Tattoo Ideas: Sports + Cars

Nike logo with corresponding swoosh
Nike logo with corresponding swoosh

Written by: Jaclyn Popola

Die hard sports fans are insane. They paint their stomachs green and stand in the bleachers without their shirts on freezing cold Sundays, they have superhuman voice boxes that allow them to scream their lungs out for several hours and never tire or become hoarse; a fan of the Boston Red Sox will not hesitate to punch a Yankees fan square in the jaw for no apparent reason other than their differing choice of teams. So it's not such a huge stretch of the imagination that they would immortalize their favorite sports teams or players on their bodies in permanent ink. It is a testament to their dedication to certain players and/or neverending loyalty to the team itself. Professional sports logos, the jersey number of a valuable player, even the words to catchy, team-specific cheers are all popular choices.

Other explicit images might include skateboards, volleyballs, surfboards, bicycles, boxing gloves, archery equipment, roller skates, karate belts, goal posts, hockey sticks, the red and white scuba diving flag and more. Even sportswear company logos or tattoos of individual car parts are fair game. Never underestimate the power of loyalty (read: obsession). Automotives fall into this category as well. Reproductions of one's first car are a popular choice of tattoo, along with Harley Davidsons, be it the Harley Davidson logo or a picture of a particular motorcycle. A guy who rebuilds muscle cars might get a tattoo of the Volkswagen symbol or the Mopar image. Auto traders or collectors may opt for a tattoo of the hood ornament found on their favorite vehicle, and racecar drivers will get checkered race flags or names of their sponsors tattooed onto their skin. Still others opt for the basic mechanics of a vehicle, getting tattoos of engines or gears, or the tools used to repair a car, like a wrench.


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bando de troxas

merdaws do caralho

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Very nice information you’ve got. Great job!

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