Tattoo Ideas: Arabic Words + Phrases

"Beautiful" Arabic tattoos
"Beautiful" Arabic tattoos

Although it is not uncommon to see Arabic lettering tattoos in the United States, many people residing in Middle East countries like Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia (particularly followers of Islam) are staunchly against it. Informed readers may be scratching their heads and wondering, "But what about henna?" You are absolutely right. Henna, the art of decorating the hands and feet with a paste made from the Hina plant, originated in the Middle East. The women there adorn their bodies with Henna to celebrate births, victories, birthdays, circumcisions and especially weddings. And yet tattoos are strictly forbidden because, unlike Henna, which washes off within several days, tattoos are permanent. It is unlawful to have anything on your body which God did not create--tattoos, piercing, even plastic surgery procedures are an abomination. Unless it is done to eliminate pain, all surgeries which alter one's appearance in any way are against Islamic law.

Of course, this does not prevent Arabs and non-Arabs alike from getting Arabic tattoos. I always recommend consulting several different sources if you're looking to translate an English word or phrase into a foreign language and are not a native speaker of the language yourself. When it comes to Arabic translations, however, this task may prove to be a bit difficult; due to their religious beliefs, some Arabs will not even partake in the translation if they know it will be used as a tattoo.

If you are interested in getting an Arabic tattoo, keep in mind that Arabic is written from right to left using 18 distinct letter shapes which may vary slightly depending on which letters come before and after. The shapes will change in order to be connected to the letters that surround it. There are also different types of script used in traditional Arabic calligraphy as early as the 7th century: Farsi, Naskh, Kufi, Deewani, Req'aa and Thuluth. Again, it is important to consult several different sources to ensure your translation is correct. Native speakers or scholars of the language are your best bet. Although the Internet is ripe with translation services, finding one can be difficult when it comes to Arabic because there are not many that specialize in Arabic translations. Here are two that I have found: Your name in Arabic and Arabic translator


"Holy warrior"
"Holy warrior"
"I will love my mother always"
"I will love my mother always"
"Serenity, strength, courage"
"Serenity, strength, courage"

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Lookarounder 9 years ago

Well, the first one that reads "Beautiful" is a Bengali Word.


sgtwalk profile image

sgtwalk 9 years ago

Great site.....

Oops 9 years ago

The third one is hebrew not arabic.

Kilah 9 years ago

does anybody know how to write Akilah in arabic

angrylinguist 9 years ago

WOW these people were fooled. the top picture isn't arabic, i dont know what it is, but it isn't.

the first big picture, the last 2 letters mean brother the first few, i have no idea what he was tryin to do...the second one is alright except the last letter looks like it has only one dot, should have 2, maybe it does? looks like hebrew, not 100% sure, next, the mujahid, the guy who practices jihad...not necessarily a violent one, could be a self struggle thing to overcome temptations and all that fun stuff, next one looks fine to me, although kinda a stupid looking tattoo...the next one isn't love in arabic, love in arabic is 2 letters that's 4 there. it doesn't even use the emphatic h, just the light one, its just wrong in arabic. next one is correct. The last one is an abomination to the language. Those are letters ok, but random letters, arabic is a cursive script, they arent even connected properly, so whoever told her she got somethin cool was wrong, that's not even right in simliar languages w/ the same script, thats just 100% wrong in all languages, i cant believe you'd get that and not have it checked out, jesus.

kinda al issa 9 years ago

the last pic .. the tattoos are all wrong!! who did that person consult with?? and the first pic isnt arabic!

bob 9 years ago

such a shame that people do not properly research tattoos.....better to wait a month to find out if it's correct, than have it on your for a lifetime spelt wrong. shame.

cuirous 9 years ago

I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I was hoping to get a tattoo with the Arabic word "love".

I may be wrong, but as I understand it, the are many different ways to say it. For example, there is <love> between friends, <love> between lovers.

I am looking for the word "LOVE" as in the concept--for example, serenity, courage, hope-->these are concepts.

Any help would sincerely be appreciated. Thank you.

cuirous 9 years ago

my email is

john 9 years ago

i am looking to have a couple of tattoos and need two words translated into aribic and hebrew can any one help

1 destiny

2 julie

Christine 9 years ago

So my friend and I want to have "Materialistic" written in Arabic for a tattoo...but we really want to make sure it's spelt right. Anyone here know if either of these is correct (or know of the correct way to spell it?)? We were hoping to get them done next week. Thanks!!


Justine 9 years ago

How would you spell kadeem and destiny in arabic?

alisha 9 years ago

how do u write or say MYSTERIOUS in arabic?

sasha 9 years ago

beautiful isn't spelled like that in arabic, this is how you spell it.... ?????

lisa 9 years ago

can anyone help me with the correct spelling of two words in aribic, the first word is LOVE as in love for your partner and the second being MARK. Every where i have looked has come up with something different every time,how can i make sure it is correct before i get it tattooed onto my body. Thank you so so much

Carly 9 years ago

Can anyone help me with the correct translation of SISTERS LOVE FAMILY

Thank you

Kate 9 years ago

Wow this is awful. The first tattoo... the very last two letters are fine, that does read brother, but the beginning? I have no idea. And the third one is Hebrew. AND the last tattoo... it is ALL wrong. You can't start words with thos letters, they are connected properly, and those aren't even words. This is why people should never get tattoos in a language they themselves cannot read/write/speak. These people deserve to walk around with jibberish on their backs for being so stupid.

Amy 9 years ago

how do you write friendship?

tina 9 years ago

Does anyone know how to write "peace, not war"in arabic?????

Charlotte 9 years ago you should be able to get a translation on there, not sure how true it may be though!

amrita 9 years ago

The first one is in Bengali, and it does read "beautiful" although the first character is wrong.

shirley 9 years ago

can anyone write" s o'sullivan" in arabic please calligraphy would be brill

oblivious 9 years ago

how can you get hebrew verticly, i mean can it be written verticly and still make sense?

profile image

Maja 9 years ago

wow! I am very upset when I saw some of these tattoes! I mean a tattoo is forever. WHY WOULD PEOPLE PUT JUST ANYTHING ON THEIR BODIES! I am a Caligraphy " Arabic classical" artist.

THese tattooes are horrible with the exeption of Hayam which means Love. Picture 2, 4, 6 and 7.

The first picture says relatives/Brother. But in arabic it does not sound correct, also the handwriting is terrible!

Picture 5 with the butterfly says " I will love my mother forever" But the handwriting again is like a first grader terrible!

Ohhhhh MY GOD! the last picture is a disaster! why why why... the three worlds are wrong, mis-spelled, missing letters, and incomplete. Serenity in arabic is SAFA it reads Afsa. The second word means strength in arabic is SHAJA'A it reads shataja. the last word is supposed to mean courage but its means retaliation.. and its supposed to say " MUQAWAMA" it reads MEMWAQA. Please sue someone!

c-on 9 years ago

can anybody write the words "onelove" in arabic i want to get a tatto

maraim 9 years ago

Can any one tell how to write "forbidden love" in arabic. Thank You.

josh 9 years ago

dear me... that last pic.. what a freaking catastrophe.

Kiah  9 years ago

maja, could you please tell me how to write "peace" in arabic correctly? my email is I would be terribly embarrassed if i got something misspelled or written like a first grader on my body forever. thank you so much!

ayah 9 years ago

Good grief, what a mess, especially that last one. The people who were asking about "love," don't use "hayam" unless you really mean an insane, unbalanced kind of passionate love....not appropriate for a tattoo dedicated to mom :)

Bit of advice, unless you're with a native speaker you trust won't let you make a fool of yourself, don't get anything tattooed in Arabic.

meghann 9 years ago

Hi Maja,

I am looking to get 'friendship' as a tattoo, as was wondering if you could spell it correctly for me in arabic. I have got it off an internet site, but as you are well aware, they cannot be trusted! thankyou.

amorxreal profile image

amorxreal 9 years ago

you guys keep complaining about the same thing. more then one person has said how wrong those tattoos are. so enough already. they were stupid enough not to research on it so let them deal with the embarrassment.

stuart 9 years ago

i am looking to have a tattoo and need a word translated into aribic, can any one help

the word is destiny

i have tried translation sites but i get a lot of different translations

Aicsha 9 years ago

why are all you non- arabic (not aribic by the way) speakers wanting to get tattoos in arabic? i'm sorry but you don't speak the language, you don't know arabic culture, you've probably never been to an arabic speaking country.... why?? really? that would be like me getting a tattoo in russian script. it's beautiful but i have no connection to it. have some respect.

Catherine 9 years ago

My Boyfriend is from the Middle East and speaks Arabic and while searching for some insperation for a tottoo design for myself we came across lots (and lots) of people who have tattoos in Arabic and he was totally shocked as pretty much all of them don't really mean anything, just people putting random letter on that aren't joined as they should be therefore the script is meaningless. His advice is never trust these translation sites or take a strangers word that it means what you think it means, only get a tattoo in Arabic if you know and trust the translator 110% You also have to be careful of copying Arabic Art from pictures in books etc as lots of the art has religious quotations in them and this an be offensive to some Muslims if you are parading it around on you body. I understand why people want things written in Arabic as it looks beautiful but be careful, show respect and only do it if you trust the translation!!!

Chelly 9 years ago

does anyone know how to say Galatians 2:20 in arabic

Pouchie 9 years ago

I am at loss for words at the last one. Arabic is my first language and I can only describe this shambolic tattoo as an abomination of the language and a mutilation of that poor person's back! what a shame!!!

Hilal 9 years ago

i can speak read and write arabic and hebrew. most of these are!

beautiful isn't arabic.

brother, says "relatives, brother". its stupid.

forgivness is in hebrew but totally wrong...

peace has a wrong "movement" on the 3rd letter and it actually says "the peace"

the last one is totally screwed up....its crazy.

me 9 years ago

Ha ha this is funni reading all of these comments!!!!

Aicsha well said!!!!!.... and Maja you should start your own web site and save everyone from screwing up there bodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana 9 years ago

Hi, can anyone translate "strength of will" into arabic for me please?

Georgie 9 years ago

What is "Alfie" and "Alfie James" in arabic?


jhh 9 years ago


Hanaa 9 years ago

lol... As mentioned above, the arab speakers have confirmed that many tattoos shown here are actually hebew, NOT ARABIC! Big difference people, example of this is the one that says "Forgiveness". I just want to comment on one more pic, the last one is just a disaster, as Maja said. Why don't you people consult with someone before permanantly messing up your self. Also, most of these writings look like they were done by a 5yr old! Check out arabic Calligraphy: Its a beautiful art.

shannon  9 years ago

how bad does a tattoo hurt

saaaammm 9 years ago

i am looking to get a tattoo in arabic which says strength love courage faith & pride any help mail me PLZZ PLZZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!! i dnt want a disdastrous tattoo like the rest on here haha

tope olaniyan 9 years ago

HIYA I would like to get a tattoo of my daughters names Zara and Zafirah....Where can i find a reliable source on the internet?????? my email address is please please help me i have been looking everywhere

christie 9 years ago

Hey can anyone translate 13th july 1986 in arabic? if you can, can you email me asap at thanks

Chelsie 9 years ago

This is funny!! I have been learning arabic for almost 5 months now, I can speak and write but with much assistance from my arabic friends, first of all I would never trust a website for a tatto design... there are so many meanings to a word that can very with a slight change to a letter....please before ruining your body get all the info you can!!

Mido the egyptian 9 years ago

the last PIC isn`t arabic it`s arabic writing but without meaning

Mido the egyptian 9 years ago

the last PIC isn`t arabic it`s arabic writing but without meaning

haber 9 years ago

forgiveness is in hebrew i think, certainly not in arabic!

krzysiek 9 years ago

people: you want help in seeking an arab word - why don't you look upon a dictionary or something? about a date: numbers ae not as nice as letters - like in latin alphabet: not connected with themselves.

I agree: having shadda above Salaam is silly, but something (i cannot even say "some word") begginning with "t marbutha" and two separated "M"... sad, really sad...

Sam 9 years ago

For the last tattoo whatr its suuposed to look like it this!

purity= ????

Courage= ?????

the last word means resistance not strength ill spellem both for you though

Resistance= ??????

Strength= ???

charlie 9 years ago

Hi i got a translation for the name Chloe and was just wondering if it was right.

If it isnt can some one please email me at and help me please.

the translation is


Rena 8 years ago

Hey i was wondering if anybody can translate "live today like you'll die tommarow"? i twould be really appreciated. my email adress is Thanks in advance!

Rena 8 years ago

Sorry, i wanted the translation in arabic!!! Thanks in advance!

Rena 8 years ago

Sorry, i wanted the translation in arabic!!! Thanks in advance!

Auvishara 8 years ago

"why are all you non- arabic (not aribic by the way) speakers wanting to get tattoos in arabic?"

Oh, maybe because it's a beautiful script?

It's also a hilarious assumption that people who don't speak a language know nothing about the culture. I know FAR More about my heritage than do people who are of my heritage AND speak the language (which I do not). Language and knowledge of culture are not two things which are dependent upon each other. It's the same sort of assinine attitude that makes you look like a jackhole and an arrogant ass. Perhaps instead of knocking people, you could try encouraging them to learna bout the culture. Is it any wonder people get stereotypes and negative opinions about other cultures when those who are part of it put up barriers and speak to others in a rather derisive manner?

Anung bastus na tau!

Angelena 8 years ago

does anyone know what this says?

Angelena 8 years ago

does anyone know what this says?

Hayley 8 years ago

I really want to get a tattoo in arabic but ovbiously i want to make sure that it says what i want it to.ive have tried to get it translated and this is what i have come up with,can someone who speaks arabic tell me what it says...i want it to say "test all things and hold firm that which is good" can someone tell me if this translation is right. if so my e-mail is thanks.

?????? ??? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?????

BEN 8 years ago



Hasan  8 years ago

hey, I'm Hasan, I am Arabic. I think I can help you with translations.

send fresh flower online 8 years ago

I want to be a little bit offtopic here, pardon me. You wrote "It is unlawful to have anything on your body which God did not create--tattoos, piercing, even plastic surgery procedures are an abomination", and I want to ask, how about ear piercing, I'm sure moslem ladies do that too.

raphael 8 years ago

4 any help or any 1 need 2 traslt a word from ngls 2 arbc send the word 2 my email ill send it back 4 u in arbc

morocain 8 years ago

the best advice I can give anyone looking for a word or phrase in any language is to search for them with specification to gender use and part of speech. If you want a descriptive word or phrase, you need to go beyond the root word alone. It makes the search much longer and harder, but it will pay off. I suggest using a reliable source such as a dictionary or native speaker to find a transcriptive version of the word and using an online transcription service to get the foreign script. I did with perfect results.

morocain 8 years ago

My apologies. I was meaning to say transliteration, not transcription.

ؤشقمخس ةشىعثم مثهفث بثقثهقش 8 years ago

Very nice

8 years ago

yea, the top pic is not Brother, I don't know what that means, the word brother is much smaller, I have it writting on my wrist. Sucks to be him if that's what he wanted.

Sharn 8 years ago

Hey any body know how to say ''DREAMS AREN'T WHAT THEY USED TO BE'' and ''I GOD WE TRUST'' ? :) if you know :)

Sharn 8 years ago

Sorry i ment ''IN GOD WE TRUST''

megs 8 years ago

I want the words strength courage and wisdom written in arabic on my arm. Where would i find the correct way to write it?

nico zubiri 8 years ago

does anybody know how to write Gina in arabic

profile image

karinefk 8 years ago

Can somebody please translate "simple twist of fate" into arabic.. I've tried to translate it but it only comes out as simple twist of amount:S


saki 8 years ago

I would really appreciate it if someone could write for me "luna sea" in arabic and mail it to Thanks in advance.

L0ViN' LiiF3 8 years ago


Sarah Phelan  8 years ago

Hi i was just wondering do you no what Eoin, Sophie,Bobby are in arabis im getting a tattoo done next week and im lookin to get these words in arabic. Thanx a mill

shirelle moore 8 years ago

hey, can anyone help me, i am looking 4 a tattoo like victoria beckhams that goes dwn her spine, i realt like the look of arabic writing, i fink its wonderful art. I jus want 2 make sure any writing is correct. I would like 2 know what mrs beckahms tattoo says. and maybe any1 has any phrases i can use. I thought the tattoos aboved looked wicked but as i was reading all the comments im feeling very sorry 4 the people whos tattoos are not correct. So if any1 has a phrases i can use and show me the writing i would b very grateful. i have a few in mind such as, no surrender, no retreat or what goes around, comes around but i have no clue really!!!!! plz help

PLZ email me thanks xxxx

Lenee 8 years ago

I would like to know how to spell my name (Lenee) or "Gods Gift" i would greatly appreciate it

emily 8 years ago

can someone let me know how to write strength in arabic please??

NIKI 8 years ago



miss 8 years ago

Hey im would like to have 'mother' tranlsated and Id also like to have courageous spelt in arabic.


Mikee 8 years ago

can someone translate and send me the translation for "BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL"

thanks a lot :)

8 years ago

i wnt my name off this site as when googled my question came up!!!

liz 8 years ago

Hey can someone please translate this phrase into arabic for me please as i want 2 get this tatoo , thanks ..... A lot has happened but little has changed.

cassandra  8 years ago

hey y'all i'm thinking about getting my first tattoo and i want to get it in another language and was wondering if someone could translate live, laugh, love for me...please email me at

thank you

angeles 8 years ago

hola soi angeles me kiero hacer un tatto ke diga tato te amo xke lo amo aunke sea feito xd

Amir 8 years ago

LOL. I speak arabic, read it just fine and the 3rd one is definitely hebrew.

A lot of you should really befriend an honest arabic speaking person, because these tattoos are incorrect.

I would get it translated before putting it on my body.

steve 8 years ago

Hey, I would like to know how to right friendship in Arabic for a tatt.. anyone help me out at all...?

efi 8 years ago

hello everyone i want to make a tatto but i don't know the word "helena" in arabic word.if someone know send me email or contacy with me in this url "" thank you..

efi 8 years ago

hello steve in arabic script "friendship" is "???????"

Lesa Parsano 8 years ago

Does anyone know how to write My heart is forever yours in hebrew? please send it to

erik  8 years ago

any can help translate "strenght' and "courage" please i would appreciate it. you can email me to

confused 8 years ago

can anyone please tell me how to say "horse" or "horsewoman" in arabic? i have checked several translation sites and am getting different results each time. if you can, email Thanks sooo much! I don't want to be one of those people with jibberish on their bodies for the rest of my life!

viviana 8 years ago


in arabic the"i live becouse of you"is????


profile image

musharaf 8 years ago


I've got someone to desgin my sons name in arabic calligraphy. His name is Karam Abbas. Not sure if it has been spelt correctly or if it reads correctly. I am unable to attach the design to this email, so if anyone is kind enough to check it over for me they can write to me on and I will attach the design on the reply.

Please help if you can.



Baraka 8 years ago

My father was from Saudi Arabia but i never knew him but i want to have a tattoo in arabic that says "God, save me from hell"

Brado 8 years ago

How do you say reborn in Arabic

Brado 8 years ago

So far Ive found three different translations of reborn and i don't trust any of them. Here they are

????????? ?? ??????????

Brado 8 years ago

For some reason this website wouldn't let my past the translation but can somone please tell me how to correctly translate reborn in arabic

Brado 8 years ago

My email address is Peaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me out with the translation of reborn into arabic lol

Reem 8 years ago

to Brado:

can u tell me what do u mean by reborn?

as in what exactly? is it u who is reborn? or is it in a religious way reborn or what?

Brado 8 years ago

its in a religious way, its a passage from the bible, do you know how to say it in arabic

ice-man 8 years ago

Want to tattoo my name ismail in arabic is this right can sombody hepl me?


Louie 8 years ago

I not arabic but I think that arabic words are beautiful ..I would like to get one on me but Im going to make sure its the right way how to spell it .

crydelia 8 years ago

you know what guys,you all sit and write insulting stuff about how stupid the people on the photos are,but none of you is willing to offer any help when asked..its very easy to be fooled when it comes to an unknown language,ok, the girl on the last photo GOT it,im sure...

M Smith 8 years ago

can anyone translate the following into Arabic...

man fears time, yet time fears the pyramids

I want to get it tattooed down my arm

Aaron 8 years ago

hey, i want to get the phrase 'God, have mercy on me, a sinner'.

it's a quote from Jesus, but i don't want just a copy paste from the arabic bible.. i'd like to get some people's personal translations if possible!

in the arabic bible it says something like " ??????????? ???????? ? ????? ??????????? "

but i'm unsure if the exact translation is actually giving the essence of what i want to say.

anyways, id really love some feedback from native speakers... christians and muslims alike, b/c i know both religions will probably interpret this differently.

my email is little beattie @ hotmail . com (without spaces, i put them in to make sure i don't get any computer spam bors)


gilroy  8 years ago

hi people i have just returned from eygpt i while i was there, got my wifes name ,little girls name and my name written in arabic so i could get a tattoo done while back in the uk. i would be grateful if anyone would take a look at it and tell me if it means as it should and if the writing is of a good standard.

Sam 8 years ago

Hello, my name is Samantha.

I would like to get strength, beauty, truth and love tattooed in that order. These are the translations I have found so far. I was wondering if they are what I was told they are (eg strength, beauty, truth and love in order below). I would really be greatful for someone to let me know either way! Thanks





steven 8 years ago

someone asked why these people that don't speak arabic are getting tattoos in arabic. so i ask why are the people that speak arabic trying to kill people that don't even though they haven't ever been to any of the countries of the people they are trying to kill. bet you didn't think of it that way did you?

Taylor 8 years ago

I'm part arabic so I want my tattoo to show part of who I am and what my mother taught me my whole life. How do I write [love. hope. faith.] in arabic? If anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it.

Christina 8 years ago

Hi, i want to get a tattoo in memory of my grandma, but everytime e search on the internet it always comes up diferent prashes in arabic. What i want to get done is "I'll never walk alone... Meet you in heaven... Rest in peace Beatriz"

CAn somebody help me? my email is


Tammy 8 years ago

i must say my first tattoo was in arabic and it says love i myself am lebanese and was shocked to see this version of the world love it is quite different then mine.....a piece of advice to all wanting to get an arbic tattoo, make sure you consult someone who is fluent in writing arabic and speaking and get them to write it out for you then take it to the artist.

tina 8 years ago

i need a character or a symbol meaning "courage" in arabic for my tat. courage as in having the courage to go out there n take charge of ur life n not be afraid of the things out in the world. please e-mail me at I hope it's short.

Asha 8 years ago

hey guys!! im trying to get an arabic tattoo, my first tattoo, and i want it to be my name: "Asha". i understand how important it is to understand the cutlure and it is apart of me being that my father is from somalia. he already showed me what my name looks like in arabic because he can read and write it but i just wanted another opinion of HOW it should look as a TATTOO. lol. i know that it needs to be pretty bold in text and so forth so if anyone could plz email me and show me what it should look like as a finished product i would really aprreciate greatly:) AND if u have any suggestions about what i should get around it such as flowers and so forth plz feel free to share:) thx again!

yumnuts 8 years ago

I feel sorry for the girl with the large writing on her back. It is not written correctly, the letters are supposed to be linked, this is a feature of arabic writing. The idiot who tattooed this on her should be sued, this is horrendous.

nikkii 8 years ago

could you tell me what "love" looks like in arabic.

Manzini 8 years ago

Hi, im wishing to get a tattoo in arabic along my arm as my family originate from the far east and i would like to get something in there honour

i wish to get " Only God Can Judge Me "

Can anyone help ?

i shall check this page daily for updates


manzini 8 years ago

i found this - is it correct for the meaning " only god can judge me"

??? ???? ?????? ??????

manzini 8 years ago

i found this - is it correct for the meaning " only god can judge me" ??? ???? ?????? ??????

manzini 8 years ago

i found this - is it correct for the meaning " only god can judge me" ??? ???? ?????? ??????

manzini 8 years ago

i found this - is it correct for the meaning " only god can judge me" ??? ???? ?????? ?????? 8 years ago

Can someone please send me the correct Arabic writing for the phrase "No Regrets". I would like to get this tattooed on my body ... Thank you ...

haile 8 years ago

I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I was hoping to get a tattoo with the Arabic word "love".

I am looking for the word "LOVE" as in the concept--for example, serenity, faith, courage, hope-->these are concepts.

Any help would sincerely be appreciated, thank you.

my email add is

gergo 8 years ago

pls somady help me i like an arabic sentenc : " Warrior of the Light"


my emai:

soph 8 years ago


would anyone be able to help? i want a few words translated into arabic and have looked on the internet but every translation i different?!

please help, the words are:




thanks, my email is

hans 8 years ago

sooo um im arabic bt i live in an englisha nd spanish speakin country! now im totally inlove w/ the arabic language and the culture and my sisters and i have been studying arabic for a while but i hve a question....i knw there are 2 ways of saying beautiful in arabic geher and jameel which is correct???

and i'd really like to know how to write it! please help me!!!

Sally 8 years ago

What does "Have faith in yourself" mean in arabic?

*AALI*69 8 years ago

SALAMS. Comon now,these tatoos are beautiful and they represent each persons character. I think that they are pretty :) Anyone know how to write Hafsah in arabic?? I would like to get a tatoo with that name

Zena 8 years ago

The Top Picture is in Bengali . The word is 'Shuundoree' which means 'beautiful lady' . So it's definitily not Arabic one.

zoe 8 years ago

how do you spell zoe in arabic

faye 8 years ago

can anyone please jus tranlate 18-12-46 and 20-11-88

in arabic numbers or sumtin

David Falkous 8 years ago

could someone please tell me the arabic word for David.


Erica 8 years ago

Hello, I am not looking to get a tattoo, but looking to impress my bf that is from Moracco. He writes Arabic, and shows me a lot, but I can't do it on my own. I'd like some quotes written in arabic for me for part of a present. They are: Learn from Yesterday, Just Breathe, Life is What You Make It, and May Angels Lead You In. Please email me at if you can help me out. Thank you!

ss 8 years ago

the first tattoo is not arabic but begali it says "shundiri" which means "beautiful"

leam 8 years ago

hi could you help translate some thing into arabic for me please.

.... you only live once but if you live it right once is enough ....


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vaso 8 years ago

please could someone help translate something to arabic?iam looking for the right tranlation but i cant find it anywhere.. the sentence is "beliave in small things cause it's in them your strength lies" please someone who really knows help me.. my e mail is you

Natasha Maria 8 years ago

I just got back from a trip to Morocco and I fell in love. I wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate my trip with the hand of Fatima and in Arabic "To do everything To go everywhere" I've looked up a bunch of translation sites and asked a few friends but everything turns out different. If anyone here would be kind enough to email me a translation I would really appreciate it! I've been searching for a month and I don't want to get it done until I'm absolutely sure! Organik@live.comThank you again!

princeza 8 years ago

nobody has said which tattoo is actually written correctly, can somebody tell me if no. 7 is correct please, the one meaning 'love' on the lower back hip

Stacey W  8 years ago

Please can someone translate "My heart on this Sleeve" in arabic please

My e-mail is :

thank you

Sensualflame 8 years ago

I'm a tattoo artist in New York, I always suggest to people to do the research before you come to me. When it comes to other languages please understand it before you get the tattoo. I will not do a tattoo in another language unless I understand it. The pain of the tattoo is nothing compared to the embarrassment that comes with getting it and it being WRONG!

bswbaby 8 years ago

I understand why people would want to get arabic as a tattoo. It is a very beautiful language. but you shouldn't judge them for wanting it. I cant speak but like five words in arabic and i cant understand it written but that wont stop me from getting forever and love put on me. i do it out of love for my boyfriend who is middle eastern. Unfourtunately it looks like i am going to have to ruin my surprise and ask him for the translation. I refuse to let m,y body be messed up like those poor people in the pics.

Nichole 8 years ago

So who agrees the the one that is suppose to mean peace actually means peace cause i like that tattoo but refuse to be inked with bullshit for the rest of my life.

oosie 8 years ago

i feel so sorry for some of them they got fooooooled haha

Jamil 8 years ago

First you don't spell salaam with one "a". Also one of those tattoo's is written in hebrew not arabic. Also anyone getting a arabic tattoo should consult arabic speaking person. You should also understand that different arab country's speak different forms of arabic. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.... As-Salaam Aalikum,

Ali Siddiquee 8 years ago

Just wanted to point out that as a Bengali person, I can assure you the first tattoo is NOT Arabic but Bengali. Worse yet, it is misspelled Bengali. Looks like an attempt to write "shundori" which means beautiful girl. The first character --which should be the english equivalent of "sh"--is wrong. Looks like the tattoo artist just drew a butt.

Fatima 8 years ago

FYI The first pic on this page is NOT ARABIC it is actually Bengali, the language of the country of Bagladesh. THe hrase phonetically is "Soon-doe-ree" meaning beautiful..

stevie 8 years ago

Hey all, Could someone please tell me what this translates as?I've asked a friend to do it for me, Hes not native in Arabic, He speak's urdu but tried his best to help me

??? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? ???

stevie 8 years ago


it hasn't come up! Anyone online who can read arabic, ill forward it on to your inbox, it would be a great help to me, thanks!

Stanza 8 years ago

Omg You People Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselfs I Shall Leave It All To God

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themovement 8 years ago

I am sorry to anyone who is offended by non-native speakers putting arabic words on their bodies. I am looking at getting a tattoo of the word love, as many people seem to say. I have been studying Islam for awhile now and though have not converted to it, believe in the cultural and religious understanding of many religions and I believe Islam to be one of the most misconstrued, misinterpreted ones present in American culture. Though I in no way understand what it feels like to be stereotyped, or condemned for wearing the hijab I believe in the understanding of our uniquenes. Anyways could someone tell me how to translate the word Love as a verb? Someone said it is just 2 symbols? 8 years ago

The issue of HARAM, you now that in fact the art of tatoo is considered by Quran to be HARAM or NOT DONE. Like mentioned on this blog. I with a muslim background always "wanted" a tatoo, but due to wat Quran or the holy book says i did not do it.Yesterday by coincidence i purchased a book on Arabic tatoo art, and started surfing the internet. And was really astonished how many sites and blogs where dedicted on this matter!!

So for al you youngsters out ther if u do get a Arabic tattoo where it with pride and dignity, and do not bother with somebody else hit opinion;

And i believe that the true almighty will forgive al these people with a Arabic tatoo.

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themovement 8 years ago

I too was so surprised at the amount of writing on the subject. I appreciate that comment.

nabs 8 years ago

JAMIL from 2weeks ago.. u piss me off

lol u say assalamu alaykum to the people who go against what allah has told us??

are u an idiot? to salim 3ala these ignorant disbelievers!

so dumb and pathetic...

he says "do your homework, assalmu alaykum"

LOL... homework? yeah homework that its harom

shut up.

its funny what you'd come across when you type in google "islamic supplications"

and this comes up lol

Joe 8 years ago

the last one is wrong... wrong writing/spelling and the words ar messed up :S

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JackRoma 8 years ago


I'm Jack, Syrian citizen from Italian origin, Arabic is my native language...

any word any sentence you need to know how to write in Arabic just e-mail me the english source and I will send you picture with nice font in Arabic

tina 8 years ago

Hi! Can anyone tell me what Yulia Volkovas tattoo means? (the one on her upper back)

Tabi 8 years ago

Can anyone give me a good translation of "Infidel, for family, for country" and "Death is certain but life is not"

bobo343 8 years ago

ok i will put some arabic words

the love ????

the beauty ??????

heart ?????

Infide ??????

brother ??

eyes ??????

Leila 8 years ago

Hebrew is read from right to left, not as English. It would look bad if written up and down and then one would not be able to know where to start to read.

Perhaps you should see the Hebrew alphabet first. There are no vowels.

Translation becomes hard ;-)

Sarah 8 years ago

rofl @ most of these....maybe they should of asked someone who actually KNOWS arabic LOL

fatin 8 years ago

the last one is just random arabic letters that don't spell out the word. this is a prime example of why you don't use a cyber translator to translate words you will have on your body permanently!

Dawn 8 years ago

can anyone help me spell Dawn in arabic? e-mail at thankyou

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tionnaki 8 years ago

i need some help i would like to get a tat in arabic. i do not speak the language but i think the script its beautiful and appreciate the artistic aspect of it and unlike some people don't want to walk around not knowing if my tat says what i think it does haha. some one help i would like 2 say, "God protect my angels" and then put ma little sisters initials undern ive looked at some online translatora but every1 come out different with the same phrase. this is what i got so far

????? ???? ??? ????????


??? ???? ????? ????????


Teresa 8 years ago

Could anyone help me with translating into arabic ---- This too shall pass, One day at a time and Keep it simple.My em.ail is .Thank you sooooo much

Lauren 8 years ago

hi, been looking everywhere for the words "never forgotten" in arabic.

if someone cud translate for me this wud mean alot.

please e-mail me.

cristal 8 years ago

if anyone can help me get the arabic meaning of cristal i wana get a tattoo wit my name

as well

as omar in arabic

or true love in arabic

email me at

Courtney  8 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am looking to get the word 'Family' tattooed in Arabic. My adoptive family is arabic so I would really like to do this right. Please email me

Thank you

Peter 8 years ago

hi everybody!

i was looking to get the word "strength" tattoo'd on me. but cant find a clear picture to show the artist. Can anybody send it to my email address?


Arab Girl 8 years ago

Ummm I just thought I would add that the first tattoo is not arabic I believe the third one is hebrew and the other ones are arabic letters but they are not spelled out correctly and are written wrong.... i feel sorry for whoever has that inked on them for life

Arab Girl 8 years ago

And Charles just bc your mad doesn't give yo the right to go and nsult people that had nothing to do with anything that wen t on in the world they are all innoccent people ... learn some RESPECT

meton 8 years ago

the first one says relatives:brother not just brother which i think is stupid and the one that says its suppose to say love i have no idea what is says and the last one i just feel bad for her because the letters are all messed up ...

you guys should make sure of what your getting tattoed cz the last tattoo is messed up

Bg 8 years ago

i will always love my mother

???? ????? ???? ???

"pray for peace"

???? ?? ??? ??????

are these correct?

kayla 8 years ago

hey everyone.. i was hoping someone canhelp me..i was hoping to get the quote "trust no one but God" in egyptian arabic script in honor of my brother.. if someone is able to hepl me plkease send it to my email

nadia saad 8 years ago

hey im lebenese but in taree there are no leb writers or traslaters hear and i really want a tattoo of family in lebanese on my lower back if anyone can please help me with the right writen would be grately appriciated

nadia saad 8 years ago

my email is

UN  8 years ago

this goes to charles. how dare you! you will be a visitor in Iraq and you want to piss of the locals ? who do you think you are? have some respect.


sarah 8 years ago

i cant believe so many arab people came past the first word and couldn't tell that it was infact arabic and as another smarter person said yes this is arabic and it means relative and brother but they are written in different script thatsall

anyone needs help in translaiting i can help cheers

alexis 8 years ago

i am abrabic and ive really been wanting to get my name (Alexis) tattoed. can anyone translate it for me? im 3rd generation so unforchenty my parents cant speak it:(

alexis 8 years ago

i am abrabic and ive really been wanting to get my name (Alexis) tattoed. can anyone translate it for me? im 3rd generation so unforchenty my parents cant speak it:( 8 years ago

Hi i am of croatian and lebanese descent. My father passed awaywhen i was young and would like to get somehting in arabic for him but unfortunately dont write.. I need the phrase Independent and Soldier drawn for me.

nas 8 years ago

persian is not arabic. its a completely different language from a non-arabic middle eastern country, where henna is not used and tats are not illegal. if your gonna admire middle eastern culture, maybe you should take sometime and learn the basics. a tattoo in persian will make no sense in arabic and vis versa...

jhon 8 years ago


noksi 8 years ago

pls tranl8 my name in arabic plzzz.

my name is "noksi "

plz e-mail me my yahoo account

god blessss!

Leila 8 years ago

Hi, can anyone send me the correct Arabic spelling of my name: Leila? I understand it is a pretty common name in the middle east but I'm not sure how to spell it correctly. Thank you!

rach 8 years ago

id like either my name or faith written on my inner wrist, anyone know how this looks, thanks!!!

Ahrin Gantser Mose 8 years ago

I think that you need to be careful getting tatoo that you can not read put on your body. Please do your research I seen a guy that was in the military with a arabic tatoo. that he wanted to say his families name "Jackson" however it was inked out to say "son of jack" lol sooo do what you will but just remember you are going to look like a total jack ass if it's wrong. in addition, you will be stuck with it or have to get a cover up(which looks worste)

Alyson 8 years ago

wow - there is an incredible amount of people asking for translations...I have a tattoo in French, a tattoo in english and one in arabic, because I can speak each and love the languages dearly. Arabic is an incredible language, and seriously - you should not be getting anything inked on your body when you don't speak the language and can't translate it yourself. I'm struggling to understand what meaning an arabic tattoo could possibly have for someone that doesn't speak nor understand the language, please help me to understand someone?

And also, along with all the rest of the people commenting about it, seriously, some of these tatts are disgraceful...loving the last one especially - poor girl. I mean starting with a tar mabouta and the final unconnected version of the h? Wow!

Please make sure you research your tattoos before getting one done - it's an incredibly long, painful and costly process to get them fixed, that's for sure!

emily 8 years ago

I am looking to get "faith" written in arabic. Not the faith in relation to religion, but more or less faith in oneself and others. I definitely do not want it to be spelt wrong. I have been doing some research but am not completely sure. Please help!!

girl 8 years ago

hi! can anyone translate my name juttamari in arabic?

Lou 8 years ago

Does anyone know how to translate Famous warrior in Arabic??

Hibah Abdullah 8 years ago

the end is surely close. people are doing things to themselves not knowing its purpose but only that is looks beautiful. what if the phase" devil avocate' was written beautiful, fancy and in another language would the ignorant tattoo it on themselves? surely they would because they are ignorant.

LeeSA 7 years ago

Hello!! I been dying to get a tattoo in arabic; this will be the first!! Anyone who speaks the language fluently- will you please help me?? I would be honored to carry your language inked on my body for the rest of my life if you could do me this favor to translate it?? I speak the language khmer which is from CAMBODIA!! if anyone needs any help translating anything into my language i would definitely lend a helping hand!!! I want "Peace be with you" in arabic!!! EMAIL ME!! THANKS!!! xoxo leesa

The Way 7 years ago

The first tattoo is in Bengali, not Arabic. But it really does mean "beautiful" (feminine).

Saud 7 years ago

Re: Son of Jack; that is exactly where Jackson derives. Much like Johnson, Neilson, Robertson and countless others. As an aside, M, Mc, Mac refer to son also. "Ignorance is a great burden, enlightenmet is a greater burden."

Ahrin Gantser Mose says:3 weeks ago

I think that you need to be careful getting tatoo that you can not read put on your body. Please do your research I seen a guy that was in the military with a arabic tatoo. that he wanted to say his families name "Jackson" however it was inked out to say "son of jack" lol sooo do what you will but just remember you are going to look like a total jack ass if it's wrong. in addition, you will be stuck with it or have to get a cover up(which looks worste)

Saud 7 years ago

My abject apologies; enlightenment, not enlightenmet...a bad keyboard and glaucoma, and advanced age make it's mark. I would not have interjected my comments but, the argument holds significant spiritual, emotional and physical value, none of which I sit in judgement, I only offer fact.

Arabic  7 years ago


Arabic  7 years ago


MUjdafa 7 years ago

the language of Quran, the Holy book of Islam.... and you write it on your bodies?????way to go peepz

screwed 7 years ago

-The first picture right in the beginning of the Article which is translated “beautiful”: Nothing Arabic about it. It may seem Arabic for a non Arab, but it’s not.

- The fourth tattoo which is translated “Forgiveness”: That’s Hebrew not Arabic.

- The last tattoo translated "Serenity, strength, courage": This person has really been screwed. I assume that the person who did the tattoo is using a computer to translate his words into Arabic, but his computer is not set up to handle Arabic alphabets, so the result is scrambled alphabets. The tattoo should look like this: ????? ?????? ??????

Xavier 7 years ago

Hi I'm looking into tattooing "Revelation 21:4" on my arm. How does that look in Arabic??? Appreciate some help. Thank you.

Sam 7 years ago

Hey all,

Just looking for some guidance in translating the word 'believe'. I know EVERYONE is trying to get something translated, but it would be great if anyone could offer a hand. - thanks very very much in advance!

Andrea 7 years ago

if anyone here can please do e the favor of translating:

Live. Laugh. Love.

into arabic as i am looking to get

it as my first tattoo and would like to get

something CORRECT on me seeing as how it

will be there forever i will greatly appreciae it.

and when it sas live laugh love i mean is as concepts

or verbs withour being conjugated like live laugh love breathe

my email is

thank you..

falisha 7 years ago

can anyone please help me? want to get a couple tattoos in arabic

im not of the culture but i respect its history very much

i cant seem to find a symbol in heirgliphics for these word but i would love them just as much in arabic:



my email is

thank you very much

Me 7 years ago

Hi, can anyone show me how the name Kazeem should be written in Arabic? I am going to get a tattoo of this, and have been given an example, but want to double check it is correct.


kefuffled 7 years ago

Ok...this site is a bit of an eye opener!

I used to want a tattoo in Arabic but after looking into it i decided against it, reason being as beautiful a script it is, their religion and culture are against it, and due to respecting them i would not ish to go against it! Plus this web page seems to be very high school, too-ing ad fro-ing of insults! Surely e should respect people and not be abusive whether they are for or against such acts like Body Art, even if it is in other languages? In all honesty, a name does look pretty firckin boring in English text but we do have to be respectful and careful of how we go about it! Personally, i no longer wish to go ahead but does not mean i'm going to shove my opinion down someone elses throat and try and intimidate them because they can't speak that language!!!!

Me 7 years ago

Sorry, forgot to say, email is

Thanks if anyone can help.

Ro 7 years ago

Hi, I can write e-mail is

Guys feel free to ask me or email me the tattos to check..these people have been fooled..the tattos are in realy badly written and translated....its such a shame when ur doing something so perminant!!!

Please check it before you get it done..arabic is such a beautiful language and some idiots seem to miss the point!

Ro 7 years ago

For the person who wanted Kazeem in arabic, I have just sent you an email with it!

Just to let you know..Kazeem will be spelled differently in arabic as its an arabic name and the 'Z' is replaced by a 'Th'..its just the way the name is written..if you realy want it with the 'Z' then let me know!

Ro 7 years ago

Use this website..It translates from English to Arabic..very good!

vicci 7 years ago

i would like to find a translation of my name in arabic, i have it written in vicci from spending time in egypt but ideally would like my full name Victoria to...surprise surprise have a tattoo. Thanks for anyone who can help...ive been trying to research it for nearly a year!!

Manyisa_1 7 years ago

Hi there,could a learned person please give a a translation of "Out of Africa always something new" into Arabic?

Much appreciated my email address is

Janice 7 years ago

Hi, could anyone help me translate the following into Hebrew?

"In God we Trust"



My email is

Thanks so much

Alex 7 years ago

<!-- @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } -->

This is love in arabic ??

Shereen 7 years ago

Hi can someone please email me these names/words in Arabic? Thanks so much in advance!





F. I 7 years ago

I was wondering if someone Knowledgeable in arabic writting can translate "Peace Be With You" i know how to say it jus dont know how to write it ..also if they can write "Only god can Judge me"...i understand that tattoos are agaist islam culture but this is for self knowledge not body art > Shukran

F.I 7 years ago

Sorry but i need those in arabic not english translated

and my email is

profile image

Jaime023 7 years ago

Hi! ive been having so much trouble finding someone to translate arabic for me.

can anyone translate

Saellam (Salm)- which is how they say it in arabic. so im not sure which would be right. so translate both. i think that it would be the same though? not sure.


karen 7 years ago

can some one tell me how to write al-islam in arabic email is thank you

Seth 7 years ago

These guys provide free tattoo translation/advice: as well as free conversation partners:

Tracy 7 years ago

Please Translate Tracy to Arabic email

fahim 7 years ago

top pic is mixtre of arabic n bengali

Arabic, Persian (Farsi) tattoo designs 7 years ago

Nice collection of designs! I think the 'holly warrior' design is a good example for the use of Arabic diacritics (harakat). I should also say that the 'forgiveness' design is in Hebrew and should not be mistaken with Arabic.

Pretty cool collection though!

~ < >

april 7 years ago

whoever did these tattoos needs 2 go n learn some more because that is not how u write in arabian i shld know i wuz in da middle east for 5 years n i know that aint how u write those words

hibah 7 years ago

umm okay so im tlking to send fresh flower online

first u spelled muslim wrong..second muslim women are allowed to get their ears an nose pierced.nose piercing are cultural..if u ever go down to the middle east every other women well have their nose pierced..okay by..

Arabic Tattoo Designs 7 years ago

A great photo collection. If you don't know the mistakes..

Well when you don't use a professional translation service these things are bound to happen...

~Arabic tattoo translation and design:~

yasmin 7 years ago

the last picture. serenity strenght and courage is incorrect. whoever did her tattoo completley messed up the letters and mixed them together which gives them no meaning.

be careful what you tattooo on you , get some research done people! i feel sorry for that girl, i speak arabic and her tattoo is wrong =[.

Arabic Tattoo Designs eBook 7 years ago

Well, when you don't use a professional service where the translation is done by a native Arabic speaker - the result will usually have mistakes.As a professional translator I can say that online translators are the worst. Most of the translations they provide are so horibble that you really need to wonder what the original phrase was...If you are looking for a great Arabic tattoo ebook or a translation and design - check:

Jenna 7 years ago

Mehendi or Henna tattoos originated from the ancient Indian body art.

Henna tattoos are NOT ARABIC or Middle Eastern originally.

EYEBROW THREADING, though, and the whole practice of threading is PERSIAN in origin.

Just wanted to get the facts straight

sufian 7 years ago

hay if any body want the Arabic transelation for his name ill do it for em , am arabic native speaker, mail to

Kai 7 years ago

First and anyone that really gets truly offended by the inaccuracy of these tattoos.....I am sorry that you are so turned off. I don't think its anybody's true intention to get anything so permanent wrong in the first place. If anything.....its a sign of great admiration for another's language or culture to attempt to get it as accurate as possible and wear it upon their bodies as art.

The bottom tattoo that is just 'an abomination' happens to be mine. While I openly admit that I didn't have a professional translate this for me, I am not going to apologize for the decision I made to get this as my tattoo.

For the people that are claiming that none of us have ever been to or experience culture in an arabic speaking country- think before you try to jump to conclusions. Just because I may not have translated you language correctly does not mean you know where I come from or why I got the tattoo. I may not have read or spoke the language, but I did live in the Middle East for majority of my childhood. Being in Saudi Arabia symbolized the happiest time of my life and I am really proud to say that I was able to live there.

sometimes when you miss a memory you try to capture and immortalize that experience the best you can. I did that with a tattoo resembling the script of the land I lived in and respected deeply. Yeah it may not be exactly right.....but its a memory that ties me to this, not the exact meaning or accuracy of it.

Like I said...sorry for those that are appalled. But just let it go. Be happy that it isn't you that wears the tattoo if it looks so bad. but give everyone on here the right to be proud of what they have chosen and stop scrutinizing it.

Farah,Amsterdam-Holland 7 years ago

the last tattoo is just so wrong....the letters are all messed up it's not even a word.1 good advice...please let someone who knows write the word down or at least let them take a look at it so you don't have some weird word written on your body.

Arabic Tattoo 7 years ago

Kai, I believe that it would be a lot easier for everyone if people used professional translations for their tattoos. I really cannot understand why someone will be so cheap and carry around a mistake instead of paying a couple of extra dollars and know he has the correct translation.

missinghim 7 years ago

so my boyfriens is army and he is deployed right now and for a surprise i wanna get the word loyalty in arabic, cause he can speak it i just want to surprise him!!

Jayke Minett 7 years ago

Howd u say " i am all of it" in arabic please ?

rachel 7 years ago

so i want to get the arabic proverb "sinning is the best part of repentance" tattooed, can someone provide an accurate translation?

The Arabic Student 7 years ago

Wow, like others have said, some of these tattoos are really messed up. Especially the last one. It just looks like random letters. And the one that is supposed to say love says ??? ? which isn't a word as far as I know.

samy 7 years ago

the last one is not correct!

profile image

diamond23 7 years ago

can a few of you show me the word for "FAITH" in arabic. As in "Faith in God".I have searched a couple translator site but they all look different so i don't think that they are right.Thanks soo much.

simon 7 years ago


i waana get a tattoo in arabic writing im looking for someone to design it for me. can u please either help me design it or send me to someone that can.

kind regards


my email is

eight17 7 years ago

I think it's hilarious that so many of these complainers can't even use the English language correctly. "Spelt?" Give me a freakin' break, people!

Hannah 7 years ago

These are terrible.

The first one isn't even arabic, the 'brother' one actually reads 'relatives; brother,' like a dictionary definition, the one labelled 'forgiveness' is hebrew script which i don't read but is probably wrong as well, judging by the standard of the article.

'Love' is NOT spelt like that in arabic- it looks as though it is back to front and also the wrong letter H has been used (there are two)

The worst one is without a doubt 'serenity, strength, courage,' where the letters are in the wrong order and not joined up! arabic script is cursive and almost all of the letters join up, with a few exceptions. It looks as though someone has just typed the words into google translate and got some fool to tattoo them onto their body. Imagine seeing a foreigner walking about London with 'ereniyts thgstren couraeg' tattooed on them. trust me, that's how stupid it looks. Dear God!

Let's just hope these people never ever travel to Egypt/ Morocco on holiday

profile image

MellyMelo 7 years ago

heyy, i was wondering if anyone could help im looking to get "family" tattooed in arabic but i have found many different varaitions of it.. please help! :)

Kate 7 years ago

I want to get beautiful family tattooed can someone please provide me with this in Arabic or bengali writing?

Arabic tattoos 7 years ago

All of those looking for a professional service for an Arabic tattoo translation and design, I recommend:

Nelly 7 years ago

Can anyone help me write "Love is patient" in arabic? I did the google translation but I don't think it's in the right context. I know how to write love, but I need patient.

Donatella {italian} 7 years ago

I totally agree with kefuffled , have some respect!!

Jame 7 years ago

Hey i am wondering if there is a website out there that has different arabic fonts. i have waited nearly 5 years to get this tattoo which will be my Name in arabic on my foot. I've got my father to write it on a piece of paper, but i want it to look a lil nicer.

anyhow help me out??

Arab-4-Life 7 years ago

i can help

if you want O-O

xx xx

Arab-4-life 7 years ago

i feel realy bad for the last person !!!! coz the words are no near correct !!!! its soo big , can not be hiddn !!

but if any one need any help in translatin english to arabic

french to arabic , am here and also designing !!!

my e-mail is

calls mom 7 years ago

can you translate the names:



COHEN ,if at all possible.. my email is thanks ahead

Korry 7 years ago

Does anyone know how reliable Google translate is?

mink 7 years ago

hey good people! id like 'pearl' translated (hit me on: thanks

Jennie Wren 7 years ago

Chelly - if you'd like a bible passage in Arabic got to and do a search for the passage selecting an Arbic bible as teh on you want to search in the drop down menu. Also - I have a dgree in Arabic, I have lived in an Arabic speaking country adn whilst I would never claim to be an expert on Arabic cultures do have a connection to Arabic through my experiences and friends, taht is why I would consider having a tattoo in Arabic because it would mean something to me. But I also appreciate for others it looks beautiful, so fair play. I would however be incredibly upset if I was stuck for life with an incorrect tattoo so would pick my artist well!

brittney 7 years ago

I've been wanting to get all of my sisters initials (CN AM SR) in arabic on my wrist. Im going to have it proffesionly translated before I get anything permenant, but I've been trying to look it up online to get an idea of what it would look like but I havnt realy found what I needed. If anybody thinks they can translate for me could they email me at

kenny 7 years ago

is this how you write never forgive,never forget in arabic

?? ????? ???? ??? ???? ????

Emeralde 7 years ago

It's so funny how it's only Arabs that are complaining about everyone else wanting Arabic tats. Seriously, you don't own the culture. Grow up and get over it. Chinese ppl don't complain, neither do Jews, or Japanese, or Greeks. SO what's your problem? If I want to cover my body in arabic tattoos, that's my business not yours. Thanks.

Ashley 7 years ago

Can someone please email the nam "JOHN" in arabic



Faisal 7 years ago

All the picture i mean the tattoos above are incorrect... am Arabic and there are grammatical mistakes which make any Arabic guy misunderstand the meaning!!! ???? ????? ?? ?????? ????? ,, ???? ??????? ???????? ??? ???????

Sara 7 years ago

There are a few mistakes with the translations. It's very important that people don't get their translations through a site but from an actual person. I help design and translate arabic tattoos. Anyone interested please email me on or vist my page on

Sarah 7 years ago

I'm Arabic and this tattoo make no sense to me it's all miss spelled!

Nadim 7 years ago

Im Arabic, Egyptian actually and damn, some of them aren't even Arabic.. ALL the arabic tattoos are either mispelt or have terrible kindergatren handwriting.. It's actually hilarious how careless people are when decidng to get an arabic tattoo.. I mean, HELLO PEOPLE Get proper, reliable sources for translations..

Caroline 7 years ago

No one should be able to listen to Nickelback, regardless of ethnicity.

Liz P 7 years ago

Im getting a tattoo in Arabic on the 2nd on friday. On the back of my neck im getting "love" my bestfriend arabic. He told me and his two cousins Told me its love in arabic. I even ask another arabic guy i didn't know to make sure. Anyone who wants to see the tattoo to make sure for me to. Email me

sara 7 years ago

I am egyptian , and i of course speak and read Arabic. these tattooes r so nice. but the third one isn't Arabic. and the last one is really soooo bad because the litters r mixed and written wrongly.It's like writing courage "rage cou ee" its the same litters of courage but it's written wrongly and don't make sense.

Josh 7 years ago

So much fail in these tattoos, it's not even funny. That last one just cracks me up because this person has such completely meaningless junk permanently on their body, and it's large. The image in the "article" isn't even Arabic, and neither is the Hebrew one. The only one that's not retarded is the Peace one.

Courtney 7 years ago

Give the people a break. They will feel bad enough without everyone slating their tats. When I was 16 I had a tattoo done in Arabic and I just loved it only to find out it didn't mean what I think It did! I was heartbroken and try and cover mine up whenever I can so im lucky its small. Just lay off.. im sure they feel stupid enough.

nancy 7 years ago


i will like to have a tatto with arabic letter ( LOVE )


Bona  7 years ago

for every one that need to make a arabic tatto and need to translate any thing to arabic i'm Egyption , soo if u need help i'll be happy to help u to write in arabic what ever u eant :) email ( ) or facebook me abdullah omar alfarouk :) happy to help

nancy 7 years ago

hi omar i just add you and my facebook and i send you a email thanks nancy hope you can help

Jay 7 years ago

Hi There I Was Wondering If Anyone Knew How To Write Always In Arabic if you could maybe add me on facebook and let me know that would be great Its Jay Elle And Im From Glasgow Thanks To Anyone That Can Help Me xxx

Hayley 7 years ago

Hey, I know that Arabic is only written as a formal language, & there are many different accents therefore some things will be slightly different. As I would like to get a tattoo in Arabic I just want to double check is this the correct translation?

Only honesty speaks the truth - ???? ??? ???? ???????

Thankyouuuu (:

Max 7 years ago

For Arabic tattoo designs you might want to check out this site here:

My Arabic Tattoo 7 years ago

Top Arabic tattoo translations and designs are offered here:

mjk 7 years ago

loool that last tattoo pic,, the Arabic words are wrong! she got all the letters correct, but they are not put in the correct order to make it a correct word! i'm talking about "Serenity, strength, courage" the correct Arabic spelling is :

"???? - ??? - ?????". too bad she had it tattooed so large! i don't know how she will have it fixed!

Mr.Arabic 7 years ago

faux faux faux faux

Surtout la dernière!! trop de fautes d'orthographe .

anicka 7 years ago

hi i was wondering do anyone know how to say " love is to trust" in arabic

my email is

NK 7 years ago

love is to trust = ???? ?? ?????

Alain 7 years ago


tiff 7 years ago

i hate hate hate tattos

tiff 7 years ago

i hate hate hate tattos

ccc 7 years ago

love = ??

arabolical 7 years ago

@ kilah your name in arabic is :?????

sarah 7 years ago

why would you want a tattoo in arabic unless you SPEAK arabic? i bet there's lots of arabic people walking around saying "wow! look at those retarded americans! the have the word 'stapler' on their necks!" lol!

Tattoo Arabic 7 years ago

Salam Alaykum.

I built a new website about Arabic tattoos .


Shelby  7 years ago

I was wondering if some one could tell me what this symbol means in English. I've been told it means love in Arabic but I'm not convinced.

Grainne 7 years ago

can anyone please translate "MY SON,MY EVERYTHING" into arabic! or also the name "OLLY-JAY".

Thank-you x x x

Jayme 7 years ago

Im planning on getting a new tattoo but cant find the meanings to what i want in arabic, woundering if anyone can help me.? i want the meaning... Love, happiness and luck?

veche 7 years ago

eek! i'm just starting to learn Arabic this semester and even iiiii could tell that some of these are just COMPLETELY wrong :/

shibz 7 years ago

the first one all the way on top is * BENGOLI* not arab... wahta bunch of idiots they don't know the difference

yeah 7 years ago

If you do not speak arabic, why do you want to have something written in arabic on you? Just because its pretty? That's stupid.

Caz 7 years ago

has ne1 ne ideas on wat ta get 4 an arabic tattoo..i wan lik a sayin or sumtin:Dxx

arab 7 years ago

OMG SO MANY ARABIC FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously Shouldn't the people getting the arabic tattoos AT LEAST get the opinion of an Arab speaker??

Imagen me getting a tattoo saying:

"i evol uoy"

Now That's an Epic Fail!

Need help! 7 years ago

Okay now.. i need some help. I know a bit of arabic,lived in Kuwait for couple of years. But never learend how to write or read tho. Plannin to get a tattoo with Arabic saying that's basicly means "what goes around comes around" Maredik lee or however u spell it is not what im lookin for,and i simply cant remember how that saying goes. Any clues?

yaoi 7 years ago

i love yaoi hentai go to go to

Farah 7 years ago

OMG the last tattoo is so screwed up.I am arabic and I can tell you...the letters on that person,do not mean anything.

It is totally wrong.The order of letters is wrong.Because the signs you see at the end (the round sign with dots on it) can only be written at the end of a word.Which is in this case from right to left,how the arabic write,so that sign should be on the left.Anyways...still with that corrected it does not mean anything.So have fun with you tattoo!!!Oh yes...and the "love" tattoo..also nothing.It says Hiba or something like that...and love is Hob or Alhob in that's a screwed up tattoo too!

profile image

nanners87 7 years ago

is this how u really write forever and always ????? ???? ?????

and also i wanna spell my boyfriends name rainier is this how you write it ??????

Bria 6 years ago

i want to get the worth "strength" in arabic

but i want to make sure its all correctly spelled and connected

my email is

if anyone could help that'd be great

Someone who actually knows Arabic 6 years ago

LMAO @ the poor girl with the tattoo of "serenity, peace, courage" you got JACKED UP. it's like you got this permanently put on your back:




Kareem 6 years ago

@bria : the word strength spells QUA or Koua in is written like ???

would like to help anyone with arabic my email is

@ Farah : the three words were meant to be spelled like that...just switch the first and last letters of each word and way to go ;)

jade 6 years ago

saying the truth the ideas up there are totally not good so don't even try doing one.

Holly 6 years ago

Can someone help me translate my families names in arabic?

my email is

sam the arab 6 years ago

Don't bother getting a tat from a non-arab, you want the real deal you goto an arab artist to draw up the word/s you want tatted onto your skin.

Never get "ready done" tats as they're all usually islamic calligraphy and avoid using numbers. Arabic is written in calligraphy and can be drawn up very nicely, numbers are written separatley and don't look as appealing.

Keep in mind it's written from right to left (unlike english) and the slightest mistake can throw out the meaning of the word completely.

6 years ago


I am thinking of getting a tatoo and looking for any ideas on phrases or words with the correct translation in arabic. After reading the above I am scard of what someone will put on my body!!


Ali 6 years ago

Could anyone tell me how to scribe Father and mother in arabic.

Ashiq 6 years ago

FYI, the 1st image (Beautiful) is in Bengali, and the 3rd one after that (Forgiveness) is in Hebrew.

Other than that, great compilation!

halim bin yaqaza 6 years ago

the last one is a really bad tatto what a waste of flesh

Ryan 6 years ago

could someone please tell me what ??????? ???? ?? ??????? means in arabic?

jenna 6 years ago

need to know how to write jenna love in arabic...

hayley 6 years ago

hi was just wondering if someone could help me.

what does 'hayley' look like in arabic?


omar 6 years ago

for jenna and hayley i found this website and its actually very cool. type in ur names I checked them for you and it actually gets it out correctly. type in ur names and choose the style and u'll be good to go.

(jenna you have to type in Jenna Hob and replace the first letter in the second letter with the first letter ur name but without the dot) it sounds complicated but this is as simple as I can explain it

hayley 6 years ago

thankyou, what site is it?

tuku 6 years ago

Can anywone help - how to writte "Drini and Buna" in arabic? thank you guys. . :)

lily 6 years ago

OMG these poor people.. i am not fluent in arabic but most of these are wrong.. not even arabic. and the ones that are they mean different things.. PLEASE read up before putting words on your body if you don't know the language..

stephbonthego profile image

stephbonthego 6 years ago

Just found this site!! I will be adding the Arabic proverb: "All sun makes a desert" in June and would like to double-triple check on the spelling prior. What I have is below - can anyone verify for me?? Thanks! ???? ????? ???? ?? ???????

stephbonthego profile image

stephbonthego 6 years ago

Okay, now reading that there's no html. I have two versions which both look pretty close - anyone?

BBH 6 years ago

WOW, I am an Arabic linguist, these people's tattoos are so incorrect it makes me laugh, what a bunch of idiots!

abdo 6 years ago

hi,i'm abdella from egypt if any 1 want his name or any word in arabic tell me on my email

Abdullah 6 years ago


if anyone ever needs ANY word / phrase to be translated properly

u can ask me

im online a lot so don't hesitate to add me on msn

and for the info im living in UAE, so time zone = GMT+4

just so u know ;)

dw im rlly good in both languages so it shouldn't be a prob

aaron 6 years ago

I want to get the name (Twist Off) tated on my back ,but i am trying to spell it out in another language.

leia 6 years ago

heloooo peoples lol

can any one translate ' my beautiful girls' in arabic please help!!! my email is need it asap thankyouuuuuuuu xxx

taffy 6 years ago

hi i want arabic writing done of my turkish name does any one know how to wright ababic please could you let me know please

it would be great if anyone could

thank you xxxxx

Faith 6 years ago

can someone tell me how to write AKRAM in arabic...please email me...

NSamm 6 years ago

Faith, here is how you 'do' AKRAM:

AKRAM ???? ????


di 6 years ago

lol the first picture - the tattoo is Bengali- Shundori it is pronounced lol

i know i am bengali lol got fooled or just posted a random photo

rore 6 years ago

i'm an arabic girl :) if anyone needs help contact me plz


rore 6 years ago

if u want to translate your phrase in arabic don't use a transition it will f**ks it !!!

ask someone to translate it for u ...

or ask me :D >>>

Dieb 6 years ago

i just want a design of a cool ass arabic tribal seeing how i'm 1/4 arabic...please someone direct me in the right direction.

aw 6 years ago

tiff from 6months ago, if u hate tats why u on here??? im havin an arabic tat in 2weeks n cant decide but must admit the "peace" one looks great. n some of the pics arent even arabic lol pmsl. shame tho, i feel for them.

erick 6 years ago

can anyone tell me how to write in arabic(iraqi), hot write "say hello to god"

Arabic Tattoo 6 years ago

Thank you for this arabic tattoo

Please upload more photos if you have any.


Arabic Tattoos 6 years ago

I love arabic callibrity a lot.

اسلام الغزولي 6 years ago

the last photo is very wrong that mean nothing in Arabic language the letters are not in the write order

Philip Campbell 6 years ago


Hi, have been looking for the translation of the phrase "What goes around comes around"

from english to arabic....Have currently got 8 different apparent translations however according to an arabic calligrapher none of them are an exact translation and the calligrapher isn't quite sure on how to write it...Can anybody help cause I aint getting just anything tattooed on my body just because its

Arkan 6 years ago

I promise I won't screw you over like most individuals who claim to know more about Arabic than they really do...I finished my Highschool in Iraq, Arabic is my native language...I'll translate English-Arabic for $5 each...I only accept PayPal me if you're interested!

BTW/ since most of you don’t have Arabic on your PC it’ll mess up the spelling no matter what you do...if you get a tattoo translated have the person print it out, scan it, and then email it to you as a picture file…Good Luck

Hayyan 6 years ago

Guys! You should know Unicodes are an important player in this game.. You simply can't read arabic text if your pc doesn't support arabic.. You'd get jibberish symbols if not question marks,..and if any one shall need any help i'd be more than glad to do it.. Just mail me on

The subject should be 'translation' or else your mail might get ignored.. And FYI arabic is my mother tongue..

Hayyan 6 years ago

To philip campbell

What goes around comes back around.. I'll jot it in arabic(you download arabic language pack from microsoft in order to read arabic fonts,you don't have to do that,im just saying :

?? ??? ???

If you have any question, mail me..

Diverse 6 years ago

As a native arabic speaker, i can say that the first one is in arabic....but as mentioned earlier the third one is not.

zib 6 years ago

the last one is so wrong , don't copy it who ever wrote it meant to mess it up

INDASHIO 6 years ago


INDASHIO 6 years ago


Kristen 6 years ago

I really want to get a tattoo behind my left ear. I want it to be either an expression or the actual word for 'love' in Arabic. I would really appreciate if someone who's studied or knows Arabic to send me a picture of it so I can draw it and save it for when I can get the tattoo. Please send the picture to Thank you so much

Kristen 6 years ago

Please only send me emails if you're going to help me out. I don't want to have to regret putting my address on here. I just want help, no strange messages.

mohammed 6 years ago

i can help any one to learn and want to knew any thing in arabic you can email me

stephanie 6 years ago

hi im steph an i wona get some stuff put in arabic thank u

Translation Services 6 years ago

Normally, I am a huge proponent of translating things into different languages. However, with something so permanent and personal as a tattoo, I think it is always best and safest to stick with the language you have known from birth.

liveforlife 6 years ago

I been looking all over for the translation ALL EYES ON ME in ARABIC ... I want it tatted on me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd

Aya 6 years ago

Hey Guyz I'm from Egypt anybody want any translation from English to Arabic email me at

browniegurl 6 years ago

Hey Guyz I'm from Egypt anybody want any translation from English to Arabic email me at

perla 6 years ago

i need a tattoo design for my family name plzz ?????

Mina 6 years ago

that was funny. especially the first and the last one. I could not make out what it was trying to say at all..

arabictattoos 6 years ago

if any one wants help translating into arabic i can help

email me at and i'll send you the translation

make sure u put tattoo translation in the subject line

spelling word games 6 years ago

It looks great, but there is a risk, you definitely want to be absolutely sure that the message you want to tattoo is correct, it's risky just to enter a tattoo studio and just ask the guy to write something in Arabic on you.

Taz 6 years ago


is not even written in arabic.

Samantha 6 years ago

Can someone please translate Nothing lasts forever in Arabic. please email

Randomness 6 years ago

Plug in the word in english, and it will be spelled out in arabic.

Take note, this does not translate the word you enter! It will only change the letters from english to Arabic. For example if you type in: "enter" it will automatically translate to "????". That however is not how you say "enter" in Arabic.

It is useful for names though, for example if you enter lets say: "Andrew", it will come out as "?????", which is correct.

Sorry if the site is confusing, it's actually a search engine. It's mainly for Arabic speakers.

char 6 years ago

Getting tattoos like this done that have no connection to the language or to your own personal experiences, is kind of pointless, but you can’t really look at these photos and assume that’s the case with all of these people. Some might be genuinely sentimental. I can’t really imagine somebody getting a tattoo related to a family member that had no meaning behind it.

kiwi9490 profile image

kiwi9490 6 years ago Tattoo Front (English) Back Back

Hey, could someone tell me if this really means what I think it does? My name is Keitra. I apologize ahead of time for this being so long but I felt that you should have the background to the question. My father has been in the Air Force for over 20 years and after 9/11, he was sent to Qatar (an Arab country). After being there for months, he was finally able to return home. When he came, he came with gifts from the Middle East for many family members. My mother, one aunt, and I were given a cartouche with our name in English on one side and in Arabic (supposedly) on the other. In 2009, I got my first tattoo (butterfly in memory of aunt) and in 2010, I got a cherry blossom and my name in Arabic added to it. I would like to know if this is really my name in Arabic. In hindsight, I probably should have asked this before I got something so permanent. Nevertheless, I feel that I would have gotten it anyway. I didn’t get it just because I thought it meant my name (though it did have a lot of influence lol). I have been wearing this necklace since he brought it home.

Zax Max 6 years ago

The last tattoo is wrong spelled :( that's sad because someone has told the girl it's right but it's not - it's just letters not connected to a word :x

Muhammad Siddique 6 years ago

hey all guys see my arabic calligraphy.. if any body needs like this calligraphy let me know.

kiwi9490 profile image

kiwi9490 6 years ago

Thank you Zax Max. I'm not disapointed. I just wanted to know if it really did spell anything at all. Even though it doesn't, it still has a lot of meaning to me. I would never regret getting it because everytime I look at my tattoo and put on that necklace, I am reminded that my father loves me and was thinking about me while he was serving our country.

Mary 6 years ago

Can anyone tell me if this translation is correct? I want it to say "only God is worthy of praise"

??? ???? ????? ?? ?????

I am grateful for any help!


Cal 6 years ago

As a fluent speak of the Arab language, I can tell you that it is one of the most amazing-hardest things I have learned in my life.

Only god is worthy of praise is : ?????? ???

profile image

GirlonGirl 6 years ago

I want to put "Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch" on my wrist, can anyone please help me translate it to arabic.

ahmed 6 years ago

i am from jordan.If any1 need to translate any word from english to arabic ,i will help .just send your sentence to my e mail (

abdullah 6 years ago

people hellllllo!!!! there is something called google to translate. anyway im from saudi arabia anyone needs help here is my email

Jennyq8 6 years ago


Jennyq8 6 years ago


jare 6 years ago

Could someone translate into abaric or latin "friendship, love and passion"?

Jare 6 years ago


Could someone translate into abaric or latin "friendship, love and passion"?

** 6 years ago

friendship is: ???????, pronounced: sadaka

Love is: ????, pronounced: hhob

and passion is: ???, pronounced: 'ochek

noor 6 years ago

if anyone needs help in arabic, just email me!!

yordan 6 years ago

maryam_mahmood i send you e-mail why you not respond ? :)

katty 6 years ago


Can someone please tell me what friendship, love and passion are in Arabic? Or even what they mean by symbols'?

I would really appreciate

ma'en  6 years ago

if anyone needs help in arabic , my email is

katty 6 years ago

Why you do not respond to e-mail?

yordan 6 years ago

don't trust to people who can "help" to translate something,they even don't respond to e-mails

katty 6 years ago

yeh, you're right!

john  6 years ago

Is this right

profile image

sairkha 6 years ago

Does anyone have recommendations for places in NYC/NJ that does AMAZING arabic tattoos in a transparent or semi-transparent form (ala Lindsay Lohan's baby face tattoo)?

Not only am I a tattoo virgin, but I'm an uptight fifth grader that wants this tattoo to be the best Arabic tattoo ever! (Plus I've seen some bad work) Regardless, I've heard some place in Jersey City is good, and though I've heard the desis in West Village are good, I'm still to squeamish to go to those shops, for some reason.

Oh, and I want to get al-Talak, last line on my wrist.

Welcome any thoughts! (including ones to talk me out of it)

Arabic person  6 years ago

hi guys. I have noticed that some of you are asking to translate some words into Arabic language. here are some Arabic words (????)means love. (???????) means friendship. for kiwi9490 (keitra) about the links which you have, your name is 100% correct in Arabic language. (?????) means passion. this is my email

groovydogg 6 years ago

brother the first few..means..he is one of the first people in a brotherhood..maybe its just a group of friends..but phrase like that usually used in a motorcycle club or group or gang..

jess 6 years ago

crap tattoos lol!

passion 6 years ago

black girl looks bootiful

nana_pepe 6 years ago

I have question: "??????? ??? ??????

can anybody translate this for me :}:}:}

I want do a tattoo and it's look gorgues but I don't know what it's mean ;p

thatshow 6 years ago

love in Arabic is ??

Mohamad 6 years ago

Everything is a lie that is in some photos: American Meat! Car, Bakery. It is unfortunate to see people being duped.

Lubna 6 years ago

Guys these are all wrong! haha especially the last one she has all her letters messed up!

Arabic calligraphy is beautiful, i suggest you always make sure of the spelling and fonts etc.. before you tattoo something on your skin FOREVER!

bushraismail profile image

bushraismail 6 years ago from ASIA

dear sister nice hub but you are wrong when you say that islam forbids piercing. muslims do pierce. so make sure you get the information right next time.

and dear the first picture is not Arabic!!!!!

Noel 6 years ago

The first pic is correct it says "relatives; brother" though and not just "brother"

and teh last picture that should say "Serenity, strength, courage" is sooooo wrong - its spelt wrong (the first letter shoukld be last the last letter should be in the middle type of mistake) hey at least all the correct letters are there somewhere loool

Any ways lots asked what love is in arabic its: ????? for 'the love' between man and woman- it back translatate as "the love"

as for love in general ?????? meaning "love" (but the general kind)

Anyways tatoos suck - don't put something on your body that you'll regret later ....

bushraismail profile image

bushraismail 6 years ago from ASIA

the very fist tattoo is not Arabic. the one at the beginning.

and as u say the laST ONE IS CRAP. i feel so sorry for her..

it cannot be read.

Jurji 5 years ago

Hahaha! Morons.

bushraismail profile image

bushraismail 5 years ago from ASIA

muslims wear earings don't they?? so they pierce>> nose ring etc..

Carol 5 years ago

I need a favor can someone here tell me if this arabic translation for I love my family is correct? ??? ??? ?????? I've made a research on internet and I got this, is it right? Thanks guys!

unknow 5 years ago

??? ??? ??

??? ?????? ???

hi i do not know arabic someone wrote this to my girl can someone translate please

destiny 5 years ago

this is a cool website i think iwanna steal the one tht says peace onlii because its cute and im gay and i think me andd all of other gays deserve peace and why not a better way saying it by puuting a beautiful tatto like that on meeh #CuteAssf and agrred the last one was a major hot mess not tlkingg about her extra skin but the fact that it was not ment to be put there she should have gott it onn herr shoulderr at the topp probally would have been supper duper cute just saying(:

Hilal 5 years ago

too many mistakes! the first one isn't even in arabic.

the only one that looks good is "Love".

and the one titled "Forgiveness" is in hebrew not arabic. and btw its spelled wrong not to mention that the enteded word even if was spelled right would be wrong anyway.

source: i can speak/read/write arabic and hebrew.

EmJay! 5 years ago

well most of them are screwed up big time lol

Guys if you need help you can contact me on

And yeah i do respond


Nicki Star 5 years ago

I want to know where to go to get someone who can tat and speak Arabic...I'm in Los Angeles, CA

Salah 5 years ago

hahahahah that super funny!!

if anyone want to have a specific word from English to Arabic please don't hesitate to contact me, I am from Middle East Kuwait. I speak/write the correct Arabic Language. The Arabic Language is my first language so don't worry, I will never ever trick you. You can search for it or ask anyone about my translation.

My Email:

Feel free to ask me anything, and pass my emails to your friends if they want the same request.

Best Regards


aLi 5 years ago

can someone mail me at and tell me how do I write "Forbidden Love" in arabic, please!

Gladys 5 years ago

Hi, my name is Gladys,

i would like to know how do u write "Live for the moment." in araibic ...

send the translation to my email please and thank you

Sarah 5 years ago

I am arabic and those tattoos r not correct espicially the last one !!!!! it doesn't have any meaning and love meaning is ???? and not ?????? !!!!!!!!!

giselle 5 years ago

can anyone transalate blessed to arabics PLEASE

memo  5 years ago

I am an Arab and i feel resentment when i see the incorrect arabic tattoo in spelling

I am happy to translate anything in English to Arabic, this is my email ( connect with me

Peace (???? )

Rashid 5 years ago

Hi guys

I am from Middle east (Qatar),i just want you know that there are a lot of mistakes>Every body should check his tattoos SPELLING

chloe 5 years ago

hello i want to get an arabic tattoo i want them to say love and another to say music and also strength, perseverance and courage anyone who can help me please send me a mail at or please.

Bobbie(: 5 years ago

Someone please help me! Im getting so many different ways! Some very kind person translate 'never stop dreaming' for me but not using translators! pleaseeee

Cool Words Guy 5 years ago

Good point about getting your tattoo to be looked at by native speakers before getting it.

I'm fluent in Mandarin Chinese and often see people with tattoos where the meaning is completely different from what they think. Often in some pretty comical ways!

Anyways, I have always thought Arabic writing looks really cool. Maybe I will get one for my next tattoo.

Hayley 5 years ago

please can someone translate nan and grandad for me please, im desperate for the real thing before i get it tattooed.

Janet 5 years ago

that picture on top that says "beautiful" that alphabet is not Arabic. Its Bengsli :)

jonz 5 years ago

i looking for an excellent translation for this please. Just pure text no designs.

He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth.

He breaks the bow and shatters the spear;

he burns the shields[d] with fire.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth

jonz 5 years ago

i looking for an excellent translation for this please. Just pure text no designs.

He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth.

He breaks the bow and shatters the spear;

he burns the shields[d] with fire.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

pls send it to my email. thank you in advance.

I will be exalted among the nations,

I will be exalted in the earth

jonz 5 years ago

mistake!!! choose the my first post. my email

Ankur 5 years ago

The first pic actually not Arabic as labeled as ""Beautiful" Arabic tattoos" - it is Bengali (Bangla) word, pronounce: Shundori - which means Beautiful (Female).

ahmad 5 years ago

that's word not arabic im syrian boy and i know arabic that's not arabic maybe iranian but not arabic

stacey 5 years ago

Anyone able to help looking to get a new tattoo, and would like to get 'fix you' written in arabic, means a lot and would be a great help. thanks.

Hamad 5 years ago

if anyone needs Arabic translation, email me and i'll be glad to help!!

alex 5 years ago

'LOVE' IS ????

Shefie 5 years ago

Would someone like to translate this for me:

21 6 Kyara R G

I'm a muslim woman but unfortunately i cant write in Arabic.

I Really would like to have a correct tattoo in Arabic Spelling!

Thank you for helping me out!


shefie 5 years ago

Hashem 5 years ago

I'm an Arabic-native speaker & the tattoos in here are "rough" translations & not very accurate!

Hashem 5 years ago

another thing, translating English to Arabic may have "corny" results i.e. the sentence may sound poetic with a deep meaning in English but very silly & childish in Arabic.

so before "branding" yourself for life ask a native-Arabic speaker.

ask me if you want on

David 5 years ago

Akilah - ?????

scott  5 years ago

anyone needs something translated just ask

Fran 5 years ago

I want to know how I write freedom in Arabic

Ahmed 5 years ago

Fran... freedom is written like ?????

Anwar 5 years ago

Can anyone translate , If im not myself who will be me? into Arabic please

translater 5 years ago


dallas 5 years ago

can someone put this quote into arabic

don't need easy, just possible

Hashem 5 years ago


it will sound very long + you can't always translate proverbs & get the same poetic or meaningful outcome.

Naomi 5 years ago

Hilal: i am getting a tattoo which reads Nan and Pops i was wondering if you could translate this into arabic for me please or anyone that knows how to speak/write arabic i am getting the tatoo tomorrow and greatly appreciate any help. i have got some off the internet but not sure if this is correct. thankyou. Naomi

katie 5 years ago

Hi I am sorry to be a pain as I can see you have a lot of people asking for your help but i was wondering if you could please translate “you are my sunshine” for me. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hashem 5 years ago

@ katie

"sunshine" in Arabic is "sun ray" which is very formal & will look very bad & lose its meaning. so for a better outcome you can use "light" instead of "sunshine".

so, "you are my light": ??? ????

& to avoid text errors on HTML (some times Arabic letters get reversed on web pages) here is an image of how it's going to look

for any question you can reach me via personal note on

Katie 5 years ago

@ Hashem

Thankyou so so much, I really appreciate your help! :)

Arab American 5 years ago

Hey numb nuts. Arabic does not equal Muslim. Do your research. There are plenty of Christians that live in middle east countries and speak the native language. Wow you are dumb. Almost shockingly so.

St 5 years ago

If someone goes and gets the first picture tattooed on themselves thinking its arabic, I WILL LAUGH. Will be frickin hilarious.

It's in Bengali btw just saying. :P

melissa 5 years ago

The third picture is not Arab but Hebrew!

gaby 5 years ago

hi can anyone help me figure out how to spell determination in arabic.

mehraj 5 years ago

its nice... but not on legs

Jenkins 5 years ago

@Hasheem could you translate The Great One in Arabic for me? My e mail is

profile image

learn-arabic-free 5 years ago

Gaby, Determination in Arabic means Esrar, spelled like this:


yara Dowani 5 years ago

one love is : ?? ????

ASHSIH 5 years ago


colliflower 5 years ago

all I can say is IM!

libqt 5 years ago

can someone show me blessed in the Lebanese arabic?

dikshit 5 years ago

hey...plzz i want d arabic translation of LOVE YOU MOM DAD...plzz plzzzz




Arabic calligrapher 5 years ago

Ok, so as many people have pointed out, many of these are completely wrong. those that aren't wrong look like they were spit out of a computer, which they were.

If you want to get a tattoo in Arabic translated by an Arabic-speaking human being and hand-written in calligraphy, go to

Gina 5 years ago

OMG I feel so bad for the last one the letters are totally messed up it doesn't even make sense it's like ur trying to write beautiful but instead it's bturwatuil..that sucks!!

realdeal 5 years ago

its all arabic hebrew and bengali both look completely different to arabic. do you really think anybody would get half a tattoo in one languach and half in the other??? morons...

Neda 5 years ago

I really want to start a website now for correcting these Tattos...

dee 5 years ago

guys don't be fooled it most of it are stupid stuff , and with out a meaning , and its rediculous accourding to people who speak the language i mean there are nice stuff you could tattoo in arabic but definetly not from this site

Sarf 5 years ago

Its look like BENGALI or some Indian script

viva la vida 5 years ago

hellooo!! how do i translate Viva la Vida into Arabic?!

Pemma 5 years ago

To be honest, so what if it's miss - spelt (or not even forming a readable word), if you get it for the right reasons it doesn't matter. People who are complaining about these obviously haven't got tattoos and/or don't understand what it is to have one. All of my tattoos mean something special to me, so what if they aren't accurate? And yes, I do have one 'Arabic' tattoo. I knew there was a bigger than average chance that it would be wrong when I got it done but it's beautiful and meant a lot at the time. And still does.

The comments section here seems to be a Snobs Anonymous... feel free to dispute.

tattoos 5 years ago

i check it ..The first one is not Arabic ..It is Bengali (Indian Language ) Word..

Any way good collection.

Thank You :)

John leana

Betty 5 years ago

How do you put Betty in Arabic?

stephanie 5 years ago

how do you write Freedom is God in arabic? respond at

Riz 5 years ago


Dear everyone,

I wandered onto this site and have been a little surprised to learn how popular Arabic tattoos are. Arabic is pretty and of course all the more so, if it is embellished with exquisite calligraphy.So, can't blame you!

Well, just as a bit of background: Jews, Muslims & Christians, I was taught, generally have an abhorrence to tattooing and excessive piercing as respecting he body and preserving it as God intended is closer to the prophetic spirituality that these religions represent. However hard I try to stretch my imagination, I can't picture a Prophet coming to his people with a serious message adorned in facial piercings or sagging, wrinkly tattoos!

Anyway, look, if you are going to permanently inscribe a message on your body, despite all the regrets you may hae about it in years to come and also how ridiculous it will look when you're old and saggy, at least do it with respect, dignity and elegance - you owe at least that much to your body, don't you?

So a few tips:


as mentioned by everyone, make sure you translate well. Each word in every language has a basic meaning but also connotations, and if you use a word with the wrong connotations, you just make a fool of yourself and become the stub of ridicule.


Moving to Arabic is moving to a different literal tradition. It is written from right to left, some letters join, others do not. Some sounds are there in English (e.g. p, g, v, and sort of, t and d)but not in Arabic, some in Arabic but not in English (H, kh, S, T,D, DH, 3, gh, Q). Numbers wont look special in Arabic. Taking an English and trying to write it in Arabic script may just make an Arab laugh.


Many people say that Arabic is a divine language. It would have been insignificant and despised, were it not for the Qur'an, which raised it in rank and preserved it for all time. You may sense that Muslims are passionate about their faith and get hurt if it is disrespected - basically because their religion is nothing like the negative portrayal that it is given, in fact they see it as being about gentleness, love, care for fellow humans and treading a steady path to the meeting with God. So if you are going to the trouble of a tattoo in a foreign language it makes sense to try to respect the traditions of that language as well - i.e. do the job properly.

So there are words and phrases that should be avoided, just because you are decent and respectful and you want people to see you that way, so here goes:

1. Names of God. A definite no-no to have a name of God on your body, and even worse, on your but or legs or feet or ankles. There are about a hundred different names of God in the Qur'an, e.g. the Merciful, Compassionate, Loving, Most pitying, Kind, Generous, Nurturer, Creator, Subtle, Ultimate Originator of things, First, Last, Evident, Hidden, All Hearing, All Seeing, Most knowing, Most Wise, Forgiver, Effacer of Sins, Elevator, Debaser, Most High, Tremendous, Magestic etc etc

2. Names of Prophet Muhammad or other prophets - many are mentioned in the Qur'an and venerated by Muslims, e.g. Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Noah, etc

3. Verses or phrases from the Qur'an or hadith - sayings of the prophet Muhammad - which number in the tens of thousands.

4. Names of leading figures in Islamic history, particularly Prophet Muhammad's disciples or family

e.g. having Hasan or Husayn or Fatima on your ankkle, foot, backside or lower back would be seen as ignorant and distasteful/ rude.


You may have seen some Arabic and been struck by its beauty. This is probably because it was embellished with calligraphy. Plain Arabic is ok, but when adorned by a classical calligraphic style, it becomes simply stunning, jaw-dropping.

To become a calligrapher however takes years of learning and practising, of an art that goes back over a thousand years.

If you are going to the trouble of translating into arabic, and you are going to display this art work on your body for years and years and years, then why not make it stunning? Because that is part of the reason for the tattoo anyway isn't it?

So it pays to hunt around for a calligrapher to take your word and transform it into something astounding.

I have come across this site:

Josh does not seem to be Muslim (I think he's Jewish) so he seems to be happy to help people with tattoos and at a very decent price.

I have to say, I'm really impressed with this chap. He is a professionally trained master of calligraphy as well has have a good knowledge of Arabic, the Quran and Arabic poetry, the Islamic faith as well as other Eatern languages e.g. Persian - which is one of the world's leading languages for poetry - the language used by Rumi.

And Josh's calligraphy is exquisite.

If he agrees to do you a design, you will be a lucky person and turn heads where ever you go ;-)


ruth barut 5 years ago

how do you write if nothing else i am myself

5 years ago

In Islam tattoo's are not allowed they are considered Haram. Why brothers and sisters think it's acceptable is beyond me. Allah knows best and may he forgive us our short commings but think before you do such things. Peace & Blessings all.

coyotech 5 years ago

Yeah, the Hebrew one, forgiveness, is also wrong. The word is meant to be slichot, and it says slichoch. The lamed shouldn't have a point over it. But at least you can figure out what it was supposed to be...

Ali 5 years ago

Nice.... I L I K E I T ????????? ?????

hinata 5 years ago

love the tattoos.does anyone know how to write "Love the way you are" in Arabic

solara ! 4 years ago

heeey yeees i'm arabic girl and i know how 2 wirte it love the way you are ! (??? ??? ??? )

or u can do it (??? ???????) !!

Katie 4 years ago

Hi, guys! Want to get a tattoo on my lower back. Found a pic on the Internet but wanna check what it means. Can someone please please help with translation? Mail me at Thanks a lot :)

browniegurl 4 years ago

I'm Egyptian and i can help anyone want arabic translation

msg me at ;)

Ahmad 4 years ago

Most of the translation is wrong and even the Arabic words is not right

Emily 4 years ago

Please anyone help me to translate "If nothing goes right...go left". Thanks thanks thanks

emene 4 years ago

does anyone know how to write "music" in arabic?

TSharin 4 years ago

The very first picture on the upper right of this article is not Arabic. It's Bangla or Bangali.

Talal 4 years ago

Music ( ?????? )

anon 4 years ago

Wow. That last one is so wrong. That's what you get for trying to get a tattoo in a language you don't know.

hussein 4 years ago

hi, I am egptian

I will translate what you want


you are welcome =ay khedma

bye = maa alsalama

vladbusers 4 years ago

???????? ? ?? ??????!!! ???????? ?????? ?????????? ?? ???????????? ? ??? ?????? ????????????! ?????: ?? ????????, ?? ????? ??????!!!

dhel 4 years ago

can i you give me an example of the arabic word for respect and loyalty just email me @ thank you very much

Michelle 3 years ago

Hi if you are looking for an Arabic Tattoo design artist then visit this page.

I highly recommend him..

Very reasonable prices and creative designs.

They offer free consultations as well.

Unknown 3 years ago

Unknown message

Surge 3 years ago

Hi. anyone who are willing to translate "Nobody can hurt me without my permission." in arabic? please i need your help. I want to have a arabic tattoo. thanks in advance. You can e-mail me:

qw 3 years ago


Shahzad 3 years ago

good tattos made more i love body tattos

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