Tanzanite Rings In White Gold

If you've ever seen a high-quality tanzanite ring you probably would've been smitten by the beautiful purple blue velvety coloring of this gemstone.

From the time tanzanite was discovered in the 1960s it was considered one of the foremost blue colored gemstones to be discovered.
It's trichroic characteristics are unlike any other stone including Sapphire. From one direction it appears purple and from the other it appears blue. Also, the habit of this gemstone crystal is such that it lends itself well to being cut into triangular shaped stones.

As a result, a whole new family of mounting that were geometrically shaped came into being to accommodate the rather large sizes of trilliant shaped tanzanite gemstones that were coming on the market.

Trilliant Cut Tanzanite Rings

Previously as far as colored stones were concerned, the public as well as people in the trade were used to seeing traditional shapes like round, cushion, Marquis, octagon and pear in the larger sizes.

Check out this trilliant tanzanite to the right. Although yellow gold is starting to come back in popularity, white gold is still the favorite metal for mounting nice sized trilliant tanzanite stones like this one. Tanzanite gold rings in yellow gold are still popular but more so in the smaller sized gemstone styles in a minimalist setting with nary an accent diamond.

And so many of the mountings had softer lines to accommodate these shapes. However when tanzanite trilliants in 3 carat and bigger sizes came on the market to designers had to go back to the drawing board to come up with designs that would suit the shape appeal of this type of stone.

Tanzanite - The Gem Of The Caribbean

Tanzanite diamond rings only became popular in the early 1990s when they were heavily promoted in the Caribbean tourist destination resorts. All the tanzanite jewelry in the world seem to end up in the Caribbean ports of call as far as cruise goers were concerned.

Popular Styles include Tanzanite cluster rings in white gold as seen to the right. These were crowd favorites because of the large look but low selling price. Small tanzanite stones under 10 points are inexpensive compared to the sizes above a third of a carat. The matching tanzanite earrings to these cluster rings were also a big hit for the same reason.

In the domestic US, tanzanite rings were barely a blip on the radar and so most stores on the mainland had hardly any selection at all of this vibrant and captivating bluish purplish stone.

Not only was this gemstone of beautiful color, it also came very clean in the larger sizes with hardly any inclusions that would take away from its ability to play with the light and deliver on its promise of a beautiful, cool colored stone that came in all shapes and sizes.

Tanzanites Still A Great Deal VS Comparable Quality sapphires

Blue sapphires could come nowhere close to the sizes available in tanzanite and to get a clean blue sapphire free of inclusions and in sizes greater than 3 carats was a monumental task because the prices for these types of goods easily exceeded $5000 per carat.

In this white gold ring to the right which as far as tanzanite engagement rings go is a fine ring to behold on a woman's ring finger as a symbol of her marital commitment.. You can see that this is a beautiful emerald cut tanzanite in a simple mounting perhaps around two and a half carats or more.

The retail on this stone alone would be in the region of $1500 to $2000 which is still a bargain if you were able to get an emerald cut sapphire this clean and this colorful for less than $6000.Unfortunately you would not since a sapphire of such a quality would retail for not less than $5000 or more per carat.

So the tanzanite diamond ring became the vaunted jewelry accessory that women wanted with a passion. All shapes were popular including oval, trillion, pear, Marquis, round and emerald cut. Also, three carat plus sizes in this stunning gemstone sold at retail for between $500-$1000 per carat for exceedingly good quality specimens.

Oval Tanzanite In White Gold is Most Popular

So it is no surprise that the tanzanite ring was by far the most popular type of ring among women of taste during the 1990s and even into the early 2000s.

The most in demand shape of tanzanite has been oval for the simple reason that carat for carat it is the least expensive cut in tanzanite because this shape allows the cutter to save the most weight. The problem here is that many oval have excessively deep bottoms making the stone more expensive with the added carat weight without adding to beauty. In fact these heavy bottom tanzanites would look dark face up and would be difficult for a jeweler to get mounted. On the other hand a too shallow cut would end up looking very see through.

Now that popularity has somewhat tapered off as this gemstone has become a bit more scarce in the better qualities and the mines in Tanzania are more firmly regulated in terms of less incidences of smuggled gemstones hitting the market and causing pricing disruptions.

High-quality tanzanite in the larger sizes now sell for $ 2000 per carat at retail. This gemstone still experiences high demand among well endowed collectors and people with high disposable income.

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