Tattoo Cover-ups

Millions of people have gotten at least one tattoo, but a lot of times people get tattoos when they are young or in a new relationship and down the road they end up regretting getting their tattoo. The biggest thing people regret when it comes to tattoos is names. If you are one of those people in this predicament, there is a solution.

The majority of people choose to get a "cover-up" tattoo. This is a process where you put a new tattoo over the old one. Most of the time, doing this makes the old tattoo undetectable. The other option is tattoo removal. This is a process that removes the ink from your body. The thing to know about tattoo removal is that it is very costly and extremely painful. It also takes several treatments to actually remove the tattoo. Usually there is still some trace of the tattoo that remains.

Changing a Tattoo Design

Cover up a Tattoo

Mens Tattoo Cover Up

Womans Tattoo Cover Up

Changing a Lower Back Tattoo


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