Tattoo Ideas for Zodiac Sign Leo

Leo people are dignified, classy and stylish! Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. If your birth date is between July 23 and Aug 23 your Sunsign is Leo, which means at the time of your birth Sun was in the constellation Leo. It’s a love sign that makes you warm and affectionate. You spend a lot of money on food and wine and you wave credit cards all round. You are blessed with the ability to spin ideas, write and paint, compose and organize and many more!

Leo Love Life

Despite so many positive aspects being associated with this sign, just one negative trait of Leos can overshadow every virtue, which is phenomenal! Your ridiculous pride can spoil your love life, and it happens to most of the Leos. Leos are too proud to apologize or admit mistakes. It can take years of marriage to master this problem and yet there will be times when this failure somehow creeps up. Snobbery about your friends or family is another hotspot!

Compatibility Guide

***** Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

**** Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius

*** Taurus, Capricorn

** Gemini, Virgo, Cancer

* Pisces, Sagittarius

An ego that could sink the Titanic, Leos may make feeble attempts to cover-up their self-addressing tales. The vilest Leos simply tell lies particularly if their own lives seem too ordinary and mundane! Leos collect fans and adore their attention. Their pride won’t allow them to remain faithful to their lovers if they see their lovers flirting with others. Leos will surely try to outclass them by being in bed with a glamorous looking partner! In bed Leos are quick to improvise on innovate an in return they expect respect, awe, maybe even a bit of groveling!

Turn Ons: Erotic movies, mirrors and soft music

Turn Offs: Condoms on bedside table, predictable sex timings

Leo Tattoo Ideas

The images of lion designs are inked for Leos most of the time. An upside down U drawn with each of the ends curling outward in a spiral like motion symbolizes the Leo sign. Since Sun is the ruling planet sometimes images of Sun with fireballs or flames are also inked. To significantly improve your overall lifestyle ink one of the following designs, your love life will be greatly improved automatically because your love life totally depends on your lifestyle!

  1. The Lion
  2. An upside down U
  3. The Sun
  4. Symbols associated with fire

Check out the Video and Tattoo Gallery presented below to have a good idea about Leo tattoo designs.

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Leo Tattoo Gallery

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I love this one too, I think I am in love with tattoos and just don't know it yet. Thanks for sharing, Andy.

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You are very welcome, andycool, (love your new avatar by the way), I have always been drawn to tattoos and the way you explain their uses and then have such wonderful pictures I can't help but enjoy. Keep writing. And May God Bless you in all you do!

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