Tawas Powder

The Natural Deodorant

I don't know about you but I am not keen on the idea of using anti-perspirants. We were given pores to sweat through so surely any product that blocks them up must be wrong. At the same time I am all for deodorants but I don't want to smell like a spring meadow or bouquet of orchids.

I first came across Tawas powder in the Philippines. My Filipina girlfriend referred to underarm odour as "Killi Killi Power" and swore by Tawas powder. She had no odour at all (other than that from whatever perfume she applied) so it must have worked. She suggested that I tried it...I suppose there must have been a hint there.

I was astounded at the result. I never considered myself a 'smelly' person...and I still don't but Tawas powder removed all odour. Not only that I found you did not have to apply it every day like you would with a conventional deodorant. It is effective, it is safe and it is natural.

Rock Crystal

Although Tawas can be bought as a powder in most Chemists in the Philippines it is also available in Rock Crystal form. These can be bought on the streets, most commonly outside Churches where it is sold with other 'magic' potions. Tawas also plays an important part in the folk medicine of the Philippines.

In its Rock form it can be bought in various sizes and the size reflects the price. The rock can be ground up with a pestel and mortar if a powder form is preferred.

Tawas Crystals

Tawas is Safe

Tawas is a safe natural product (Ammon Alum) that has been used in Asia for thousands of years. It is applied by gently rubbing the crystal in the armpits or feet whilst the area is damp from showering or washing. It is hypoallergenic, does not block the pores and it is not absorbed by the body. The Tawas leaves an invisible layer to the areas it is applied to and works by eliminating the odour producing bacteria. The crystal has no scent in itself and gives 24 hour protection.

Extra uses/benefits include rellief from insect bites, as a fridge deodoriser, on the face after shaving and to remove the smell of onions and garlic from the hands.

As a powder it can be sprinkled into trainers to remove the smell.

Used as a deodorant a single fist sized Tawas Crystal may give up to two years use.

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richard 7 years ago

I have been using Tawas for 2 years now and the stuff is

very good i live in a tropical climate and did not want to stop my natural body function of sweating but also did not want to smell and this stuff works great

I had a very bad reaction to normal under arm deodernt

and could not use it any longer

richard in fort Lauderdale florida

profile image

mm.belmonte 6 years ago

Good day,

I am the editorial assistant of a newly-launched online lifestyle magazine, GabLifestyle.com. And I'm writing to inform you that we would like to publish this photo for an article tackling quirky pinoy bathroom pieces.

Please be informed that full credit will be given to the website as the source of the said photos.

Thank you,

Maureen Belmonte

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia Author

mm.belmonte - Thank you Maureen. The use of the photo will be fine.

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