Tattoo Ideas: Hello Kitty

My girlfriend's sister gave birth last year to a beautiful baby girl and named her Katherine in honor of a late aunt. The baby's nickname, however, also in honor of that relative, is Kitty. From day one, even before she was born, the cartoon character Hello Kitty became her moniker, Hello Kitty stickers appearing on envelopes and letters that Samantha would send, on stationary, and on the webpage where she hosts her photos. The nickname stuck, and then it caught on, and now even Danielle and I find ourselves purchasing Hello Kitty chocolates and other brand name items for the baby. I won't be surprised if Katherine grows up and absolutely rebels against all of this, but for now it's adorable and she can't talk yet so she can't protest. Anyway, this hub is dedicated to her :)

Hello Kitty, like many other great things, began as a cartoon character created by the Japanese company Sanrio in 1974. After coming to the U.S. in the early 1980s, Hello Kitty became a household among families with young children (particularly pre-adolescent girls, for whom the Hello Kitty brand was originally marketed) but it also later exploded in popularity among celebrities. Stars like Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore and Paris Hilton have all sported Hello Kitty fashion gear at one point or another and rockers Courtney Love and Dave Navarro have been seen playing concerts with a Hello Kitty guitar. Presently, one would be hard pressed to find a department store that didn't carry Hello Kitty merchandise, and most major cities, like New York City's Times Square, for example, even have a Sanrio store dedicated entirely to Hello Kitty and her friends. What started as a clear vinyl coin purse featuring the mouthless Hello Kitty character and selling for 240 yen (the equivalent of about $2.27) has expanded into an empire of over 22,000 products. The cute little cat has either appeared or been referenced in episodes of "The Simpsons", "Futurama" and even "Grey's Anatomy", where one of the characters, Izzie, shows up in Hello Kitty underwear. Hello Kitty's likeness has been parodied on a number of shows as well. Sassy Cat from "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" and Itty Bitty Kitty of "Brandy & Mr. Whiskers" are presumably based on the infamous Hello Kitty, and the character Plushie Angelpuss from the Neopets website is said to be based on her as well.

Hello Kitty has spawned many other characters since her inception. Chococat, the penguin Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Keroppi the frog, Pochacco and the Little Twin Stars are just a few of the characters that combine together to complete the Hello Kitty empire.

HELLO KITTY Tattoo Picture Gallery

Hello Kitty "Hellraiser" and Pochacco "Freddy Kreuger"
Hello Kitty "Hellraiser" and Pochacco "Freddy Kreuger"
Hello Kitty pisces sign
Hello Kitty pisces sign
"She watches over me"
"She watches over me"

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GreatTattoosNow profile image

GreatTattoosNow 9 years ago from San Jose

Hello Kitty Tattoos what tattoo hub will you create next! These are great! I really enjoy the designs that have taken a real classic sailor Jerry type of tatto and inserte the a Hello Kitty design. For example the top picture that has Two Hello Kitty's designs on the upper chest area like two sparrow tattoos. Classic but orginal!

DREA 8 years ago


snadra marie 8 years ago

oh-mah-god!!!!!i love hello kitty and im really looking forward to getting a hello kitty tattoo some day now!!!!i cant wait to get it it,im problably going to get it in my wrist or my hips it depends

this tats sure gave me a lot of ideas tho!!thanx!!:)

guu 8 years ago

i love these hello hitty tats cause hello kitty is my fav

hellko 8 years ago

dose it hurt

Tattoo Stories 8 years ago

Those Hello Kitty tats are adorable! I'm not usually a big fan of cartoon tats but for some reason I can make an exception for Hello Kitty :)

ScenePrincess(= 8 years ago

Omg I So Want One They Are Gorgoes!

kaylene 8 years ago

o my gosh i luv hellokitty these are all very unique and very colorfull too i luve it <3 ^_^

jenia A. 8 years ago

im a hello kitty fan myself and i ENJOY looking at different hk tattoos. :) Beautiful!!!

Tiff 8 years ago

Hello kitty is the best kitten to ever exist... I absolutely love her to death and would totally have her on my skin.

Hello Kitty Fan 8 years ago

I got hello kitty on my foot! I get more compliments and ?s on that one more than on any of my other ones. =)

Amanda 8 years ago

These are the Greatest!!!

lindsey 7 years ago

i dont like those tattoos their kinda stupid

Mur 7 years ago

i got my HK tattoo about 7 years ago and it is on my lower back - i love it, but wish i could see it more easily! I didn't know that so many people were into it! it was sort of a fun and spur of the moment thing that i did .. ! so happy that people share this love!


steph!!!! 7 years ago

i got my tat of hello kitty 3 yeas ago! i never expected that anyone else woulda done the same thing, hello kitty rocks!!!!!!

EDUARDA 7 years ago


JACKIE 7 years ago


bre 7 years ago

i love these tattoo ideas. they give me sooo much to think sbout.

Bebe 7 years ago

well i want a hello kitty tattoo on my wrist with my name at da bottom!and i already have a butterfly tattoo it looks cool!

julien 7 years ago

well i love hello kitty so on my shoulder and its looks cool.................

dynasty 7 years ago

my mom said that once i turn 18 i can get my 1st hello kitty, tattoo. omg. i still have 5yrs and 9 months to go. i cant wait!!!!!

whitney 7 years ago

all cuteeeee

catherine  7 years ago

I love this tattos. Im thinking about getting one.

emily 7 years ago

I'v all ways loved hello kitty also i have 1 cat and 2 kittens i have a hello kitty room and ds i thinck it's a great idea and very you should make a hello kitty shop in town inside shrewsbury with every think pink and hello kitty stuff for every age and size.

PS.hello kitty is great. from emily

CaItLiN 7 years ago


Thomas 7 years ago

Im a giy and juyt got kitty tattooed to my wrist!

Thomas 7 years ago

Im a giy and juyt got kitty tattooed to my wrist!

Tiff 7 years ago

omg!! there amazing i love hello kitty so much i have tons of hello kitty stuff im getting a hello kitty tatoo on my wrist im excited ugghhh i love her!!

sammmy  7 years ago

i have been crazy about Hello Kitty ever since i was a small lil girl and well i am 16 i can finally get the tattoo

paige dude. 7 years ago

tattoos don't hurt! jk that was a lie. lol. they do, but it's all worth it when it's over! :D

melanie 7 years ago

hay nice tatto its hello kitty and i wrilly like it

emily  7 years ago

do you now somebudy named angy i like youer tatto

Megan Robbins 7 years ago

I'm deffinantly getting one this may xD

loppp 7 years ago

heyyy u look cool

monika 7 years ago


cirley 7 years ago

muito lindas

la petiix melchuuu♥ 7 years ago

altos tattos tan re copados tan re wenosss lokoo

los amooo gentee!!!!!besos

los d de arriba son mis dos fotolog i el de abajo de todo es mi msn

Emily 7 years ago

I adore hello kitty. (: I got three hello kitty tattoos.

ashatt profile image

ashatt 7 years ago from GA

I have a HK tat as well. :D lower back HK with bat wings. pretty sexy is i do say so myself.

shelarnda 7 years ago

those r like tottally kool x-cept the one wit the fire

kittyaddict 6 years ago

woow!! I absolutely love some of these Hello Kitty tattoos! I have a non Hello Kitty related but I want to make one Hello Kitty Tattoo too! Soon it will happen :D Really really great ones are here! I would like to show some on my hello kitty blog. here is my blog, hope you don't mind showing some pics!!!

booboo 6 years ago

i loooooove hk but a lot of these look fake and badly drawn:(

ciao 6 years ago

faro ankio 1 sotto il culo della mia gattina

alize 6 years ago

omg i love those tattoos i want one

none you 6 years ago

i love hello kitty tattoos

jessica 6 years ago

i want one they look so cool nd im goin to get one my lower back it is goin to look soooooo awsome

lindsay 6 years ago

all of those are totally cute! theres such a HUGE hello kitty craze-it seems like EVERYBODY loves her!

carla 6 years ago

i love hello kitty and as soon as i can im gunna get hello kitty tattooed on my wrist with wings !! i love it

pontius' girl 6 years ago

i love them they are soo cute! i was just thinking about getting her face with a purple bow...but its my first one and im bad does it hurt??

KbHi 6 years ago

Somee people IS dirtyy Ughh!..

La'Kierra 5 years ago

* Omq , Those Tats Are Soooooo Pretty . I Cant Wait Too Get Mine .

love 5 years ago

i love hello kitty:}

sarza finland 5 years ago

i take hellokitty tattoo in my neck :) in tampere..

dwi mustika syifa 5 years ago

jif djfhrd dkk rtju

Ashton 5 years ago

I liked them alll :)

alyssa 5 years ago

i love hellokitty im defently going to get a hellokitty tattoo just looking for pics

julica 5 years ago

that stuff is so cut and i love hello kitty

kontanna 5 years ago

tht ahit cool

amy 5 years ago

i am looking to get a hello kitty tattoo with my niece name does anyone any other websites

whitney 4 years ago

Hello kitty is so cuite and totally rulezzzzzzz :D

merve 4 years ago

j'aime hello kitty

alexus 4 years ago

hello kitty

tanisha catty jackson 4 years ago

I love hello kitty soo much ill be soon getting kitty tattoos

tessa 4 years ago

hallo kitty vens en ik heb een en mijn kind is het op hello kitty haha

groetjes tessa

Hello Kitty :) #2 4 years ago

I love Hello Kitty im 10. Right now but looking forward to 16 or 17 hello kitty tat right on my ankle.

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