Tan Thru Swimwear

Tired of the tan lines regular swimsuits leave behind? Well Ladies AND gents there is a solution. No it's not bare all underneath the noon sun! Rather it is the invention of the tan thru swimsuit. This fabric allows the suns rays to give you that all over tan without bearing it all! How does it work? This fabric has more holes than average fabric that let in 80% more of the light than usual. The fabric is light but brightly colored with patterns to distract anyone from seeing anything they should not. Don't worry there are small patches of fabric placed appropriately for modesty's sake.There are many different styles to choose from! If you choose to wear one please remember your SPF!

Because they are so lightweight the Tan thru swimsuits dry faster than normal. This allows for the evaporation of water on the  pores of the skin to occur more quickly.  This technology has also led the way for more tn thru clothing.  There are whole lines of tan through shirts and shorts!


 The Lifestyle Direct Tan Through String Bikini really accentuates the rectangle shaped body.  The triangle top gives the illusion of fuller breasts.  The fabric is Doralastan and stretches for optimum fit.  The fabric is fast drying and is guaranteed to not be see through!

 This one piece bathing suit by Lifestyles is a criss cross tan thru swimsuit.  This swimsuit has a mid scoop back and moderate leg.  It features a Zinnia Pattern on the fabric.  The fabric allows your skin to breath. This tan through swimsuit is available in sizes 5 through 18.

 This one piece tan thru swimsuit by Lifestyles comes in a v neck.  The V neck Tank Leo are made of very durable fabric. Guaranteed not to snag or run on rough surfaces.  This fabric is also guaranteed not to be see through!  The fabric allows your body to breath while allowing the suns rays to give you that all over tan!  It comes in a very pretty green.

 This is another tan thru swimwear by Lifestyles, the criss cross strap tank Art Nouveau.  Named for the straps that cross in the back.  The print is very pretty and tropical looking! The Criss cross tan thru swimsuit is a popular pick among customers.  The fabric is guaranteed not to snag or run.

The Lifestyles Monokini Art Nouveau swimsuit is also tan thru. It comes in two pretty colors. The Monokini has breathable fabric that is guaranteed to never be see thru wet or dry.Get that all over tan without baring it all! This tan thru swimsuit is a comfortable fit. It is available in sizes 5 through 16.  The swimsuit is also available in a striking blue color in this style.

Lifestyles even offers bustier women a tan thru swimsuit. The Life Styles Direct tan C-D Cup underwire offers extra support while you are getting your all over tan. Along with the underwire tank is a mid scoop back and a moderate leg. Enjoy being stylish on vacation while not gaining any tan lines. This tan though swimsuit is available in sizes 6 through 24.

The Lifestyles Direct Tan thru Halter Style Bikini has a tie neck for maximum comfort. The tan through fabric driesquickly and is not see through dry or wet. This halter top tan thru bikini comes in blue and is very attractive. It comes in sizes 5 through 16.

 The Lifestyles Direct Tan through C-D cup offers extra support for the bustier ladies. This tan thru swimwear has supportive straps and a full coverage bottom. This is perfect for the all over tan.  This tan through bikini comes in green and comes in sizes 5 through 16.

Yes! There are tan thru swimwear available for men too! These Direct Tan through 9 " side shorts have an animal print. It is a bike short with a drawstring. The fabric is guaranteed not to be see thru wet or dry.  There are also bikini and thong styles for men.

Do you wear tan thru swimwear?

Do you wear tan thru swimwear?

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Angela Brummer profile image

Angela Brummer 4 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

Great find I have never heard of this. Where have I been?

mysisters profile image

mysisters 5 years ago

Great Hub. Once you have a nice base tan, the tan lines are always difficult to work with. These swimsuits are awesome!

Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 5 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Fantastic topic and information. It's about time. Now you can get coverage without the severe tan line outcome. Thanks.

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 5 years ago

This is a wonderful Hub Ms. C!!

I LOVE the idea! I can't imagine it gets rid of all tans lines but reduces them to be less offensive! If the fabric is 80% see-thru in most places, and maybe a bit thicker in sensitive areas, the lines would be dramatically reduced!

A frolic on the beach is much more fun than lying naked in a tanning bed!

What a GREAT Hub! Thank you for sharing!

Blessings always, EarthAngel!

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