Tanzanite Earrings That Dazzle The Night

Tanzanite earrings have been especially popular since the 1990s when tanzanite gemstone was being heavily promoted. The great thing about tanzanite earrings is that you can get them in a fairly decent size in matched pairs for reasonable amounts of money. Not only that, they look especially good in the ear where they are more visible and the beautiful blue purple color is more likely to be appreciated.

They can be worn in the daytime because the color is vibrant and does not wash out in the sunlight but is enhance by it. The only time that tanzanites look dull is when they are cut shallow, then you see a big window through the center of the stone. Most of the finer stones are cut a bit deeper so that the size of the window is reduced.

Trilliant Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite white gold earrings come in many different styles depending on the shape of the tanzanite used. In basic studs of course, the round shape is the most popular followed by the trilliant and the oval. In drop earrings, pear shapes and trillant shapes are very popular because they follow the line of the drop in a very elegant stiletto style.

Trillion cut tanzanite earrings are especially eye-catching when framed with diamonds like this pair to the right. Good matches are can be difficult to find in this shape because of the many variations in the shape appeal of the triangular outline. This pair of trilliants have modest bulge but as you can see the bulge is to the same degree on both. The cut and color is also very similar because they face up the same so this is a pretty well matched pair.

Some trilliants have very straight edges while others have edges that bulge. The bulge is because the cutter is trying to save weight on the stone however the bulge is considered less attractive all things being equal. Levian tanzanite earrings are quite popular as the brand has been a designer and manufacturer of their own line of tanzanite jewelry utilizing a lot of trillion cut gemstones.

Tanzanite Cut is What Matters

Tanzanite gemstones and earrings don't have to be especially big to catch the eye. They just have to play with the light very well and be of a calibrated cut. Calibrated cuts are cuts that stay close to ideal geometric symmetries so that light will go in to the stone and come out in predictable ways.

This way a nice pattern of light and dark is rendered when you look at the stone dangling on the ear. Gemstones on the ear, especially if the earrings are dangling will need to catch the light and play with it in order to look beautiful.

Tanzanite gemstones that are native cut are generally not cut with procession and will have an uneven and non-symmetrical areas of light return and light extinction. This affects the beauty of the earring in these types of stones are best to be avoided if you're planning to mount theam in earrings.

Securing Your Tanzanite Earrings

Gold tanzanite earrings that are heavy on the ear are best used with French backs so that the position is maintained. You will always want an on ear earring to be positioned properly and French backs help make this possible by securing the earring properly against the ear. This type of fastener is also good for huggie style earrings that are especially metal heavy and gem laden.

These tanzanite stud earrings to the right use a simple 4 prong basket setting but the color is simply ravishing. It is a nice purplish color that is well saturated with no window, no dark areas and no grey component the color. This is what would be known in the trade as aaa tanzanite earrings because of the high saturation of the color. Lower levels of color saturation would merit "aa" and "a" designations in the trade to delineate the quality scale in tanzanite.

For Tanzanite studs you should make sure that the backs are not so tiny that the earring droops owing to the weight of the stone. Backs and posts on a tanzanite earring totalling a carat or more should have larger posts and backs. With 3 carats and above combined weight, large screw on backs are more desirable.

Tanzanite Hoop Earrings And Other Styles

Tanzanite hoop earrings are generally at a lower price point and use the small calibrated tanzanite gemstones in the round and oval shapes. The smaller sizes do not need to be cut with much precision to look good in a tanzanite hoop earring.

They are simply arrayed around the hoop and will catch the light any which way as the hoop dangles. It should also be noted that the smaller the tanzanite, the less concentrated color there is.In this pair the color is decent considering the size of the stones and hue is more towards the blue then the purple. The more purplish color is considered more attractive because the blue tanzanites tend to have a stronger gray component and appear less saturated.

Tanzanite under half a carat will tend to look more like scapolite which is a lavender colored stone that looks more washed out and pastelly compared to tanzanite gemstones that are deep colored and over a carat in size.

Tanzanite Stiletto and Drop Earrings.

Tanzanite drop earrings are great for daytime wear because of the movement. Vibrant colored stones are necessary so that the movement catches the eye as you can see in the earring on top hinged with a jump ring in the center to allow free movement of the drop. Color is excellent on this earring.

The stiletto style tanzanite and diamond earrings below are definitely more for evening wear as their elegance is quite obvious. They are not meant to dangle playfully but more to frame the face in elegance and add length to it with the tapered diamond setting leading to the beatifully matched marquis tanzanites.

Marquis is not a shape used that often in earrings but in this case they are perfect for the lines of this particular earring which is basically a reversed tweezer style. The round bezel set diamonds at the top sets the tone for this elegant pair of earrings

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