Tattoo Removal: A Business of the Future

HP wouldn't hire you? Wonder why?
HP wouldn't hire you? Wonder why?

What was I thinking?

Something I just don't get is the recent growth in tattooing something on one's body. Why do you wish to punish yourself now with the treatment and later in life with the possible removal of the markings. A lot of those that have it done at this point in their life will one day regret it and coin the intro phrase and seek a method to have the tattoo removed for many reasons.

For example, your new future wife Kirsten, isn't real fond of that tattoo that sings of your love for Lulu (Does anyone name a girl that anymore?). The sports team that you were so proud of trades your favourite player and you change allegiance. You look to apply for a job at a competitor of the company tattooed on your body. There are a myriad of reasons for changing one's mind and a tattoo is very insistent on remaining permanent although that seems to be changing.

Laser treatment seems to be the most viable method for successful removal of an unwanted tattoo. The information in the above link suggests that it will take 6-8 treatments to successfully remove a professionally done tattoo.

I suggest that there will be an ever increasing demand for this sort of treatment and cosmetic labs and skin care clinics are also of that opinion so you will be in luck if you wake up one day and decide you made an oops in life. So it would seem that this would be a good place to look at for future investment much like health care for our aging population is.

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