it is not solid and I assume you have done your research in an old folk’s home or somewhere with no understanding of what art is. I know people with tattoos and none have regretted it. I'm even thinking of getting a tattoo. I can see that you have no respect for people expressing themselves but you seem to express your opinionated BULL SHIT freely.

Martin 6 years ago

Author-I so agree with your point of view. Why anyone would demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the sacred temple they received from God and their parents by defacing it with permanent ink is really a mystery to me. Even famous types like Beckham get them so it seems that for some, it is a means of advertising to advance their monetary and business interests. Whores paint and tattoo themselves for the same reason. To me it is shameful and sad to see people permanently defaced with "art" but I suppose in certain very difficult walks of life it might actually seem to make sense to them, but in time they'll regret it.

Thanks for providing me an avenue to comment on this perennial topic of the phenomenon. I hope the practice will disappear completely in time. God bless you.

Sammy 6 years ago

Let me say this once to make it clear.

To the people who don't like tattoos:

You will NOT change someone's mind if they like a tattoo. They got a tattoo for whatever reason, they like it. You can NOT changed their mind about whether or not they like it. Your opinions of ALL tattoos are old. Life is modern, and tattoos are becoming modern. Get over it.

To the people who have tattoos/like tattoos:

People will not stop telling you that what you did is wrong. They will judge you even though they shouldn't. Don't waste your breath cussing at them, they are not worth it.

To everyone:

Whatever you deside you believe in, it may be right to you, but it be not be right to someone else. It may be right to one person getting a tattoo, but it doesn't make it right to someone else. It may be right to you that you should not mark your body, but your opinion is no right to someone else.


To you who say you body is a temple:

If you are christian, you believe your body is a temple. Good for you. If you're not a christian, the saying "your body is a temple" is just annoying.

Point is, you canNOT change someone's mind by just telling them your opinion. They must be willing to change.

Emi 6 years ago

Look at this picture and please tell me I did something wrong that I will regret in the future.

Tell me that it's wrong to use my body, "a temple", to show the very thing I absolutely believe in with not a single trace of doubt.

Tell me it's wrong to permantly put ink in my skin of something that will always be and has always been "in my skin" metaphorically speaking.

Tell me I'm insecure for getting this.

Tell me I will regret proudly showing my faith when I'm older.

Tell me this symbol of the greatest power in the christian faith looks cheap and nasty.

Tell me this is shameful.

Tell me it symbolizes trash.

Lastly, tell me loud and proud that you know everything there is to know about tattoos and that they are all the same. I want to hear it.

Whether the tattoo is for religious purposes, or because you feel like it, it is not wrong if the person doesn't think it's wrong, and yes, I am also refering to gothic tattoos. As Sammy said, what is right for you is not necessarily right for someone else.

Don't judge, you don't know anything about that person or the reasons for their tattoo, so please, save yourself the embarrassment of an ignorant answer.

I strongly recommend this website for anyone arguing on behalf of Christian believes.


However, to those who are not making this a religious battle, you're smarter. That means that your opinions are just opinions, not false claims based off ignorance.

And if I have offended anyone by calling them ignorant, here's my response:

If you are ignorant because you have just never been informed, I'm very sorry for offending you.

If you are ignorant because you are stubborn and refuse to accept people as they are for your own selfish reason, and I have offended you, good.

Emi 6 years ago

It didn't show the picture, so here's the link:


Shoualeng 6 years ago

HELLO EVERYBODY! i design tatoos for my friendand they all appreciate it. Although i've never actualy had or given anyone a tattoo it's weird, i've never met anyone whos hated tattoos until now.. but that's your guys opinion, i won't fuss, but please don't fuss over this subject its kinda pointless and time consuming!!!BYE EVERYBODY! :)

Emi 6 years ago

Fussing? Yeah right lol, more like debating, my addictive drug XD

Amber 6 years ago

where exactly is this research coming from? did you just pull it out of your ass? because it's completely wrong. You have no idea what you are talking about and don't understand that body art dates back over 5000 years and has been used by everyone from nobles to slaves. It is an art form and you have no right to judge people who do it. And seriously? how much ruder can you get than to just blatently stare at someone for showing some individuality. People like "the anphibian man" should be aplauded for showing their individuality, not mocked. There is one thing you said that I do agree with though, and that is that you should definately shut your gob.

Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 6 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

Really, how rude some of you are and how very stupid too. The article is a comedy piece and the research was made up. Thanks for adding to the comedy though - a lot of effort has gone into composing some of the abusive and pathetic replies. By the way, Wilma Proops is a fictitious character and heads the ONLY Comedy Problem Page in the World see http://WilmaProops.blogspot.com You might enjoy another article "she" wrote called Penis Tattoos - also researched in a similar manner see http://www.xomba.com/penis_tattoos

The bloke referred to as Amphibian Man in the article does (or did) exist and he looked really stupid and age will only make him look stupider. Lastly, if the article has upset or angered anyone... good!

Mwah mwah Wilma

Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 6 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

Since writing and publishing this article:



Aaron wick 6 years ago


Aaron Wick 6 years ago

i like the use of comedy but the same could be applied to the true author. Your work is very poor and looking back on it im sure youll regret it as well.

TattooFreak 6 years ago

I love tattoo's, I have quite allot of them, I haven't regretted them and they look beautiful, classic even.

SO dont force your retarded opinion on other people, its the twenty first century Wilma, get out of the dark ages.

Im guessing you dont like piercings, or Wiccans or heavy metal either.

Typical Typical Typical.

Your one of the main reasons why I hope the Human race become extinct.

Dave 6 years ago

Lyle Tuttle said it best "Tattoos aren't for everybody. Hell they are too good for some people"

Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 6 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

@Aaron Wick - you'll regret your entire life. Brave when anonymous and naturally nasty you're a piece of work - do one. Everybody else, thanks for your comments and please share your thoughts for and against this article.

Nikki  6 years ago

"Wilma" I found this article funny. I am 23 years old and have SIX tattoos. All of them have some meaning to me. I look at getting tattoos like someone likes scrapbooking or keeping a photo album. Each one I got reminds me of who I was when I got it. My daughters name on my wrist with seven stars, I was a proud new mother. seven stars cuz, my daughter was born in 2007, me in 1987, my mom,1967, my nana 1947 and my grandma born in 1917. My only brothers name and wings on my back, takes me back to when I lost some one so special in my life. My husbands name so when he is overseas he is always around me. All of my tattoos have meaning to me, to you however they may seem silly to people like you but to judge someone based oh how they look is not only wrong but ignorant.

open-minded 6 years ago

Tattoos aren't new. They have been around for centuries in many cultures around the world. Some cultures, such as ours, have modernized the way we go about appplying and caring for them, such as inventng the guns used to apply them and the sterilization techniques as well as the aftercare. Famous people with tattoos have made them more popular and therefore more commonplace. That's one reason they're more acceptable these days. So for those hoping tattooing will fade away, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

gijs 6 years ago

erm wilma..

i respect your opinion bout tattoos but, yes there is a but, you are trying to tell other people what to think and you dont say the good arguments about tattoos in your article. i dont have any tattoos myself cuz im to young for it to make the decision for myself acording to the law -.- and my mother doesnt want me having one for the reason im supposed to be perfect as i am, but what tattoos do is not change someone but take something good and make it better. and Amphibian Man and Spider Man are examples of people who dont have any form of boundry, but that doesnt make them "ugly" what is making them "ugly" is people like you telling them and everyone else that it is ugly and strange to have a full body tattoo, so stop it! tattoos are used to cover up scars(sometimes even mental ones) or any kind of other mutilation, they fade over time but you can always have an tattoos artist do the outlines again so it doesnt fade:) but anyway your opinion is yours and i respect that but just one thing that will help you to stay out of trouble, accept other peoples opinions, not only yours is the right one...'

grtz, dutch boy G ^^

Vickie 6 years ago

Tattoos have been around for several thousand years. It is a cultural thing. To some people, their cultural involves religion and tradition, such as the oriental countries. There are various kinds of tattoos, whether they are sown in, painted on, put in with a needle, or just simply stuck on with water from a paper.

Because tattoos have been around for thousands of years (not hundreds, thousands), it is not likely that they are going to go away.

I wouldn't judge a person by what they have in their skin, but rather on the kind of person they are. Tattoos are just an expression of a story, of a feeling, of a tradition, or of a religion. They are the physical image that help show that person's inner self. How to interpret it should be done by (and only by) knowing the person and their full reasoning for getting the tattoo.

Wilma, you said that this article is a comedy. Using it as a comdey is a good way to start a debate to help people figure out what they really believe. However, it the comment range, I think that you should choose your words wisely so that the readers don't mistake you for your character.

Readers, try to learn how to keep an open mind, question everything that doesn't seem right, and respect people regardless of their opinions. To you, it may seem like you're making a big impact, but to everyone else, you don't exist in their world, so you just seem like an angry person who is extremely closed minded.

And now, a hippy saying, "Why are we hating? Let's just love! Peace, love, happiness!"

Big D 6 years ago

Listen Wilma you have every right to feel the way you do. But tattoos can mean many different things, they can rep family, music, and life. Like Samoan Tattoos stand for the family's legacy. So please, keep your opinion to yourself, it's actually better to talk it out instead of hide behind a computer where you get no confrontation or debate...

smegma 6 years ago

I think the point of this story is...

People are allowed to say what they want. Against or For, and that is that. We all have our own opinions on these kinds of things and YES disagreements are ok, so keep an open mind about things and question them. My opinion? as i've been brought up with make me not want to get a tat cos... well everyone has one! so why jump on the boat like everyone else? i can express myself in many other ways. I have friends who have them but doesn't mean i have to. peace

sameperson 6 years ago

and you cannot give blood or bone marrow transplants... if your brother or sister is involved in a car crash, you cannot give them blood or bone marrow if you have a tattoo. thats a fair point.

John 6 years ago

Some years ago, one would get a tattoo to express their individuality in society. It is for that same reason today that I don't have one.

Tattoos are quite the tool of the narcissistic culture today. They're ice-breakers in conversation. They get you noticed, by critique or acceptance. Like everyone else, I was born and in my 35 years I have experienced a novel's worth of good and bad. I wear my emotions on my heart, not my ankle.

Narcissism, that's what it's all about folks.

Kiam1337 6 years ago

I like this article

good work dude

AnnaMarie 6 years ago

My opinion, if something a person does makes them happy and doesn't hurt anyone around them than why are they being judged? I don't even have any tattoos and I happen not to like them but I would never judge someone else for having one. It is a sense of taste maybe you dress badly, so? I wouldn't care it's about personality. You need to stop being so judgmental. Why can't you just accept people for who they are? I'm sure nobody appreciates your cattiness, they probably dislike it more than you dislike tattoos. Relax take a deep breath and start judging people for who they are not how they look.

p.s. I'm trying to say everything nicely but you actually said knickers...wtf.

Jack 5 years ago

I think that tattoo destroy the beauty natural of the skin, the tattoo of a flower, an animal, a human face, will never have the beauty of a real flower, a natural animal and a real human face, are just cheap copies, a free skin of tattoos is beautiful and amazing, the skin is an organ that shining, tattoos are the work of past ages from humans history, when we were not ecologist.

shrewi 5 years ago

you opinion makes me want to get tattoos so closed minded weirdos like you can gasp at horror. It will make dating much easier if i can weed out people who care enough to make up statics.

Jack 5 years ago

My mind is open, the thing that saddens me to see people hurt your skin, after all, are wounds and scars of colors, so, is this beauty?

Taylor 5 years ago

"good luck getting accepted into med school love, not with that...not ever."

I'm in med school, with two tattoos.

Uhm... 5 years ago

"and you cannot give blood or bone marrow transplants... if your brother or sister is involved in a car crash, you cannot give them blood or bone marrow if you have a tattoo. thats a fair point."

You CAN give blood with tattoos. Please do some research before you go posting random, and untrue, statements.

strait 5 years ago

the only thing i object to is that everyone i know personally who has a tatoo thinks two things: A.) everybody should get inked, and B.) because one doesn't want a tatoo, one must disaprove of their own .

Couldn't I just live my life the way I want? You too?

Why is it so important that I be like you?

Samantha 5 years ago

Excuse me, 'ease' my mind.

Joey 5 years ago

kay uhm... i find this artical to be a peace of shit personaly i cant bash it beacuse its your opinion. nd you have no right to tell people what there ansewrs shuld be to the questions you stated above. all my freinds that have tattoos love them and they mean soemthing to them. personal opinion is no right to bash and trash and lable people. when people get tattoos its because they mean someting to them. and to say they look trashy nd cheap is trashy and cheap on your part and you are honestly and insensitive dick. thank you for your time.

m-cab 5 years ago

fight fight fight fight!!!! :)

Emely 5 years ago

I think this Joey kid is 100% correct.

bluefly 5 years ago

Arn't tattoos for seafarers?

david hernandez 5 years ago

the issue here at hand is not about tattoos or doing what ever you which as your own individual choice an freedom.the fact is:tattoing is a commodity that nobody can afford,and there is a big percentage of people who acquired one or many tattoos did it at the expense of someone,who, most likely does not have any tattoes. anybody getting a tattoo at the present moment is more likely a young person living with mom and dad, and pays very little in utilities rent or other nessecities. these is one way anybody can afford attachments, not only tattoos,but facial deformations, chrome plated tire rims etc. etc.Another example of a person who gets tattoos

Michael 5 years ago

It makes me laugh how insecure and over-sensitive some people are who have commented on here. Why get a permanent mark on your body (tattoo) if you can't handle criticism? That's silly. OK, so we get it, some of you like your tattoos. If you have a tattoo, I wont judge you for it, but equally, people have to accept that many others (like myself) think they look ugly and trashy.

Remember one thing - tattoos are fashion items. Fashions are temporary whereas tattoos are permanent.

alex 4 years ago

i have a tattoo that represents me. i went to a national competition with my waterpolo team and so i got a tattoo of a waterpolo ball. i don t think that this is bad. especialy since waterpolo is my life.

jas 4 years ago

everyone needs to be more open minded because you look at a tattoos in disgrace you dont know the meaning of it every person that i have come in contact with that had a tat had a story behind it such a memory from childhood or family i have a tat and proud of it and a tat wont look cheap and nasty as long as you get your touch ups. my tat is a sayin my grandpa told me when i was younger and when i was going thru tough time i look at my tat and can hear him sayin that sayin to me. so dont judge right off the back talk to the person before judge yes there are tat that are dumb

Mark 4 years ago

I agree completely tattoos are ugly and trashy and it seems that those who disagree with us are very ugly about it I get sick of the tattoo crowd saying nasty things to anyone who happens to disagree with their ideas, they act just like democrats they have no tolerance for simple disagreements. I have a personal experience that has greatly enraged my hatred for tattoos. I am happily married to the love of my life we have been together for almost 10 years married for almost 8, during the years we have been together i thought I was clear about how much I can't stand them and how unattractive they are to me. I cannot get interested in any woman with a tattoo they look masculine and trashy and in no way physically attractive. The few times my wife mentioned anything about tattoos I told her that is where I draw the line I cannot be physically attracted to anyone with one and I could not be with her if she got one. well appearantly she thought I was exagerating she went out with her sister for her sister's birthday and cam ehome with 2 peacock feathers on her shoulder blade, when she told me wha tshe had done I told her I had rahter her tell me she cheated on me. When she showed it to me I was disgusted it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen it looks so trashy and pathetic. I asked her why she ignored me and risked our marriage on something so stupid and she asid she sthought I was exagerating and i would get used to it and it would grow on me, I assured her it will not and I think it is disgusting and that I wasn't exagerating about how much I despise them. I beleive that when a couple get married they share everything including their bodies I would never go do something that I knew she would hate and I would definately never alter myself in a way she would find disgusting. I didn't sleep a second that night and left to go hunting at 5 oclock that morning to get some time alone to think i wnet and watched the Cowboys game at a freinds house and went back to the woods that evening. At dark i had plenty of time to think and go over what I wanted to say to her I didn't want to say anything I would regret but leaving her definately stayed on my mind all day. When i finally came home after a day to myself I told her I love her and don't want to leave her but I can't stand to see that thing it is a reminder of her betraying me and throwing my feelings out the window and risking our marriage on something trashy and ugly, and not to mention spending the money I worked for and sitting there for and hour and a half while some freak defiled her body. I told her i cannot ever be happy or have peace again if I have to see that thing every day and every time I see it part of me dies inside, I told her if she really loved me and ever eanted me to be happy again she would get it removed, she finally agreed and siad she didn't mean for it to be like stabbing me in the back or betraying me and our marriage, she claimed she didn't know it was that big of a deal to me and she really did think was exagerating when I told her I am not attracted to anyone who has one. She got a product called Tat B Gone it is a topical treatment with great reviews I son't know if it will work or not but it is worth a shot because ther eis no risk of scarring or pain. The treatment will take months we should start weeing result in about 4 months so far it ahs only been one month and it has been a long month I can't wait for that thing to start fading and her to become perfect again. I am thankful she loves me and my sanity enough to remove it becuase I don't want to live without her bu tattoos are where I draw the line if it doesn't go I don't know if I can stay becuase it is a constant reminder of the night she threw my feelings out the window.

Aubrey 4 years ago

Even the most beautiful temple could use a little color.

Cheyanne 4 years ago

Listen tattoos are not nasty... The saying goes cheap tattoos aren't good.. And good tattoos aren't cheap... Getting tattoos doesn't hurt... I just got two tattoos last night. And I love everyone that I have.. I have 11 tattoos and I am getting more. Every one of my tattoos have a meaning to them.. If you dont have tattoos then why make a page to talk shit on tattoos??? Untill you gewt a tattoo you don't know what it feels like or anything like that... I am proud to have tattoos and I am not scared to show them too people either.... And if its something you think you will get removed down the raod then dont get it in the first place.... I started getting tattoos when I was 13 years old.... Tattoos are a form of art for alot of people... I dont do beacuse I have too, I do it beacuse it helps me get rid of stress and angur... And I love the feeling of getting a tattoo...

cesar 4 years ago

i agreed tattoos are vary nasty...

steve 4 years ago

i dont have time to read this nonsense, just enough to leave you a parting comment. you are an ignorant dipshit.

Molly 4 years ago

In a true free society this type of hate should not exsist. Everyone should be able to express themselves freely. It is no mans job to condemn another for their appearance. The way someone looks did not decide who they are intellectually or otherwise. Your small mindedness is disappointing. Rather than argue I stand for freedom of expression in all forms. My tattoos are choice your words are ignorance. There will always be someone smarter than you and they might have a tattoo or be in favor of them. Either way you all obviously are due your own opinion as am I, carry on for the weak minded prevail amongst only themselves. Wake up and recognize the world has changed and you are a part of an age of expression and movement. Try fighting for something you believe in and love and support and stop lending your strengths to that which you dispise. Trust your time would actually make a difference.

Tshego 4 years ago

Yeah i thnk tattus are great & people shuldn't be judged

laura-lu 4 years ago

so any tattoo is cheap and nasty? my tattoo is a memorial for my best friend who was killed. a heart wrapped in angel wings with his name in, and people who spoke to me about it have said it is one of the most beautiful signs of love and respect for him. maybe you should think of others before blurting your rubbish opinions out. art is art wether on the skin or on paper, and i know i will never regret mine, even when it is fading with age, to me its fading because its getting closer till i one day get to see him again. so if that is cheap and nasty, what would you call your personality? because i'd call it narrow-minded , nasty and judgemental, and i think i speak for many people saying that your personality is much uglier than any tattoo and it's whats on the inside that people should be judged by.

JC 4 years ago

I used to work with a guy who had numbers tattooed on his left forearm. He got it for free.

Laura. 4 years ago

Could your source your statistics and research?

John 4 years ago

A woman getting a tattoo is like saying 'Hey let's put a moustache on the Mona Lisa - There doesn't that look better!'

Why would a woman get tattos and make her body look like gaffiti on a gas station men's room.

Hey! Just an observation.

Paul 3 years ago

This article is fairly old now, but I'm pretty curious as to the authors current view on the subject/post/and their comments. Which all seemed rather ignorant and rude. Though to be fair the comments they were replies to weren't very polite either. As for the statistics, you never did supply any actual sources. You stated that it was based on your own personal survey, but you don't specify who that survey was of (demographic, how many people, etc). So it can't be considered creditable at the slightest. I personally find tattoos on girls attractive, just as do an awful lot of the girls I know find them attractive on guys.

I see it as a mix of personal preference and culture barrier.

you don't deserve to know my name 2 years ago

How do you even classify this as comedy?

Military tattoo fan 2 years ago

Many people say what you've written, only they are serious and nasty behind their friends and family members backs.

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